The Stages that the Turkish Stream Project Went Through
After a two-year of diplomatic efforts, during which there were many meetings, ideas, and disagreements, the Turkish diplomacy has succeeded in signing the natural gas pipeline, "the Turkish Stream," agreement with the Russian Government , and that is considered a major turning point in Turkey's energy. The project, which will draw the map of the gas exports in the coming period, aims to transit the Russian gas to Europe By signing the agreement, Ankara has officially started ... Read more
Areas Benefited Exceptionally from the Cultural Transformation Projects
Since the launch of the cultural transformation projects by the Turkish government, years ago, to eliminate slums and ramshackle houses and create areas that are more modern and resistant to the natural disasters such as earthquakes, these project keep playing a major role in the renovation and modernization of a great part of Istanbul, not to mention the creation of great real estate investment opportunities in the region. we will mention the areas benefited most from ... Read more
Metro lines increase the real estate value of Istanbul's regions
Metro lines are considered of the easiest means of transportation in the city of Istanbul, just like the way it is in the other mega-cities in the world. However, Istanbul is experiencing a great interest in expanding the metro line networks, on both the European and the Asian sides of the city. These metro lines play key role in the evaluation of the areas they pass through, raising up the prices of the real estates ... Read more
Date of publication : 2016-09-26
Real estate value increase in Istanbul
The giant projects such as the bridges, tunnels, metros, Istanbul’s third airport, and the cultural transformation projects contribute to raising the real estate value of the city of Istanbul. For that, the real estate prices in the city rose up twice, during the last three years, since the total value of the current real estates of the city is 1.5 trillion.  Mr.  Gökhan Karahan, the operations manager of the global Re/Max Turkey real estate company, stated ... Read more
Date of publication : 2016-02-25
معلومات تهمك 07 - متابعة الدراسة في تركيا
As they want to own apartments for sale in Turkey, many of our valued customers inquire about the possibility of having their children continuing their studies in Turkey. For that only, this article came to explain and show the possibilities of continuing studies in Turkey for the children of those willing to own in Turkey. First: for the children under the age of six, they can be enrolled at any Turkish or Arab nursery school. However, ... Read more
Date of publication : 2016-02-03
معلومات تهمك 04 - ضريبة أرباح العقارات في تركيا
Summary: This exceptional article explains how to calculate the Gains tax when you buy a real estate in Turkey and then sell it before passing five years on the date of the Land Registry receipt. According to the Article No. 80 pertaining to the Turkish Income Tax Law, in the case of sale of a real estate before passing five years on the date of purchasing, the real estate subjects to capital gains tax on property ... Read more