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Development of drones industry in Turkey Turkey occupies an advanced position in the field of UAVs manufacturing. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle), commonly known as drones, place Turkey today among the top five countries in the manufacture ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/evolution-aircraft-industry-turkey

Turkey plans to establish a space agency After the great success Turkey has made in the field of space technology through developing many new satellites, the Turkish government plans to establish a satellite launch center (SLC), and ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-plans-create-space-agency

The Turkish economic confidence index rose by 20% The Turkish Statistical Institute declared the economic confidence index for the month of September 2016, which recorded an increase by 20.8% during the month of September compared with the previous ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/confidence-turkish-economy-index-rose

Turkey Finishes the Production of the First Environmentally-Friendly Vehicle As Turkey is going on the industrial and technological development in various fields and sectors, vehicles sector is what we are talking about today. The Turkish company 'ENBO,'  specialized in ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-finish-production-first-environmentally-friendly-car

Turkey Poised to Become the Capital of Islamic Finance In light of the big developments in the Turkish economy and the enormous facilities offered by the Turkish government for the banks and the financial sector in general, many analyses ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-poised-become-capital-islamic-finance

Talks to Modernize the Customs Union Deal between Turkey and the EU The European Commission intends to make a formal proposal to the European Council in order to begin talks aiming to update the Customs Union Deal with Turkey that was signed ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/talks-modernize-customs-union-deal-turkey-eu

Hyundai to Invest $400 Million in Turkey The South Korean company "Hyundai" revealed its intention to produce a multi-purpose sports cars (SUVs) in its manufactory of the Turkish city Izmit. The company plans to produce about 50 thousand ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/hyundai-invest-$400-million-turkey

$1.5 Billion the Investment Volume of Turkey in the Field of Wind Energy in 2016 Turkish Wind Energy Association chairman "Mustafa Ataseven" announced that the total installed capacity of the wind energy in Turkey for the year 2016 reached 5,500 megawatts, surpassing the total capacity ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/1.5-billion-investment-volume-turkey-field-wind-energy-2016

New Metro Line Inauguration in the Turkish Capital Ankara The Turkish capital Ankara launches today’s Thursday a new Metro Line "Ketshioren" with the participation of the Turkish President "Recap Tayyip Erdogan", and the prime minister "Ben Ali Yildirim". According to ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/new-metro-line-inauguration-turkish-capital-ankara

Istanbul to Present Bid for the First Air Railway Metro in Turkey  Istanbul municipality presented a bid to build the first air railway metro that extends between " (Sefaköy)" and "(Başakşehir)" in the European side of the city, in order to ease ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-present-bid-first-air-railway-metro-turkey

Economist: Supporting the Turkish Economy is a Support to the Islamic Community Economist "Laith al-Rubaie" in an interview with the Anadolu agency said that Turkey and the Arab countries have elements of economic integration, indicating that Turkey offers many investment opportunities in ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/economist-supporting-turkish-conomy-support-islamic-community

IDB Financed Turkey with More than $ 1.5 Billion in 2016 The IDP Group office director in Turkey "Saleh al jelassi " revealed that the total funds provided by the bank to Turkey amounted about one billion and 511 million dollars ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/idb-financed-turkey-more-than-$1.5-billion-2016

472 Exhibitions in Turkey in this Year 2017 "Ilihan Orsozlo" Exhibition Curators Association’s vice president in Turkey revealed that this year 2017 will witness organizing of 472 exhibitions in different Turkish States. "Orsozlo" in an interview with the Anadolu ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/472-exhibition-turkey-year-2017

Iraq and Saudi Arabia Are the Most Importers of Turkish Tea During 2016 Turkish tea exportations to the Gulf countries rose by 31% in terms of value and 25% in terms of volume, over the last six years that is according to the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/iraq-saudi-arabia-are-most-importers-turkish-tea-during-2016

Russian Federal Council Intends to Discuss the Gas Project “Turkish Torrent" Russian Federal Council intends to discuss the project "Turkish Torrent" gas transportation agreement, in the beginning of February next year, that is according to a statement issued by the Council. The ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/russian-federal-council-intends-discuss-gas-project-“turkish-torrent

Turkey Spends 11 Billion T.L Supporting the Renewable Energy Sector in 2016 The volume of the Turkish government expenditure within the framework of support for renewable energy sources reached about 11 billion and 479 million Turkish liras (about $ 3 billion) last ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-spends-11-billion -t.l -supporting-renewable-energy-sector-2016

Wastes in Konya Provide 26 Thousand Homes with Electricity The wastes transfer station production in Konya city the central of Turkey, reached about 215 million and 155 thousand and 287 Kw of electric energy, since its establishment five years ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/wastes-konya-provide-thousand-homes-electricity

Raise of The Turkish Furniture Sector’s Export Volume in 2016 Chairman of Entrepreneurs Union and Home Furnishings makers "Ahmed Goulash" confirmed that the furniture industry has become the world's most prevalent sector among other Turkish sectors. In an interview with to ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/raise-turkish-furniture-sector-export-volume-2016

Rise in Turkey's Exports Volume of Gold Bullions Turkey's exports volume of gold bullions for more than 800 tons reached $ 35 billion, over the last five years. According to what the Turkish Statistical Institution data showed, Turkey's exports ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/rise-turkey-exports-volume-gold-bullions

The Opening of Turkish Furniture Exhibition in the Qatari Capital Doha Qatari capital "Doha" witnessed on Wednesday the opening of a permanent Turkish Furniture exhibition in a presence of commercial attache at the Turkish Embassy in Doha, "Burak Burkha", and vice ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/the-opening-turkish-furniture-exhibition in-qatari-capital-doha

Turkish Official: The Third Airport Would Not be a Reason to Close the Ataturk Airport "Fonda Oujaq" the running manager of the governmental airports in Turkey said that "Ataturk International Airport" in Istanbul, will not be close after the opening of the third airport, but ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-official-the-third-airport-would-not-be-reason-close-ataturk-airport

Bahraini Official: Erdogan's Visit Will Strengthen Economic Ties Between the Two Countries Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce "Khaled Abdel Rahman Al Moayed" praised the positive outcomes that resulted from the Turkish president "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" visit to Bahrain, and expressed appreciation ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/bahraini-official-erdogan-visit-will-strengthen-economic-ties-between-two-countries

German Companies Trust the Long-Term Investments in Turkey Senior official of (HIDK) "Martin Wansleben” expressed his confidence for the long-term investments in Turkey, adding that the German companies are the largest among the companies that have investments in ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/german-companies-trust-long-term-investments-in-turkey

Turkish Contractors Carry Out Projects Worth $ 340 Billion in 114 Countries Turkish President, "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" confirmed that Turkey occupies the second place globally in the field of contracting services. During the awards ceremony organized by the Association of Turkish contractors, the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-contractors-carry-out-projects-worth-$340-billion-114-Countries

Turkish Official: The Constitutional Authentication to Raise Confidence’s Index in the Economy Turkish Minister of Trade and Customs "Bülent TÜFENKCİ" in statement to the newspaper Yeni Akit, said that once the constitutional proposal was ratified by the Parliamen, the Turkish economy has ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-official-constitutional-authentication-raise-confidence’s-index-the-economy

Turkish Industrial Production Is Witnessing an Increase in 2017 Industrial production index witnessed a significant increase by %1.3 in January compared to the last month of 2016, that is according to the statistical data of the Turkish Statistical Institution. The ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-industrial-production-is-witnessing-increase-2017

Countdown for the Launch of Automechanika Istanbul 2017 "Tuyab" Fairgrounds in Istanbul city is preparing to receive the eleventh session of the International Exhibition Automechanika Istanbul in 2017 for the automotive industry, which is one of the series ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/countdown-launch-automechanika-istanbul-2017

Turkish Kuwaiti Economic Cooperation Is in Continuing Development Board member in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait and the member of the Turkish Kuwaiti Joint Committee "Khaled Mishari Al-Khaled " said that economic relations and cooperation ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-kuwaiti-economic-cooperation-is-continuing-development

Turkey Invites Saudi Investors to Invest in Turkey 35 Turkish companies called on Saudi businessmen and investors yesterday to set up small and medium-sized companies and enterprises in Turkey to boost the trade exchange between the two countries. This ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-invites-saudi-investors-invest-turkey

Saudi Companies Numbers in Turkey Redoubled 90 Times Since 2011 A Turkish official confirmed yesterday that the decision taken by Turkey to grant the right of ownership to foreign investors in Turkey since 2012 has increased the numbers of Saudi ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/saudi-companies-numbers-turkey-redoubled-90times-since2011

Senior Saudi Delegation Visits Turkey in the First Week of April Saudi Press Agency (SPA) announced that a commercial delegation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madinah is coming to Turkey from April 1 to 8. The delegation will visit ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/senior-saudi-delegation-visits-turkey-first-week-april

Rise in the Volume of the Turkish Automotive Industry’s Exports Turkish exports in the automotive industry has reached a record $ 2.7 billion last March. The exports of the auto industry continued to advance for the 11th year in a row ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/rise-volume-turkish-automotive-industry’s-exports

Omani Investors Interest in the Turkish Real Estate Chairman of the Construction Sector at the Oman Chamber of Commerce "Awad Khalaf Al Miyasi", who participated in the "Rising City 2" exhibition for real estate and the 15th construction ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/omani-investors-interest-turkish-real-estate

Opening of Real Estate Investment in Turkey For Investors Opening of Real Estate Investment in Turkey For Investors Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Farouk Ozlu told reporters about the latest developments in real estate investment in Turkey, saying ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/opening-investments-turkey

Open Turkey Market For Foreign Investors - Turkey Property Open Turkey Market For Foreign Investors - Turkey Property The head of the Chamber of Industry in Ankara, "Noureddine Ozdabir," in a statement about the new reform package for production, which ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/new-facilities-foreign-investors-turkey

New Reforms in the Real Estate Sector in Turkey The Turkish government has introduced a series of facilities and reforms in the real estate sector that may speed up the process of obtaining building permits. The new facility will ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-reforms-realestate-sector-turkey

A Big Boom in the Automotive Industry and Export in Turkey In addition to the real estate sector, which is considered one of the engines of the Turkish economy, Turkey's auto manufacturing, and export sector are one of the strongest and ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/big-boom-automotive-industry-export-turkey

The Migration of Large Companies from Dubai to Istanbul The real estate sector in Turkey witnessed a significant increase in the demand of investors from several Arab and foreign countries, and the Turkish government has supported this sector significantly ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/migration-large-companies-dubai-istanbul

950 Billion Liras the Investment Volume in Turkey The Minister of Development in Turkey, Mr. Lotfi Alwan, at the meeting of the Chamber of Industry in Ankara gave statements about investments in Turkey, saying: The construction sector has the ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/950billion-liras-investment-volume-turkey

Construction Sector Races the Industry Sector in Turkey! Despite the strength of the industrial sector, the construction market has grown strongly last year, therefore, the construction sector has been able to overcome this sector and contributed primarily to ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/construction-sector-is-racing-industry-sector-turkey

Establishing a Company in Turkey Most of the entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) prefer to establish a limited company Ltd. However, you can set up your company according to any type ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/formation-company-turkey

Investment in Turkey Summary: This article explores the main types of investment in Turkey, their incentives, along with a brief glance on the features of each type, and then at the end, there ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/invest-in-turkey

Visa, Residence and Citizenship in Turkey The Turkish government has issued recently a law that allows submitting and getting the Turkish visa electronically as you simply apply for tourist or trade visa via the electronic visa ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/residence-visa-nationality-turkey

Important Information about the Investment in Istanbul Invest in Istanbul - Most Important Economic Center Today Istanbul is considered the most important economic center in Turkey, providing about 25% of the Turkish national income, and contains nearly 20% ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/investment-istanbul

Nişantaşı The Magnificent Quarter - Real Estate in Istanbul Turkey Real Estate in Istanbul Turkey - Nişantaşı the magnificent Nişantaşı Quarter - Real Estate In Istanbul Turkey Ottoman dynasty spreads across centuries and during their reign their capital moved from Bursa to ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/nişantaşı-magnificent-quarter-istanbul

Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul | Invest in Istanbul Invest in Istanbul in Real Estate - Turkey Investment Dolmabahçe Palace - Invest in Istanbul Turkey is a country that has the privilege of uniting the eastern and western civilizations. The Bosphorus ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/dolmabahçe-palace-istanbul