Golden Tips for Those Interested in the Real Estate Investment in Turkey

here we outlined to you the golden tips for those interested in the real estate investment in Turkey...

Golden Tips for Those Interested in the Real Estate Investment in Turkey
2016-07-30 Last update 2020-06-24

Golden Tips for Those Interested in the Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Converting the property into cash requires a long time, and this is the only disadvantage the real estate markets suffers from compared with the investment in another market, so here we outlined to you the golden tips for those interested in the real estate investment in Turkey.

  • One of the worst enemies of the real estate is the earthquake, the real estate that is established in accordance with the laws and regulations of earthquakes will not lose anything of its value after earthquakes incidents occur, but rather the contrary it may be increased in value, but the real estate that is not established according to the regulations and laws of the earthquakes could lose their value largely, so when you select a property it necessary to take this into consideration.
  • Stay away from areas that are surrounded by the graveyards. If the investor wants to make a profit in the short period of time or medium term required from him to stay away from purchasing properties adjacent to the graves.
  • Furthermore, stay away from the properties adjacent to prisons, because these properties are undesirable, and it cannot achieve profit during a short period of time or in a medium term.
  • Expecting the areas that can be fast-growing, when you buy property you need to expect the rapid growth areas rather than other areas.
  • Official and unofficial institutions and social events centers can increase the profits in the real estate investment, Shopping center or a university or a hospital or other official institutions like district commissioner or municipal buildings also increase the value of that area, and raise the price of real estate there.
  • Construction problems are one of the problems that affect real estate prices significantly, particularly construction lands, if the investor wants to invest through purchasing a construction Lands it is required from him to invest in areas that do not suffer from the problem of reconstruction, especially if he does not have a political influence to solve these problems.
  • Investment in an area that is known or familiar to the investor, where the investor can suggest the area in which he lives in or the surrounding areas or areas with known characteristics.
  • A decision must be granted about achieved profits from the investment, are they (the profits that the investor wants to achieve from this investment) and renting imports or profits resulting from an increase in property prices, the majority of Turkish investors in doing real estate investment are waiting to make profits from the rising value of the property, while that most of the foreigners are waiting to achieve profits through the real estate renting investment.
  • Investment in areas that attract immigration, where it is noticed that real estate prices are on the rise, particularly in areas that receive immigration, the larger the urbanization the rising the population, whether in Turkey or in the world, the demand on the real estate is rising and this leads to raising the value of real estate in cities that receive these migrations.
  • Search and Investigate well for prices before buying. The investor can buy the property at any time and in any area he wants, but the important thing here is the property’s price he wants to purchase, whether it is at an appropriate price compared to the same properties in the area or inappropriate, the rule applied in trade "profits realized during the purchase and not during the sale" can also be applied on the real estate investment.
  • Time determination is very important in the real estate investment, when buying or selling a real estate it is required to check the real estate markets conditions for example, the principle applied in the stock market "to sell when the buyers number increases and to buy when the buyers number increases" can be applied on real estate markets.
  • Don’t ignore the lease complications, "complications of rent" is the extraction of the property price by multiplying rental imports monthly of the mentioned property, when you purchase a residential unit, office or shop you can calculate the lease complications.
  •  Purchasing a land or a large Land, if an investor wants to buy a land for investment, it is preferable to buy land and large Land, where he can buy Land enough to build one block at the very least, or even buying a land enough to build an entire complex 3-4 blocks.
  • Stay away from properties experiencing problems, you need to keep away from the property that suffers from Title deed and reconstruction problems, regardless of the type of property wanted for investment, also stay away as possible as you can from the common properties.
  • If the investor has the ability to buy more than one property, he can overbalance a shop or a commercial office after buying the condominiums.
  • Consulting real estate experts, if the investor wants to evaluate the property he wants to buy and see the range of profits that can be achieved from this investment, it is required to consult experts in the field of real estate, preferably consult experts whom can be trusted by their experiences in this field.
  • Proximity to the industrial areas, the proximity property’s location to the industrial areas increases its value and its price, so it can be invested in the properties located in the vicinity of industrial zones.
  • Roads and Transport observation, the rising value of property in any area is associated with the development of transportation in the area, though the work of laying roads and public transport in any area means higher value of real estate.
  • Investment in the areas near the universities, the universities play a major role in the growth of the surrounding areas, so it is preferable to invest in the surrounding and nearby areas of universities.
  • Moreover, you can buy real estate projects the municipalities take part in, where these projects are appropriate and its prices are also suitable.
  • The renovation of property during the sale, after you use the property for a certain period of time and then you wished to sell it, you must make the necessary repairs of the property prior to the sale, because the renovated property can be sold quickly and at a better price.
  • Property site is one of the important things that you should pay attention to, so when buying a housing unit, the important things that are seen by the buyers is the location of the property and its proximity to schools, markets, and shops.
  • Thermal Reflector: one of the important things that should be put into consideration also when buying a property is the ease of heating, so the heat reflector is one of the important factors that help to warm the property easily and less expensively.
  • Investment in chalets (summers), Turkey is witnessing a great interest by foreign investors in summers purchasing field, where a lot of foreign investors, especially retirees of them want to spend the rest of their lives pensions in the summers deployed in Turkey, especially in the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea region, the Aegean Sea and the Marmara Sea, so the value of real estate increases in these areas, and investing in chalets can achieve the required profits.
  • Do not look for buyers to sell the property you own but instead let buyers seek you, searching for buyers when you selling the property is one of the biggest mistakes because the buyer offers a price less than what you require.
  • Purchasing a real estate is getting harder day by day, if we look at the period extended for 50 years ago, we can see that buying a real estate is getting harder day by day, so it is better for the investor to start buying the property as soon as possible if he has the ability to do that.
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