Date of publication : 2017-02-22
property gains tax 22
The article in summary: This important article explains how to calculate the profit tax after buying a property in Turkey, then the desire to sell it before passing five years of the date of receiving the title deed. According to Article 80 of the Turkish Income Tax law, in the case of selling the property before passing five years of the date of purchase, then it will be a subject to the property profits tax (for ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-02-20
real estate tax20
It is necessary for the citizens and the owners of property in Turkey to pay certain fees and taxes in a timely manner, and the real estate tax is one of these taxes. the rightful owner of the property is the one who pays the real estate tax, or the beneficiary person of that estate, and in the absence of the two men, the real estate tax will be paid by the owner who have ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-02-17
10 reasons 17
Turkey is among the countries of the world that is famous with her love for guests and her geopolitical location which has made her an important center to attract local and foreign investors in various sectors during the last years, especially the tourism sector and the real estate sector that has received a considerable interest from investors. Thus, the stunning beauty of nature, her location on the crossroads of Asia and Europe, and the high ... Read more
Converting the property into cash requires a long time, and this is the only disadvantage the real estate markets suffers from compared with the investment in another market, so here we outlined to you the golden tips for those interested in the real estate investment in Turkey. One of the worst enemies of the real estate is the earthquake, the real estate that are established in accordance with the laws and regulations of earthquakes will not ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-02-10
The Rise of Real Estate During the same time period and well into the 21st century, real estate investors have realized attractive returns due to the multiple income streams from real estate investments. Here is a look at some of the reasons why real estate can be beneficial for your investment portfolio:     Rental yield - This is the percentage yield from direct rental income, it and can be calculated as either gross or net. Experienced investors ... Read more
When you purchase a company's stock certificates, you're looking for appreciation in the stock value, and perhaps dividend income if the company pays it. With bonds, you're looking for income yield on the interest rate paid by the bonds. With a real estate investments, there are more ways in which to realize a superior return on investment. Learn the ways in which your real estate investment can increase in value, as well as provide good ... Read more