Tourism in Istanbul and Why Investing in it (1)?

The city of Istanbul is one of the best cities in the world and one of the most beautiful tourist cities

Tourism in Istanbul and Why Investing in it (1)?
2017-04-04 Last update 2020-07-21

Tourism in Istanbul and Why Investing in it (1)?

The city of Istanbul is one of the best cities in the world and one of the most beautiful tourist cities, as it extends between the continent of Europe and Asia through a strait called the Bosphorus.

Istanbul is famous for its large number of tourists and its congestion during the year because of its many tourist attractions that span many periods and include Islamic religious tourism attractions as well as Christianity.

Istanbul blends the splendor of Ottoman art with a variety of tourist attractions, such as the cultural, social and religious monuments.

In this article, we will show you some of Istanbul's tourist attractions and some tips for anyone who wants to buy real estate in Istanbul.

Some of Istanbul's tourist attractions:

Sultan Ahmad Mosque

The Mosque of Sultan Ahmed is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world and is of great importance to Arab tourists and Turks.

Sultan Ahmed built this mosque to erase the effects of his armies’ defeat on the Persian fronts and wanted to make this mosque one of the greatest mosques in the world, this, this is what happened, so that history remembers his finest qualities in order to make people forget the setback that occurred in his reign and nobody mention it.

Sultan Ahmad Mosque

The mosque has a great mix of colors, which is dominated by a blue color from the interior, with a lot of wonderful decoration and its minarets are like the minarets of the Haram al-Makki.


A very important palace where it was the main place of the Ottoman Empire that was ruling the world for years and has reached 400 years.


This palace is one of the best landmarks in Istanbul because it is of great importance to Muslims due to its treasures that has high secretions of the Prophet peace be upon him.

In the palace, you can find the sword of the Prophet peace be upon him as well as the footprints, with some Swords of the Elders and the grandeur of our prophet Joseph and more wealth that exist in that palace.

Prince Islands

One of the most famous places in the Asian part and the best the islands. Prince Islands are among the best places to spend honeymoon for the couples, as they are located in the Sea of Marmara and there are daily trips by boat to them and you can enjoy the wonderful views and picturesque.

Prince Islands

Therefore, the investment in Istanbul should be close to some of these vital places located in many areas of Istanbul so that the profits are doubled, especially as the proportion of tourists in Istanbul is increasing significantly in recent times.

Maiden Tower

Maiden Tower is one of Istanbul's most famous tourist landmarks. It has been surrounded by many stories that were discussed by the generations and tells stories about the Sultan who has a daughter and loved her very much.

Because of his love for her he feared a lot of death and he saw while his sleep many times that his daughter is dying at the age of 18 years and when his daughter approached this age he ordered to build this tower after filling part of the Bosphorus Strait and then built on the sea so as to the girl stay away from the expected danger on land.

Maiden Tower

But in her 18th year she got gifts and among the gifts, there was a fruit basket and inside it a snake that caused her death to prove the story to all that there is no escape from death.

Investment in Istanbul

If you like investment and want to invest your money, investing in Istanbul puts you on the right path as Istanbul is an amazing city, Investment in it is with great success because of its great importance and prestige among the world's tourist cities.

One of the most important types of investments is real estate investment, through which you can look for apartments for sale in Istanbul on the sea and then buy an apartment and resell, lease or use it in a project.

Real estate investment is one of the strongest types of global investment and many of the wealthy people and the fifth person in the world on the list of the richest people in the world are working in real estate investment, it is an open and very good market for to start your investment.

You can start by looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea, where the apartments on the sea are one of the top apartments for a profit because of its prestigious places that can be a great place to start a successful investment.

Living in Istanbul

If you want to move and live in Istanbul, it will be an excellent decision as Istanbul is one of the best cities in the world where you can enjoy excellent living where you will not be bored due to the existence of many tourist attractions.

Istanbul has summer attractions and there are plenty of landmarks to visit in the winter, ensuring fun in summer and winter.

You can search for villas for sale in Istanbul to move to. You can choose a villa for your choice, as there are many villas in more than one place in Istanbul at varying prices.

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