Date of publication : 2017-11-17
The Metrobus line in Istanbul is considered one of the most important transport lines, and some people see it as an important investment in the transportation sector in the last period. This vital line connected the two Asian and European continents with each other and reached the farthest point in the European part of the city the Beylikduzu district. The line also contributed to the increase in real estate prices in the places where it passed. ... Read more
The Turkish government has recently been working on increasing safety standards in the modern real estate, as well as modernizing old buildings to improve their resilience, consequently, the Ministry of Cities and the Environment has issued a new executive regulation for the building safety standards in the event of disasters and earthquakes. Moreover, the government closely monitors the buildings under construction. A study is conducted on all materials used in these buildings as well as teams ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-11-13
The month of November seen a qualitative leap in rental allowances in apartments, with the increase to 14.47% for apartments according to the Turkish Statistics Institution. It is known that the rate in rent allowances is a percentage calculated in each month of the year in order to determine the increase of rentals for that month, and this is applied for lease contracts to be organized during this month for the first time, or those that ... Read more
There are few things that should not be ignored before and during the course of buying property. It is known that the real estate sector in Turkey is very popular in recent times, and we have in this case to provide notes on the procedures of land registry, especially for those who want to buy a property for the first time in Turkey. There are two stages of action to be carried, first in the pre-process ... Read more
There are few mistakes that must be avoided in order to obtain a profitable real estate investment and guaranteeing the investor a profit and compensation for the value of the property in a short time. The following are some of these mistakes: - Lack of verification of the property well: The adequate search and scrutiny before buying a property, going to the property personally, checking it, and not to trust any other party because real estate ... Read more
It is known that stock markets and capital are based on the profit of one party and the profit the other, Consequently, there are some methods and tools that generate profit on both sides of the trade, and the real estate sector is one of these means, which can be considered almost certain profit. The most important feature that distinguishes real estate investment from other investments in Turkey specifically, is the profit brought to everyone, both ... Read more