It is known that the Real estate is considered one of the most profitable ways and the real estate sector is preferred for those wishing to receive relatively high profits. Whether the property is a shop, house or land there are some rules that if followed will be possible to get better profits. In addition, there are few conditions that must also be considered by another party in order to reach the right investment and profitable ... Read more
Turkey's real estate sector is becoming more and more popular over time. Istanbul is one of the most attractive cities in Turkey in terms of real estate. Branded projects are more attractive to investors and significantly contribute to the development of their districts. The following are six prominent districts favored by in investors to invest in Istanbul: Arnavutkoy: The prices of apartments and floors in this districts are increasing very rapidly, due to the proximity of the third ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-08-10
Commercial Land Registry is the record that must be obtained if the property is intended for business activities. Real estate of this type includes offices, shops, warehouses and similar types of shops and other commercial places. Some housing units may also be converted to shops later on. It is therefore very necessary to record the purpose of the use of the property on the land registry related to this property. A commercial real estate register ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-08-09
Istanbul has witnessed an unprecedented transformation in the past 10 years in terms of renovating a large number of residential buildings on the same floor or in the form of a construction move from one place to another, with social benefits and higher welfare. Urban transformation projects in the city have provided significant opportunities for local and foreign investors in the field of ownership in the projects being constructed following these transformations. Where many of the ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-08-07
Lease contracts are renewed in Turkey each year based on the determination of the rate of increase on the rental allowance taking into account the month of signing the contract. In this context, the rate of increase that landlords can claim from their tenants is determined in August 2017. The rate of addition is added to the rental allowance based on the month on which the date of signing the contract is signed. This percentage is ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-08-02
6 Essential Tips for Those Wanted to Buy a New Real Estate   Read more