The Basin Express route, located in the European section of Istanbul, is considered an important hub for real estate investments, with a large number of projects on both sides of this vital highway. In its latest report, Emlakci published many details about this important investment area. Factors Influencing the Basin Express: The impact of surrounding changes plays an important role in increasing investment attractiveness in the region and investment in Istanbul in general. The area of Ikitlli is ... Read more
What should you pay attention to when buying an apartment? Where to buy investment apartments? When can you buy investment apartments? It is known that apartment prices have increased significantly in past years, so apartments have become an important investment tool and one of the most profitable means, the rate of increase in apartment prices in the last ten years in large cities such as Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul, is estimated of a rate that reached ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-07-12
Transportation in its various forms is a major focus in the city of Istanbul in particular, which is the tourist capital of Turkey, and which gives it features different from some other cities. The most distinctive feature is the many modern and sophisticated projects that contain apartments for sale in Istanbul on the sea. Transportation has various forms and types. There are many public transports in Istanbul, which can be summarized as follows: Buses: It is considered one ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-07-10
The green certificate approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development is subsequently given to buildings that meet the environment-friendly conditions. The green certificate distinguishes by the buildings currently being built in Turkey, the traditional buildings from these green buildings, in terms of many applications that will facilitate the lives of the occupants of these buildings, reduce harmful emissions to the environment, save energy and facilitate the use of energy sources Both renewable and licensed, ... Read more
Cities that give their citizens or residents more opportunities and facilities for development projects, whatever their field is, it attracts investors from everywhere to establish their investment projects on their land. The city of Istanbul - Turkey is a great example of this model that is attractive to investors regardless of their nationalities with the elements and criteria that make the investor feel safe and hopes for double returns and profits over the coming years. One of ... Read more
One of the most important things that must be done during the sale and purchase of real estate is the organization of official documents required for it, and the agreements that are organized in this context with the legal authorized writer as a pledge on the sale and purchase. Both the sales allowance, the address of the property and the terms of the agreement shall be clearly and expressly stated upon the conclusion of the ... Read more