Istanbul's High-Rise Areas with Seascape

Istanbul has recently become an important center for modern real estate projects, this, in turn, has led to a rise in real estate prices...

Istanbul's High-Rise Areas with Seascape
2016-05-08 Last update 2020-06-23

Istanbul's High-Rise Areas with Seascape

Istanbul has recently become an important center for modern real estate projects, this, in turn, has led to a rise in real estate prices, where properties prices in Istanbul are rising due to the development and growth of areas where the real estate projects are located, especially in coastal areas that have apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea, thus, It is noticed that the rise in prices has been largely been reflected in the properties located within coastal or near-coast residential complexes, making middle-income investors interested in owning modern, sea-view properties to ask the following question: Is it possible to own modern, sea-view properties at affordable prices in Istanbul?

Despite the similarity between most of the real estate projects and complexes in terms of recreational and social foundations and the form of services provided to its residents, however, the complex existence in a coastal area or on the edge of a lake doubles property prices. Investors who do not have enough budget to buy properties that are part of coastal projects are likely to buy property in high-rise buildings to enjoy the sea from afar.

In Istanbul there are many real estate projects with stunning sea views at reasonable prices, these real estate projects are not located on the coast but they are high real estate projects or situated in high areas in the city of Istanbul and are no less beautiful in its views from those projects situated in coastal areas, In addition to the beauty of the sea view, which these projects have you also have the chance to see the entire city of Istanbul and its beautiful nature from the top. These projects are located on both sides of Istanbul the Asian and European, from the Umraniye district on the Asian side to the Kurtköy and the Kartal districts, and from the Belekdüzü district on the European side to Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, Maslak, Maltepe, Bayrampaşa, Ipartaküle and Mahmutbey, Where many modern and high-rise buildings are located in these areas, offering their residents the chance to enjoy the view of the Istanbul’s nature and the view of Marmara Sea.

There is a high turnout by foreign investors to such projects, especially Arab investors, where most of them prefer housing in high-end real estate projects located in these areas, especially in the European part and one of the most important projects located within these areas frequented by Arab investors are: Bashador Complex in the Bayrampaşa area, the famous Panorama Gulf Complex in Ghazi Othman Pasha, the Ekhlas 6 and Ekhlas 7 Project in Ispartakule area and the E5 Tower Complex in the Belekdüzü area. Consequently, property prices in such high-rise projects start at $ 70,000 in Belekdüzü and $ 110,000 in the Başakşehir area.

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