Important Information About the Turkish Real Estate Sector27
The real estate sector in Turkey has witnessed a major transformation in the field of attracting investment opportunities for investors. While the US and European real estate markets are negatively impacted by the economic crisis and the global financial crisis, Turkish real estate markets are witnessing a strong recovery. It is also noted that while real estate markets throughout Europe are experiencing a significant drop in demand and a decline in real estate prices, Turkish ... Read more
Things You Should Pay Attention25
Selling and buying of the estate can be achieved only through the Department of Real Estate: The sale and purchase of real estate in Turkey according to unofficial contracts, contracts of notary or mayor does not mean that the ownership of the property has moved to the buyer, but it requires for the person wishing to own the property to register the purchase transaction in his name in the real estate department in the land registry. Assuring ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-03-23
The KDV Tax: is a tax imposed at different rates of expenditure, in accordance with the Value-Added Tax Or KDV Law No. 3065 of 1984, although the companies are the ones that pay this tax in accordance with the sales profits they achieve, but this tax is deducted from the final goods’ consumers this Means that this tax is ultimately deducted from the individual who consumes the goods. This tax is applied in almost all ... Read more
According to the real estate experts in Turkey, the last three years has seen a remarkable rise in the value of real estate in Istanbul, as a result of the giant projects undertaken by the government. Read more
10 important reasons could be an answer for those willing to invest in Turkey.. Read more
Date of publication : 2017-02-27
inheritance tax27
According to items (B), (D), (E) of the second paragraph of Article IV of inheritance and donation tax law (gift, donation, prizes, etc.) numbered 7338 and dated 1959.06.08, exemption amounts will be determined in the inheritance and donation tax and applied in all calendar year, by adding the resulting increase in the re-evaluation ratio set forth in the assets tax law which is related to this year’s exception amounts applied in the previous year, and ... Read more