Date of publication : 2017-01-17
Yomra is one of the most important outskirts of Trabzon city in the eastern Black Sea region, located on a plain land along the inflow of Yomra tributary on the Black Sea, that is within the borders of Trabzon city located to the east of the city center for about 15 kilometers, as the district is away from the Black Sea Technical University "Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi" and Trabzon airport for about 7 kilometers.  According to ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-01-10
Iraqis ownership
     Can Iraqis purchase a property in Turkey? Can Iraqis buy an apartment in Turkey? Can Iraqis purchase a land for sale in Turkey? Can Iraqis buy offices in Turkey? Frequently asked questions for Iraqis about real-estate in Turkey. The real-estate market in Turkey is witnessing a big turnout for the purchase of apartments by Iraqi citizens, who form a vast number of real-estate investors in Turkey. Iraq, the country that has the oldest civilizations in Mesopotamia ... Read more
ways to sell
In case you decided to sell your apartment, you should take into account and be aware of 5 things:  1- Determine the suitable price for sale: Ask for the help of specialist to assess the apartment price, often if the determined price for sale is based on the current market prices, it will attract the wrong buyer which will cause no selling, or perhaps the ad would remain pendent for a longer period, or maybe it would cause ... Read more
How Do I Identify My Best Choice for Investing in Turkey's Real Estate
Let us say you are thinking about investing in the real estate sector, and you have no idea about the most appropriate investment for you. In this report, we will introduce you to the best choice for the real estate investment that is going to meet your expectations. • First: for a long-term investment Actually, experts recommend to invest in a farmland as the best choice for long-term investment, and that is of course one of the ... Read more
The Stages that the Turkish Stream Project Went Through
After a two-year of diplomatic efforts, during which there were many meetings, ideas, and disagreements, the Turkish diplomacy has succeeded in signing the natural gas pipeline, "the Turkish Stream," agreement with the Russian Government , and that is considered a major turning point in Turkey's energy. The project, which will draw the map of the gas exports in the coming period, aims to transit the Russian gas to Europe By signing the agreement, Ankara has officially started ... Read more
Areas Benefited Exceptionally from the Cultural Transformation Projects
Since the launch of the cultural transformation projects by the Turkish government, years ago, to eliminate slums and ramshackle houses and create areas that are more modern and resistant to the natural disasters such as earthquakes, these project keep playing a major role in the renovation and modernization of a great part of Istanbul, not to mention the creation of great real estate investment opportunities in the region. we will mention the areas benefited most from ... Read more