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Real Estate Investment In Turkey - Guneshle Residence Project Real Estate Investment In Turkey Highly secured, being established by one of the largest real estate companies in Turkey, which has carried out the development of the highest building in Istanbul. The ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/gonashle-residence-project

Istanbul Real Estate Investment - Al-Ekhlas 6 Project Advantage of Istanbul Real Estate Investment The project is located in Istanbul in Sabarta Koleh that is full of real estate investments, which is located on the highway TEM (E80) that is ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/alekhlas-6

Houses In Istanbul Turkey For Sale - Romance Project Houses In Istanbul Turkey For Sale  It is located in a central area in Beylikdüzü district, where there are shopping centers, universities, health and educational institutions. Therefore, it is a wonderful ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/romance-project

Ya Sham Kent Project Karasu is considered as a promising city in terms of the real estate investment in Turkey. This came as a result of the vital projects in the city such as ... https://sakarya.imtilak.net/en/apartments/yasham-kent-project

Istanbul Properties For Sale - Bashak Shahir Project Istanbul Properties For Sale - Bashak Shahir Project  With their apartments and a huge mall, sumptuous luxurious Başakşehir Towers are considered the heartbeat of Başakşehir district. Proximity to the metro and highways ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/bashak-shahir-project

Real Estate In Istanbul For Sale - Collar Of Valley Project Real Estate In Istanbul For Sale, Invest In Istanbul This project locates near the largest medical city in Europe and overlooks the valley of Başakşehir. It is 1.5 km far from KENT ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/collar-of-valley

Real Estate In Turkey Istanbul - Al-Ekhlas 7 Project Real Estate In Turkey, Invest In Istanbul  • The project is located in Istanbul in a booming real estate area "Ispartakule". • Easy access to all Istanbul areas, due to its proximity to ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/alekhlas-7-project

Apartments For Sale In Istanbul European Side - Gulf Panorama The best Apartments For Sale In Istanbul European Side This composite is in the center of Istanbul close to Taksim and Sisli and is 20 km far from Atartok airport. It looks over ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/gulf-panorama-project

Istanbul Real Estate Investment - Westside Project Istanbul Real Estate Investment, Great to Invest in Istanbul Now This project locates in the center of BilikDozo where the bus station is, and near the hospitals, schools, transportation and E5 ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/westside-istanbul-project

Apartments For Sale In Istanbul Turkey Yasham Project Apartments For Sale In Istanbul Turkey Yasham Project This Apartment For Sale In Istanbul Turkey Yasham Project is in the center of Bilik Dozo against the largest mole in the area and ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/yasham-project

Houses & Flats For Sale In Istanbul Deluxe Project The Best Houses & Flats For Sale In Istanbul Turkey This Flat For Sale In Istanbul Deluxe project is completely made to fit modern life and the entertainment of shopping at commercial and ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/deluxe-project

Flats For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - Istanbul Palace Project The Best Flats For Sale In Istanbul Turkey It contains flats with fernatures such as hotels which provide a high class life. The assurance of renting your flat when you are not ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/istanbul-palace-project

Apartment For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - Ipek Park Project The best Apartment For Sale In Istanbul Turkey Apartment For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - Ipek Park Project is near the underground station of Bahcesehir that will reaches in 2019. Huge ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/ipek-park-project

Istanbul Property Investment-Prim Guneshli Project The right time to invest in Istanbul - Istanbul Property Investmentl This istanbul property investment-Prim Guneshli Projectproject locates inside Istanbul on Gonashle area that is grown and special at real estate ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/prim-guneshli-project

Sakarya Life Project This project locates on main and active street in Caraso which is the best touristic places in Turkey, also a great future is expected for it. It is a successful investment ... https://sakarya.imtilak.net/en/apartments/alhayat-sakarya-project

Elit Life Project It locates close to the beach and there is no building separate between the port and this project. It is in the center of Caraso city, which is hopeful for real ... https://sakarya.imtilak.net/en/apartments/elit-life

Karasu Center Project It is in the center of Caraso city, which is hopeful for real estate investments in Turkey. It is locates in central and active area close to everything you need such ... https://sakarya.imtilak.net/en/apartments/markaz-karasu

Land For Sale In Turkey - Invest In Istanbul Real Estate Land For Sale In Turkey - Invest In Istanbul Real Estate They are too close from E5 fast way in Istanbul, which reaches, to Asian side until Ankara road. Different surveys are ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/lands/lands-for-investment-villas-construction-turkey

Uzungol Trabzon Project • The first residential complex in Uzungol area, which is a prominent destination for tourists from around the world. • Distinctive views of the natural river. • Excellent investment opportunity of being ... https://trabzon.imtilak.net/en/apartments/uzungol-trabzon

Luxury Real Estate Turkey Istanbul - Masaten Project Luxury Real Estate Turkey Istanbul Mashattan housing complex is in one of the most central locations in Maslak, Istanbul. This housing complex is close to the major universities in Istanbul. It is only ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/masaten-project

Istanbul Apartments For Sale-Bayram Pasha Towers Project Own the best apartment for sale in Istanbul Turkey A residential complex in the center of Istanbul that is near the metro station. It is very easy to reach the old center ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/bayram-pasha-towers

Buy Property In Turkey - Mall Of Istanbul Project why do you need to Buy Property In Turkey Istanbul? •  Buy Property In Turkey - Mall Of Istanbul Project is considered a vital center, being the first largest mall in ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/mall-of-istanbul

Buy apartments in Istanbul New Istanbul Center Project Why do you need to Buy an Apartment in Istanbul? The new Istanbul Center project is located in Istanbul city in Bashakshahir an area of promising investments. Close Istanbul’s Third Airport bridge ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/new-istanbul-center

Golden Life Golden Life housing complex is located on a main lively street in the city of Karasu, which is considered one of the most important tourist regions in Turkey and has ... https://sakarya.imtilak.net/en/apartments/golden-life

Villas for sale in Turkey with private pool - Royal Villas Luxury Villas In Turkey For Sale on Marine views  The housing complex is located a 12-minute walk from the beach. Vast areas and favorable prices. Villas for sale in Turkey with private pool https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/villas/royal-villas

Houses For Sale In Istanbul Turkey-Metro Park Project That's the right time to own House for sale in Istanbul Turkey Metropark project is a distinctive project in the new center of the European side of Istanbul. It is located 5-minute ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/metro-park

Sahara 1 Project Close to the sea in Konyaalti district, Antalya. An excellent opportunity to invest in turkey as it is still under construction. Located in an area of a constant development, we are talking ... https://antalya.imtilak.net/en/apartments/sahara1

Houses In Turkey For Sale - Bakirkoy City Project Houses In Turkey For Sale - Bakirkoy City Project Close to Marmaray Metro station, the thing that makes travelling to the Asian side easy. This project is located in the center of ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/bakirkoy-city

Apartment In Turkey For Sale - Dream Of Istanbul Apartment In Turkey For Sale - Dream Of Istanbul This complex is located in the middle of Istanbul where it is 15 minutes away from Taksim square and 10 minutes from ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/istanbul-dream

Homes For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - Nurol Express Project Homes For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - Nurol Express Project Distinctive location on the strategic (basin express) Road that connects the “TEM” and “E5” highways that are considered the two main ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/nurol-express

Apartments For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - Nowrul Siran Tiph Apartments For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - Nowrul Siran Tiph The project is located in a strategic area next to the highway, which can be accessed through to the Fatih Sultan ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/nowrul-siran-tiph

Apartments and Villas in Turkey For Sale - Europe Park Project Apartments and Villas for sale in Istanbul Turkey It is located in one of the most prosperous places in Bashakshehir -Bahcheshehir which is known as the new center of Istanbul. Featuring a ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/europe-park

Buy Apartments In Istanbul - Soul of Istanbul Project Why do you need to buy apartments in Istanbul?   The project is located in the strategic bey oglu which contains the most important archaeological and touristic destinations also for it being ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/istanbul-soul

Property Turkey For Sale - Istanbul Art Project Property Turkey For Sale - Istanbul Art Project It is located in the middle of Istanbul – Shishly in an important region involves the most commercial and touristic activities in the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/istanbul-art

Buy House In Turkey Istanbul - Nour Istanbul Project Buy House In Turkey Istanbul - Nour Istanbul Project The project is located in Gazi Osman Pasha near the center of Istanbul in a design combines the beauty of nature with ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/nour-istanbul

Property For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - Selenium of Istanbul Property For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - Selenium of Istanbul It is located on the highway E5 in Istanbul-Bakirkoy that is full of the exhibitions, commercial and economic events due to ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/selenium-istanbul

Luxury Villas For Sale in Turkey- Kalyon Marmara Villas luxury villas for sale in turkey and Apartments with sea view  The project is located on the Beach of Marmara Sea and a few minutes away from (E5) highway which is ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/kalyon-marmara

Invest in Istanbul - IMT-99 Blue Lake Project Good Chance to Invest in Istanbul Turkey This project is located in kuchuk chikmece region which is characterized by its amazing view on Marmara sea and kuchuk chikmece lake. It is only ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/blue-lake

Property For Sale In Istanbul Asian side - Aydos Park Project Property For Sale In Istanbul Asian side - Aydos Park Project The project is located in the Asian side of Istanbul in Sanjak tepe, away from city hustles, which is characterized ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/aydos-park

Apartments For Sale In Istanbul Asian Side- Istanbul 216 Project Apartments For Sale In Istanbul Asian Side - Istanbul 216 Project The project is located near the subway, metrobus station and Orasya tunnel which makes it big important real estate investment ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/istanbul-216

Real Estate For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - Marmara Garden Real Estate For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - Marmara Garden ●Marmara Garden Project is located in a distinctive and growing area of Istanbul's real estate investments the quiet Beylikdüzü district, away from the city hustle and ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/marmara-garden

Trabzon Pearl Project The project is located in northern Turkey in Trabzon - Yomra on the Black Sea surrounded by 17.500 m2 green bands with modern designs and high quality finishings. The location of ... https://trabzon.imtilak.net/en/apartments/trabzon-pearl

Trabzon Beach Project The project is located in Trabzon - Yomra in northern Turkey exactly on the beach, where it combines the golden sands and a green band of 14.000 m 2 to ... https://trabzon.imtilak.net/en/apartments/trabzon-beach

Arakli Garden Project The project is located in "Arakli" area near "Trabzon" directly on the black sea in the northern of Turkey. Easy access to all Trabzon areas due to its location on the ... https://trabzon.imtilak.net/en/apartments/arakli-garden

Apartments For Sale In Istanbul Asian side - Maltepe Tower Project Apartments For Sale In Istanbul Asian side - Maltepe Tower Project The project is located in the Asian side of Istanbul – Mal Tepe where the quiet location and the comfort ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/maltepe-tower

IMT-73 Shishli Queen Project Istanbul Property Sale - Shishli Queen The project is located in Bomonty – shishli, which is considered as the commercial heart of Istanbul, featuring a panoramic view of the city with the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/shishli-queen

Luxury Villas In Istanbul For Sale - Zakaria Koy Palaces Luxury Villas In Istanbul For Sale Benefits: The project is located in the quiet Oxygen rich Zekeriyaköy, with an amazing view on the Bosphorus (60% of the apartments have views on) ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/villas/zakaria-koy-palaces

Villa For Sale Istanbul - IMT-82 Paradise Golf Villas Villa For Sale Istanbul Turkey Details. The villas project is located in Istanbul Buyukchekmece near Buyukchekmece lake, the project also provides special entertaining and social areas for its residents. The projects special ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/villas/paradise-golf

Heaven Of Sbenjh Project The project is located in Sakarya – Sabanca near Sabanca Lake which is considered a tourist attraction area for comfort and serenity for its clean air and away from the ... https://sakarya.imtilak.net/en/villas/heaven-sabenja

Kuvars Villa Project The project is located In Sakarya near the city center which will meet all the needs of the residents. Near the highway that reaches Karasu on the Black Sea shores which ... https://sakarya.imtilak.net/en/villas/kuvars

Sapanca Flowers Project The project is located in Sakarya city in, near Sapanca Lake which is considered an important tourist destination, visited by tourists for relaxation and recuperation, Where the region is Featuring ... https://sakarya.imtilak.net/en/villas/sapanca-flowers

Istanbul Property For Sale - Koza Residence Project Istanbul Property For Sale - Koza Residence Project • Vital site in the "Bahçeşehir" district in Istanbul. • Close to the E80 highway this means you can have access to the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/koza-residence

Homes In Turkey For Sale - Relax Residence Homes In Turkey For Sale- Relax Residence-Turkey Investment This project is characterized by its strategic location in Bahcesehir the well known of the real estate in turkey Investments in the area, on the highway of ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/relax-park-residence

Real Estate For Sale In Turkey - Istanbul Yildiz Park Real Estate For Sale In Turkey - Istanbul Yildiz Park - This project is specialized by its strategic location at the heart of Istanbul in Topkapi, which provides an easy access ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/istanbul-yildiz-park

Istanbul Real Estate For Sale - IMT-85 Toya Express Project Istanbul Real Estate For Sale - Toya Express Project • Toya Express Project is located in a unique area on the main road junctions in the strategic highway Basin Express ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/toya-express

Istanbul Real Estate For Sale - Starck Express Project Istanbul Real Estate For Sale - Starck Express Project • The project holds a great importance in the Turkish real estate because of its strategic location on the Basin Express road linking ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/starck-express-project

Istanbul Property Investment - IMT-88 Nivo Port Project Istanbul Property Investment - Nivo Atakoy Project   Nivo Port Project is a fantastic real estate investment opportunity due to its privileged location on the E5 highway in Bakırköy, Istanbul that is teeming with ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/nivo-port

Apartments For Sale Inside Turkey - IMT-76 Merter Residence Apartments For Sale Inside Turkey - Merter Residence • The distinctive location of Merter Residence Project in the municipality of Güngören in the center Istanbul's city. • The project is near to ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/merter-residence

Invest In Istanbul Turkey - IMT-97 Star Bahcheshehir Project Invest In Istanbul Turkey - Star Bahcesehir Project • Invest In Istanbul Turkey - Star Bahcesehir Project is located in the strategic Bahçeşehir, which is one of the vital centers ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/star-bahcesehir

Homes For Sale In Istanbul - Bahçeşehir Vadi Project  Homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey Benefits: The project is located in a distinctive site at the entrance of Bahçeşehir with its amazing direct views of the lake and the magnificent garden ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/bahçeşehir-vadi

Trabzon Palaces Project • The project is located in the northern city of Trabzon, Turkey, in "Ortahisar" on the Black Sea. • The project is surrounded by a natural green band, as well as ... https://trabzon.imtilak.net/en/apartments/trabzon-palaces

IMT-77 Golden City Project • The project is located in the "yalincak" in Trabzon, in northern of Turkey, far from the hustle of the city. • Surrounded by 80% of green bands. • Magnificent view of ... https://trabzon.imtilak.net/en/apartments/golden-city

Istanbul Luxury Apartments For Sale - IMT-95 Park Square Istanbul Luxury Apartments For Sale - Park Square Located in Bachakshahir district one of the best districts in Istanbul, which is strategically located near Istanbul's third airport planned to be opened ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/park-residence-square

IMT-94 Majesty 3 Project The project is located in a strategic location in Yalincak district in Trabzon, which is characterized by its distinctive Amazing views which combine the natural mountains and the Black Sea. The ... https://trabzon.imtilak.net/en/apartments/trabzon-majesty3

Istanbul luxury Apartments For Sale - Galaxy Tower Project Istanbul Luxury Apartments For Sale Benefits: Distinctive location on the Basin Express road which connects the strategic highways TEM with E5 which form the two main arteries of Istanbul. It will be next ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/galaxy-tower

luxury Istanbul real estate - IMT-83 Ispartakule Towers Project luxury Istanbul real estate - Apartments The project is located in the Ispartakule district, which is the entrance to the Bahçeşehir district and a prominent in the field of investment in ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/ispartakule-towers

Luxury Turkey Real Estate - Marmara Tower Project Luxury Turkey Real Estate - Marmara Tower Project Distinctive location in the vital Beylikdüzü district near the Sea of Marmara. The project is just 20 minutes from Ataturk Airport and only 10 ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/marmara-tower

Cheap Property In Istanbul Turkey - IMT-89 Atakent Residence Project Cheap Property In Istanbul Turkey - Atakent Residence Project  Distinctive beautiful location in the municipality of Kucukcekmece where it is only a few minutes far from the lake, the TEM motorway ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/atacant-residence

Istanbul Turkey Real Estate For Sale - IMT-72 Europe Residence Project Istanbul Turkey Real Estate For Sale - Europe Residence Project The distinctive site of the project in the municipality of Bachakshahir near the new governmental field that will be established soon, ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/europe-residence

Property For Sale In Istanbul - Sefakoy Residence Project Choose one of the most Property For Sale In Istanbul Distinctive location of the Project is in the center of Kucukcekmece Which is witnessing a remarkable development in Istanbul's real estate ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/sefakoy-residence

Turkey Real Estate For Sale - IMT-93 Isparta Garden Project Turkey Real Estate For Sale The Isparta Garden project is located in Ispartakule district, which is the entrance to a Bachakshahir district. The project has views on Kucukcekmece Lake. The district ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/isparta-garden

Apartments For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - Marmara Port Project The best Apartments For Sale In Istanbul Turkey The project is located in the municipality of Zeytinburnu which is the center of Istanbul in the European part. It is located on ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/marmara-port

Property for sale in Istanbul Turkey - IMT-84 Axis City Project Property For Sale In Istanbul Turkey The project is located at the heart of Istanbul’s European Center Kagatana district, only five minutes away from Taksim and Levant districts, not more than ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/axis-city

Apartment For Sale In Istanbul - Arena Park Project The Best Apartment For Sale In Istanbul The unique location of the project in which it is located in the municipality of Kucukcekmece in Halkali Square, few minutes from the TEM ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/arena-park

Homes For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - IMT-100 Project Homes For Sale In Istanbul Turkey The project is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, making the project a good opportunity for those seeking a tranquil life. The project is surrounded ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-100

IMT-101 Mirage Complex Property For Sale In Istanbul Turkey The project has a distinctive location, just a few minutes from the TEM and E-5 highways, which are the main arteries of Istanbul. The project is ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-101

Real estate in Istanbul Turkey For Sale - IMT-102 Project Real Estate in Istanbul Turkey For Sale The Real estate in Istanbul Turkey For Sale - IMT-102 Project is located in the classiest districts of Istanbul in Zeytinburnu directly on the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-102

Istanbul Properties investment -IMT-105 Project Istanbul Properties investment The location of the project in Sancaktepe that is the most important investment district in the Asian part of Istanbul, which also is undergoing a development in infrastructure, ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-105

Apartments for sale in Istanbul -10% discount-IMT-108 Project Get 10% discount in Apartments for sale in Istanbul The project is located in an urban building in the Asian part of Istanbul which is experiencing a great commercial renaissance and ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-108

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul - IMT-109 Project Own one of the Cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul  The distinctive location of the project, only a few minutes from the E-5 motorway, Istanbul's main artery. The project’s site on the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-109

luxury Apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey - IMT-111 Project There are many of advantages of luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey The luxurious residential project, high-quality finishing. The project offers a luxurious life to enjoy relaxation. Ataturk Airport is only 20 km away. Located ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-111

Buy an Apartment in Istanbul- IMT-112 Project why do you need to Buy an Apartment in Istanbul? The location of the project is in the upscale section of Esenyurt in the European side close to the E5 highway ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-112

Real Estate For Sale in Istanbul Turkey - IMT-113 Honor Project Real Estate For Sale in Istanbul Turkey: The project is located in Bahçeşehir, a new vital center in Istanbul. Strategically located, Bahçeşehir district is one of the nearby areas leading to Istanbul's ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-113

Apartment in Istanbul For Sale Turkey -IMT-114 Jinan Reserve Project The distinctive location of the project in the municipality of Kucukcekmece, a few minutes away from the E-5 motorway, which is Istanbul's main artery, and it’s close to Ataturk Airport ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-114

Apartment For Sale In Istanbul Turkey -IMT-115 Project That's the right time to own apartment For Sale In Istanbul Turkey Located in a central area, the Asian part in Istanbul, as the project is near to: shopping centers, universities, ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-115

Apartment in Istanbul for Sale Turkey -IMT-116 Project Good Chance to own apartment For Sale In Istanbul Turkey because The project is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, in the Kadıköy district, with a sophisticated design and modern integrated ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-116

Apartment For Sale In Istanbul Turkey - IMT-117 Project The project is located at the Istanbul European Center in the municipality of Ghazi Osman Pasha, only 5 minutes away from the Taksim, Levent district, Maslak and its commercial centers, ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-117

Apartment In Istanbul For Sale Turkey IMT-118 Project There are many advantages to own apartment in Istanbul for sale Turkey The unique location of the apartment in Istanbul For Sale Turkey IMT-118 Project only a few minutes from E-5 high, ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-118

IMT-120 Demir Project   IMT-120 Project is located on the European side of Istanbul in Beylikdüzü district which is considered a calm and prestigious district of Istanbul. This amazing project which will become the center ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-120project

IMT-121 Project The project is located in one of the most prosperous places in Bahçeşehir district, which is known as the new center of Istanbul. The project is considered an important investment opportunity due ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-121project

IMT-125 Project Breathe the fresh air at the heart of Istanbul city in this magnificent project. The project is one of the best investment opportunities in the real estate of Istanbul due to its unique location ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-125project

IMT-126 Citadel City Project IMT-126 Citadel City Project is located on the European side of Istanbul in Beylikdüzü district which is considered a calm and prestigious district of Istanbul. It was designed to you carefully ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-126project

IMT-127 Project The project is located in Topkapi district which considered a calm and prestigious district in Istanbul. Topkapi is considered one of the most important commercial centers of Istanbul since Ottoman times. The ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-127project

IMT-128 Project Squares are the gates of the world that lead to dreams. From Paris to Rome, from New York to İstanbul, they are the favorites of the world and the heart ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-128project

IMT-129 Marmara Palace Villas Blue skies and green nature are awaiting you in this amazing project. Istanbul west marina is only a few steps away from the project. Wonderful natural views from the project on the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/villas/imt-129project

IMT-130 Spear Garden Project The project is located in the upscale section of Esenyurt neighbor to Bahcesehir district in the European side close to the E5 highway and Ataturk Airport with, high quality and ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-130project

IMT-131 Project The project is located in Buyukcekmece near the Marmara Sea coast, with a charming view. Buyukcekmece district is considered a quiet district in Istanbul which will give you serenity away from the hustle ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-131project

IMT-132 Udul Project In a unique location in Esenyurt district, IMT-132 Project offers you a peaceful, comfortable and high-quality lifestyle in one of the active parts of the city. Solutions with smart touch everywhere in ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-132Project

IMT-133 Istanbul for All Project The project is located at an important point in Esenyurt district which is considered the fastest developing district in Istanbul city. The strategic location of the project with an intersection of ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-133project

IMT-134 Project Bashakshehir Valley The most valuable natural life full of privileges in this amazing project which is located directly on Başakşehir Valley with wonderful views of the valley. The project is located in Başakşehir ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-134project

IMT-135 Villas of the West Mahalla A maximum quality of all materials and details in a project full of luxury and magnificence. The project is located in Buyukcekmece district in the European part of Istanbul. Buyukcekmece district is ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/villas/imt-135project

IMT-137 Asala Beylikduzu Project The house of your dream is a reflection of real life in this new project. The project is located in Beylikdüzü, where there are shopping centers, universities, health and educational institutions. ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-137project

IMT-500 Fortress Palace A rare royal masterpiece. Unusually ... A Palace on the Bosphorus is available for sale!! Whoever lives on the Bosphorus his name enters the history. It is a meeting place for princes and ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/villas/imt-138project

IMT-139 Quality Residence Project Discover the privilege of living in an amazing project full life services. The project is located in Halkali district in an area full of business life. The project is close to Ataturk ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-139project

IMT-140 Airport Project The most amazing investment project in Istanbul with its location adjacent to Ataturk Airport on the E-5 highway.  The project is located in Küçükçekmece Municipality which is the new connection of ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-140project

IMT-141 Turquoise Project On every new day that begins with a green spell, you will experience the beauty of nature within the city and discover new tones of life. Let your windows smell like ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-141project

Smile of Life IMT-142 Project An amazing ready project that will bring prestige to the Esenyurt district in Istanbul. You will live the luxury of life, everything you need is included in this project. The project is ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-142project

IMT-300 Kagithane Offices Istanbul the city connecting east with the west nowadays is considered the attraction center for investments and businesses due to Turkey’s growing economy. The project is located in Kagithane district the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/offices/imt-300offices

IMT-301 Express 224 Shops With facades that get the sunlight throughout the day and high windows with city scenes, Express 224 project has been located in the central business region. Express 224 the service and ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/shops/imt-301-shops

IMT-302 Europe Shops Project Enjoy the high quality of business life in Europe shops project. Modern architectural approach becomes a part of your life. Europe shops project will make its investors happy with its proximity to ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/shops/imt302-shops

IMT-303 Europe Park Shops Europe park shops project is rising in Bahcheshehir district right in the heart of the new vital location in Istanbul city. Having large fields, an infrastructure of global standards and many ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/shops/imt-303shops

IMT-304 Al-Ekhlas 7 Shops The project is located in Istanbul in a booming real estate area "Ispartakule". Easy access to all Istanbul areas, due to its proximity to the E-80 highway. Wonders views of "Buyukchekmece Lake" ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/shops/imt-304shops

Nivo Express Shops IMT-305 Nivo project transforms the region with its elegant architecture and adds value to both its life and its investment with its unique location. The project is one of the best investment ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/shops/imt-305shops

IMT-306 Mirage Shops The project is located in Gunesly the district that is growing day by day with the investments made. This prestigious project makes Gunesly district in Istanbul the focus of investment and ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/shops/imt-306shops

IMT-143 Bashak Residence The project (Bashak Residence) is located in Bashakshehir district in Istanbul. Proximity to the metro and highways makes Bashakshehir one of the most booming regions in terms of Istanbul properties prosperity. The ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-143bashakresidence

IMT-144 Bashak Boutique Project The project (Bashak Boutique) is located in Bashakshehir district in Istanbul. The (Boutique) just 100 m far away from the residence and which will be rising next to Olimpa Shopping Center.  Proximity ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt144bashak-boutique-project

IMT-145 Seashell Marmara project The project is located on the Beach of Marmara Sea and a few minutes away from (E5) highway which is considered to be one of the main roads in Istanbul ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/apartments/imt-145seashell-marmara

Buy a property and get a turkish citizenship At the meeting between Turkish minister of economic Nehad Zibaki and foreign investors at Istanbul, Mr. Nehad has published that Turkey is studying the decision of giving Turkish nationality or ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/buy-property-turkish-citizenship

CNR Emlak 2015 Exhibition Imtilak real estate is contributing in Turkish exhibition 2015 for owning, real estate investments and financing during 4-8/11/2015 with the contribution of the elite of foreign and Arab investors. CNR EXPO ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/emlak2015

Cityscape Turkey 2016 The Countdown of the Cityscape Turkey Real Estate has Started The preparations for Cityscape Turkey 2016, the most extensive and largest real estate investment exhibition, continue expeditiously. Cityscape Turkey, which will ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/city-scape-turkey-exhibition-2016

The winter-summer time system is abolished in Turkey Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yıldırım, announced that winter time will no longer be implemented in Turkey starting from this year, and there will be no clocks rolling backward or forward ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/why-turkey-canceled-system-work-winter-time

US economist requests to switch Obama president with Erdogan! On the sidelines of "the overall Turkish economy success story conference" held in Ankara, the global economic 'Arthur Laffer,' reported that the Turkish economy is in a very good condition; ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/usa-expert-testimony-turkish-economy-superior-usa-counterpart

Trip every 65 seconds from Ataturk International Airport !! Ataturk International Airport management announced that the number of flights took off the airport, during the Eid holiday, amounted up to 13 thousand and 277 flights; rating one flight every ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/trip-every-65-seconds-ataturk-airport-during-eid-al-adha

Development of drones industry in Turkey Turkey occupies an advanced position in the field of UAVs manufacturing. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle), commonly known as drones, place Turkey today among the top five countries in the manufacture ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/evolution-aircraft-industry-turkey

Turkey is the best route for gas to Europe In his assessment done about the position of Turkey in the European energy markets, the Oil and Gas Business Improvement Manager in Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL), which ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey's-best-aisle-transport-gas-europe

Value-added tax (VAT) reduction from 18% to 8% in Turkey Ms. Oya Zingal, the executive director of Murabaha Real Estate Solutions, Turkey Branch; one of the largest Gulf companies active in the Turkish real estate sector, had assessed the actions ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/kdv-reduced-8%-turns-opportunity-investors

Turkey plans to establish a space agency After the great success Turkey has made in the field of space technology through developing many new satellites, the Turkish government plans to establish a satellite launch center (SLC), and ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-plans-create-space-agency

Erdogan begins the first phase of naturalizing the Syrians In his speech within the meetings of the 71st Regular Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 71), currently held in New York, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, declared ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/erdogan-keep-promise-begin-first-phase-naturalization-syrians

Turkey is the natural gas transit point to Europe Ms. Carolyn Meyer, the President of the London Asset Management Company of LVB ‘’ Lehigh Valley Business’’, stated that about 5% of the gas and crude oil produced around the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-gas-transit-europe-center

The results of REIDIN real estate index in Turkey In cooperation with the Turkish Labor Bank "Türkiye İş Bankası", REIDIN Foundation, which is competent in real estate analysis and research, published its August 2016 real estate index showing that ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/results-reidin-real-estate-index-turkey

Details of granting Turkish citizenship to the foreign investors Mr. Lütfi Elvan, the Turkish Minister of Development, said that the Turkish Council of Ministers would issue a decision concerning the law of granting Turkish citizenship to the foreign investors. ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/details-give-turkish-citizenship-foreign-investors

Turkey finishes manufacturing its own aircraft by 2023 The manufacturing of the local Turkish aircraft TF-X is going on by leaps and bounds, as the designs for the Turkish aircraft TF-X, which will be the first Turkish aircraft ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-end-combat-planes-local-industry-2023

Financial Times: Turkey keeps the investment attractiveness A few days ago, Moody's Corporation, an American credit rating agency, launched a broad campaign to undermine the Turkish economy by reducing the degree of Turkey's credit rating. Later on, ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/financial-times-turkey-keeps-investment-attractiveness

Factors attract the foreigners to invest in Turkey The consequences of the decision of the American credit rating agency, Moody's Corporation, to reduce the degree of Turkey's rating is still grabbing a wide attention in the global economic ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/attract-foreign-investment-turkey-factor

International Credit Rating Agencies Expect Economic Growth in Turkey In a report published by "Fitch Rating," International credit rating agency, in the month of September 2016 on the world economic situation, it showed that the economic growth of the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/international-rating-institution-expect-growth-turkish-economy

Turkey will compete with economic giants in 2050 In a report prepared by the British Bank HSBC under the title of "The World in 2050" predicating the levels of the world's economy in 2050, Turkey, according to the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-compete-giant-economy-2050

Turkey cuts natural gas prices to 10% On the sidelines of the visit of Energy Minister Berat Albayarak to the Turkish Energy Market Intelligence (TEMI), Albayarak announced the decision of the Ministry of Energy to reduce natural ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-reduce-natural-gas-price-10

Boeing (BCA) strengthen its cooperation with Turkey During the ceremony of delivering the Boeing aircrafts 737_800 to the Turkish Airlines, Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) confirmed that they are confident about the bright future of Turkey as it ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/boeing-aircraft-developments-cooperation-turkey

Military Outposts Transforming into Gardens in Esenler After on the Turkish government's decision to move out the military outposts and camps located inside the Turkish cities, following the failed military coup in Turkey in the fifteenth of ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/military-headquarter-transformed-gardens-esenlr

Turkey is the Favorite Destination for Qataris Tourist Within the visit of the Environment Minister of Qatar, Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Rumaihi, to "Expo 2016 Antalya," he said to Anadolu Agency that the Qatari tourists have changed their destination ... https://antalya.imtilak.net/en/turkey-new-compass-qatar-tourist

Bursa, a Quality of Life Quantum Leap Bursa continues to climb up gradually to the higher positions on the living, tourism, and urban levels, be that in local or international standards. All that is due the abundance ... https://bursa.imtilak.net/en/bursa-lives-quantum-life-leap

Turkey is the First Globally in the High Real Estate Price   The British Company "Night Frank," competent in real estate sector, published its periodic report on the most countries that witnessed a rise in the real estate prices during the second ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-first globally-rising-real-estate-price

Lifting Visa between Turkey and Iraq Partially Within the efforts of the two countries to develop the friendly and cooperative relations, a memorandum of understanding on partial lifting of the visa between Turkey and Iraq has been ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/lifting-visa-between-turkey-iraq-partially

Erdogan Puts the Finishing Touches on the Eurasia Tunnel Day after day, the news related to Eurasia Tunnel came to bode the near end the establishment works of the first tunnel of its kind, which will connect between the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/erdogan-puts-last-touch-tunnel-eurasia

Aramco Signs 18 Deals for Economic Projects in Turkey On the sidelines of the World Energy Congress taking place in Istanbul until the thirteenth of this month, October 2016, Saudi Aramco signed so far 18 Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/aramco-signed-18-agreements-economic-project-turkey

Turkey Hosts the Best Investors of the World at the End of this Month The Turkish Prime Minister, Ben Ali Yildirim, announced that his country will host the best international investors, at a meeting to be held on this October 27th, in order to ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-host-largest-investors-world-end-month

Turkey Finishes the Production of the First Environmentally-Friendly Vehicle As Turkey is going on the industrial and technological development in various fields and sectors, vehicles sector is what we are talking about today. The Turkish company 'ENBO,'  specialized in ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-finish-production-first-environmentally-friendly-car

Turkey Moves towards the Electronic Checks System As a commitment to increase the security of business dealings, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and the Office of Credit Cards Registration began a wide campaign aiming at identifying the new ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-move-electronic-system-checks

Operations of Pouring Asphalt Started in Istanbul's Third Airport The construction company (IGA) in charge of the construction operations of the Istanbul third airport published photographs related to the operations of pouring asphalt paths and runways within the new ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/operations-Pouring-asphalt-start-istanbul-third-airport

Turkey Waives Taxes Worth 112 Billion Dollars The Turkish government plans to waive taxes worth 343.1 billion Turkish liras (112.4 billion dollars) over the next three years, through exceptions, exemptions, and tax cuts. According to information issued by ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-waives-taxes-valued-112-billion-dollars

Turkey Enters the Ranking of the World's Richest Countries On a continuous basis, statistical centers and institutes, which are interested in the economic growth and development of the countries, keep developing economic studies and evaluations. Exploring the most recent ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-enters-ranking-richest-countries-world

Istanbul Awaiting the First Skybus Metro As Istanbul municipality keeps seeking to ease the traffic congestion within the city, where nearly a quarter of the population of Turkey lives, it plans to offer many tenders in ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-awaiting-first-skybus-metro

Turkish Efforts to Make Istanbul an International Financial Center Mehmet Şimşek, the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, said that his country will continue working to transform Istanbul into a global financial center and a crowdfunding center. He explained that ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/turkey-efforts-make-istanbul-international-financial-center

Russia Expects the Turkish Stream to be Accomplished in the late of 2019 After Turkey and Russia adopting of the draft agreement about the gas pipeline "the Turkish Stream" that would transit the Russian gas to Europe via the Turkish territory, Russia talked ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/russia-expect-turkish-stream-accomplished-late-2019

Turkey Poised to Become the Capital of Islamic Finance In light of the big developments in the Turkish economy and the enormous facilities offered by the Turkish government for the banks and the financial sector in general, many analyses ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-poised-become-capital-islamic-finance

How did the foreign investors challenge the evaluation of Turkey's credit rating by "Moody's"? Obviously, foreign investors did not care about "Moody's" downgrade of Turkey about a month ago as they continue to buy properties in Turkey according to the testimonies that come every ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/foreign-investors-challenge-evaluation-credit-rating-moody's

Istanbul Over 145 km of Tunnels   According to Yeni Safak, a newspaper competent in Turkey news, one tunnel with a length of 5.87 kilometers has been completed to connect between the Kasımpaşa, Sütlüce, and Çamlıca; the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-over-145- km-tunnels

Turkey the safe place for the Arab investors According to the statistics and data provided by the Housing Cooperation to Turkey News, 220 apartments were sold to Iraqi citizens over the last year. The citizens of Saudi Arabia follow ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-safe- place-arab-investors

Palestine and Turkey at the Same Table for Commercial and Economic Exchange    Yeni Safak Newspaper for Turkey news reported that economic cooperation activities, which combined the Palestinian and Turk businessmen, were held in Istanbul, Turkey on Tuesday 09.11.2016 under the auspices of ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/palestine-turkey-same-table-commercial-economic-exchange

Turkey to grant expedited citizenship to investors New regulations to grant expedited citizenship to foreign investors in Turkey will be implemented soon, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş has vowed. Investors eligible for citizenship will include those who have ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-grant-expedited-citizenship-investors

Turkey’s Real Estate Fair (CNR) 2016 The Turkish city of Istanbul receives Turkey’s Real Estate Fair (CNR) 2016 for the fourth time in succession. It will be from the 17th to 20th November, with expected participation ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/turkey-real-state-fair2016

The Syrians are the highest percentage of investors in Turkey Dr. Çağrı Bulut, a faculty member at the operating department at Yaşar University, said that the number of the Syrian activities and shops have increased since the Syrian investment in ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/syrians-are-highest-percentage-investors-turkey

Great opportunity for investing in Turkey Istanbul Builders Association (INDER) Chairman Nazmi Durbakayım said during his speech at the exhibition in Istanbul, "many of the circumstances and conditions changed after we had started in this profession." He ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/great-opportunity-investing-turkey

The Dollar's Rise is a Golden Opportunity to the Proprietors in Turkey After holding the Fourth Exhibition for Real Estate in Istanbul in 2016, and during clearing things up in the real estate sector, the seniors in the sector rejoiced increasing the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/dollar-rise-goldenopportunity-proprietors-turkey

Istanbul Starring with Two Saudi Projects Worth Billion Dollars! Ibrahim Maasefeh, Executive Director at Akzirve Real Estate which is a subsidiary company of the Saudi Al-Qemam Group, said "We currently continue working on investment two projects in Istanbul that ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-starring-two-saudi-projects-worth-billion-dollars

Turkey Attracts 28 Billion Dollars in Renewable Energy Investment According to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), an affiliate of the International Bank, Turkey will be able to attract 28 billion dollars in renewable energy investment by 2020. The International Finance ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-attracts-billion-dollars-renewable-energy-investment

Erdogan: Let's turn the money into gold Summary: Erdogan: I am a person with a negative attitude towards the interest in banks, and we have to promote gold stock exchange under the financial crisis from which the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/Erdogan-turn-money-into-gold

7 Turkish Airports behind the Scenes Summary: Turkey is rushing to establish the "one airport every 100 kilometers" project, which is a project aims to establish other seven airports by 2023, where 540 planes will be ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-airports-behind-scenes

A Syrian Businessman Invests 175 Million Dollars in Istanbul Cathay Group with the Syrian investor Mr. Imad Shanan impressed everyone by constructing Nivo Project in Ataköy, Istanbul, which is built over an area of ​​12 689 m2 and consisted ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/a-syrian-businessman-invests-million-dollars-istanbul

Investing in Turkey is an opportunity will not be repeated Erdogan to the Arab investors: "Do not procrastinate your investments and waste this opportunity to invest in Turkey, I trust in you such as I do in Turk investors." Hurriyet Newspaper ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/investing-turkey-opportunity-be-repeated

Merkel I do not have a plan without Turkey Angela Merkel, the German Prime Minister, spoke about the tension between Turkey and Europe which has recently risen as a result of the decision taken by the European Parliament against ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/Merkel-have-plan-turkey

China Starts Investing Energy in Turkey China: "We think about establishing a company in Turkey, and we may become partners in any project that we deem appropriate in Istanbul." Yesterday, the energy summit was held in the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/China-starts-investing-energy-turkey

Turkey and Saudi Arabia Sign 8 Joint Business Agreements Dr. Majed Bin Abdullah Alkassabi, the Minister of Investment of Saudi Arabia, said: "We will try in all the extreme ways (expressing it by the general mobilization) and employ all ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-and-saudi-arabia-sign-joint-business-agreements

Turkey will not submit and you are dceived Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during (the selected thirtieth) meeting, held a discussion in which he noted that the terrorism sponsors went in a new way without the need to use ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-will-not-submit-and-you-are-dceived

10 Things You Have to Pay Attention to in the Rental Contract in Turkey When signing the contract, beware to some points in the lease contract, namely: Signature: before signing the contract, the tenant have to check the records and verification of the property and ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/things-you-have-pay-attention-rental-contract-turkey

Turkey impress the world by its measures against the rising of the dollar's rates   In light of the unprecedented dollar fluctuations witnessed by Turkey in recent times, trade in the country is nearing to enter a stalemated stage in goods and exports, even the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-impress-world-its-measures-against-rising-the-dollar-rates

Erdogan knows that I am alone in this matter After describing the bank interest as the number one mean of exploitation in the concept of imperialism, Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: "We have to find a solution to ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/erdogan-knows-that-im-alone-this-matter

Beijing Begins Dealing in Turkish Lira Beijing declared the next Monday to be the start date of the direct dealing in the Turkish lira and the Chinese 'Renminbi'. This Friday, a statement posted on the official page ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/beijing-begins-dealing-turkish-lira

The Turkish Prime Minister Inaugurates the Largest Investment Project in Turkey Ben Ali Yildirim, the Turkish Prime Minister, intends to participate in the inauguration of the highway to be connecting the city of Bursa, Istanbul and Izmir on Wednesday 28 December. A ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-prime-minister-inaugurates-largest-investment-project-turkey

PepsiCo Invests 120 Million Dollars in Turkey PepsiCo, for manufacturing food and beverages, announced that it is building its sixth factory for 120 million US dollars in Turkey. The Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/pepsico-invests-120-million-dollars-turkey

Toshiba supports the Turkish lira in response to the invitation of Erdogan According to Toshiba Turkey CEO Hiroshi Tani, The Japanese Toshiba Corporation has started using the lira in the private sector tenders. In this regard, Hiroshi said: "We have already joined Turkey's ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/toshiba-supports-turkish-lira-response-invitation-erdogan

Gulf Businessmen Prefer to Invest in the Turkish Real Estate Sabuhi Attar, Head of the Turkish Arabic Businessmen Association (TURAB), said that the current period is witnessing a remarkable turnout by the Gulf States to invest in Turkey, and they ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/gulf-businessmen-prefer-invest-turkish-real-estate

More than Million Properties were Sold in Turkey during 2016 The Director General of the Land Registry reported that the total real estate sales in Turkey during 2016 reached about a million and 149 thousand and 122 apartments. Explaining that, during ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/more-than-million-properties-were-sold-turkey-during-2016

Turkey Inaugurates the World's Sixth-Longest Tunnel in istanbul In the presence of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim, and number of foreign guests, Eurasia Tunnel, which links between the continents of Europe ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/turkey-lnaugurates-world's-sixth-longest-tunnel

Turkey Inaugurates the Largest Container Port on the Aegean Sea Turkey inaugurated the first phase of the largest container port on the Aegean Coast in the city of Izmir in the west of the country. The capacity of the station will ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-lnaugurates-largest-container-port-aegean-sea

Talks to Modernize the Customs Union Deal between Turkey and the EU The European Commission intends to make a formal proposal to the European Council in order to begin talks aiming to update the Customs Union Deal with Turkey that was signed ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/talks-modernize-customs-union-deal-turkey-eu

Real Estate Sales in Turkey Increased during Last November According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute, 132.655 apartments were sold in Turkey during the last month with an increase of 2% compared to October. 1773 properties were sold ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/real-estate-sales-turkey-increased-during-last-november

German Video Game Company Invests 500 Million Dollars in Turkey CRYTEK, famous gaming company based in Germany, revealed its intention to invest 500 million dollars in Turkey. Three Turkish brothers, live in Germany, own the up mentioned company, which they founded ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/german-video-game-company-invests-500-million-dollars-turkey

Turkey's Cultural Goods Exports Rise by 120% According to the reports released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), the cultural goods exports of Turkey have increased by 120 percent in the past five years. The exports value of ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-cultural-goods-exports-rise-120%

Three Foreign Banks Seek to Enter the Turkish Market Mehmet Ali Akben, the President of the Regulation and Supervision Agency in Turkey, declared that three foreign banks (Emirati, American, and Indian) had expressed an interest to expand their business ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/three-foreign-banks-seek-enter-turkish-market

Transit Fees Reduction of "Osman Gazi" Bridge in Istanbul by 20% Turkish Minister of Transport, Communications and maritime navigation "Ahmed Arslan" announced that the ministry implemented a resolution of decreasing the transit fees of the bridge of "Osman Gazi" in Istanbul ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/transit-fees-reduction-osman-gazi-bridge-istanbul-0.2

Hyundai to Invest $400 Million in Turkey The South Korean company "Hyundai" revealed its intention to produce a multi-purpose sports cars (SUVs) in its manufactory of the Turkish city Izmit. The company plans to produce about 50 thousand ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/hyundai-invest-$400-million-turkey

$1.5 Billion the Investment Volume of Turkey in the Field of Wind Energy in 2016 Turkish Wind Energy Association chairman "Mustafa Ataseven" announced that the total installed capacity of the wind energy in Turkey for the year 2016 reached 5,500 megawatts, surpassing the total capacity ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/1.5-billion-investment-volume-turkey-field-wind-energy-2016

Telecommunications Companies Express Confidence in the Turkish Economy (GSM) network operators in Turkey expressed confidence in the country's economy, and determined to continue investment in Turkey for the year 2017. "Paul Doany" CEO of "Turk Telekom" indicated that during ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/telecommunications-companies-express-confidence-turkish-economy

Turkey among the Top 10 Countries for Real-Estate Purchase The British magazine " A Place in the Sun" specialized in real-estate chose Turkey as among the top 10 countries for the purchase of Properties for 2017, for the second ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-among-top-10-countries-real-estate-purchase

About a Million Cars Was Sold in Turkey over 2016 According to the data issued by the Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD), Total cars sales rose in Turkey during 2016 and it increased by 1.6% compared to 2015. The number of cars ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/about-million-cars-was-sold-turkey-2016

Gulf Investments Worth $100 Billion Coming to Turkey within Weeks "Zaid bin Owaida" head of the Investment Group "Ben Owaida" revealed important details about the large amount of Gulf investments which is expected to come Turkey in the coming period. Owaida ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/gulf-investments-worth-$100-billion-coming-turkey-within-weeks

رسمياً الحكومة التركية تمنح الجنسية التركية للمستثمرين الأجانب أعلنت الحكومة التركية أنه سيتم منح الجنسية التركية للأجانب الذين يتملكون عقارات في تركيا بقيمة مليون دولار، أو الذين يقومون باستثمار بقيمة مليوني دولار (2 مليون)، أو الذين يقومون بفتح حساب بنكي بقيمة 3 ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/now-turkish-government-officially-granted-citizenship-investors

Officially Turkish Citizenship Will Be Granted for Foreign Investors  Turkish government announced that Turkish citizenship will be granted for foreigners who own properties worth $1 million, or for those who has invested $2 millions, or for those who open ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/now-turkish-government-officially-granted-citizenship-investors

The Effect of Citizenship Decree on the Turkish Real-Estate and Lira Turkish lira has slumped more than 10 percent against the dollar in the first 12 day of this year, on top of 17 percent decline in 2016, but it is ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/the-effect-citizenship-decree-turkish-real-estate-lira

Istanbul to Present Bid for the First Air Railway Metro in Turkey  Istanbul municipality presented a bid to build the first air railway metro that extends between " (Sefaköy)" and "(Başakşehir)" in the European side of the city, in order to ease ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-present-bid-first-air-railway-metro-turkey

Economist: Supporting the Turkish Economy is a Support to the Islamic Community Economist "Laith al-Rubaie" in an interview with the Anadolu agency said that Turkey and the Arab countries have elements of economic integration, indicating that Turkey offers many investment opportunities in ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/economist-supporting-turkish-conomy-support-islamic-community

IDB Financed Turkey with More than $ 1.5 Billion in 2016 The IDP Group office director in Turkey "Saleh al jelassi " revealed that the total funds provided by the bank to Turkey amounted about one billion and 511 million dollars ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/idb-financed-turkey-more-than-$1.5-billion-2016

472 Exhibitions in Turkey in this Year 2017 "Ilihan Orsozlo" Exhibition Curators Association’s vice president in Turkey revealed that this year 2017 will witness organizing of 472 exhibitions in different Turkish States. "Orsozlo" in an interview with the Anadolu ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/472-exhibition-turkey-year-2017

Iraq and Saudi Arabia Are the Most Importers of Turkish Tea During 2016 Turkish tea exportations to the Gulf countries rose by 31% in terms of value and 25% in terms of volume, over the last six years that is according to the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/iraq-saudi-arabia-are-most-importers-turkish-tea-during-2016

Turkey Signed Nine Agreements in Many Fields with Tanzania Turkey signed nine agreements in order to enhance the volume of trade with Tanzania, on the sidelines of the official visit conducted by the Turkish President, "Recep Tayyip Erdogan," and ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-signed-nine-agreements-many-field-tanzania

1.2 Billion T.L the Revenues of Bridges and Highways in Turkey Turkey revenues of bridges transit fees and highways recorded more than 1.2 billion T.L ($ 320 million) in 2016, this is according to data released by the Turkish Highways Directorate. The ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/1.2-billion-t.l-revenues-bridges-highways-turkey

World Bank to Support Syrians' Education in Turkey The Ministry of Education headquarter in the Turkish capital Ankara has witnessed, signing of protocols with the World Bank on Friday. Turkey receives whereby the amount of 150 million euros, ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/world-bank-support-syrians-education-turkey

US Firm: Turkey Is the Best Tourist Destination in the World Turkey got a ratio of 17.3% in the American company, "Holliday Fox" index, to be the most appropriate tourist destination in the world, ahead of Mexico and Britain. According to the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/us-firm-turkey-the-best-tourist-destination-the-world

Turkey Spends 11 Billion T.L Supporting the Renewable Energy Sector in 2016 The volume of the Turkish government expenditure within the framework of support for renewable energy sources reached about 11 billion and 479 million Turkish liras (about $ 3 billion) last ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-spends-11-billion -t.l -supporting-renewable-energy-sector-2016

Wastes in Konya Provide 26 Thousand Homes with Electricity The wastes transfer station production in Konya city the central of Turkey, reached about 215 million and 155 thousand and 287 Kw of electric energy, since its establishment five years ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/wastes-konya-provide-thousand-homes-electricity

"Expo Turkey by Qatar" Is the First of Its Kind to Be Launched in April Qatar National Convention Centre in a partnership with "Media City" company intends to organize "Expo Turkey by Qatar" exhibition between April 18 to 20, in order to push the strategic ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/expo-turkey-qatar-first-its-kind-be-launched-april

Turkish Official: Tourism Sector in Turkey is Equivalent to the Oil Resources! The head of the World Tourism Forum "Bulut Bağcı" expressed his confidence of the upcoming changes in the quality of the tourism sector in Turkey during the next year 2018, ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-official-tourism-sector-turkey-equivalent-oil-resources

Raise of The Turkish Furniture Sector’s Export Volume in 2016 Chairman of Entrepreneurs Union and Home Furnishings makers "Ahmed Goulash" confirmed that the furniture industry has become the world's most prevalent sector among other Turkish sectors. In an interview with to ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/raise-turkish-furniture-sector-export-volume-2016

Rise in Turkey's Exports Volume of Gold Bullions Turkey's exports volume of gold bullions for more than 800 tons reached $ 35 billion, over the last five years. According to what the Turkish Statistical Institution data showed, Turkey's exports ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/rise-turkey-exports-volume-gold-bullions

Turkish Official Expects Good Economic Growth in Turkey Through 2017 The Turkish Deputy Minister of Finance "Cengiz Yavilioğlu" expressed confidence in the Turkish economic growth through 2017, pointing out that Turkey's economic situation is very good compared with other countries ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-official-expect-good-economic-growth-turkey-2017

Turkey Will Be the 12th Largest Economy in the World in 2030 The findings of a study conducted by the company "PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)", which is one of the largest services professional companies in the world has showed that the Turkish economy will ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-will-be-12th-largest-economy-world-2030

The Opening of Turkish Furniture Exhibition in the Qatari Capital Doha Qatari capital "Doha" witnessed on Wednesday the opening of a permanent Turkish Furniture exhibition in a presence of commercial attache at the Turkish Embassy in Doha, "Burak Burkha", and vice ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/the-opening-turkish-furniture-exhibition in-qatari-capital-doha

Turkish Official: The Third Airport Would Not be a Reason to Close the Ataturk Airport "Fonda Oujaq" the running manager of the governmental airports in Turkey said that "Ataturk International Airport" in Istanbul, will not be close after the opening of the third airport, but ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-official-the-third-airport-would-not-be-reason-close-ataturk-airport

Rise in the Number of Saudi Companies in Turkey This Year Senior advisor to the support and encourage agency for investment attached to the prime ministry, "Mustafa Kokso" confirmed that the number of Saudi companies registered in Turkey has risen to ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/rise-the-number-saudi-companies-turkey-this-year

Turkey’s Economy Is Expected to Grow by 2.8% in 2017 Turkey's economy is expected to grow by 2.8% during the current year 2017, and to rise to 3.2% next year 2018 that is according the report issued by the European ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey’s-economy-is-expected-grow-2.8%-2017

Turkey Aims to Increase the Number of Arab Visitors to 5 Million in 2017 Over 50 representative of Turkish tour companies headed to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, to introduce Turkey as stated, in the context of the campaign launched by the Turkish President "Recep ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-aims-increase-number-arab-visitors-5-million-in-2017

Turkey in the 10th Place Globally in the Field of Medical Tourism The data issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in Turkey showed that hospitalization centers in Turkey received more than 550 thousand foreign tourists from various countries around the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-the-10th-place-globally-the-field-medical-tourism

More Than $12 Billion the Foreign Investments in Turkey Last Year Chief of support and promotion agency of the Turkish investment "Arda Ermut" said that % 56 of the direct foreign investment in Turkey last year 2016, came after the attempted ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/more-than-$12-billion-foreign-investments-turkey-last-year

German Companies Trust the Long-Term Investments in Turkey Senior official of (HIDK) "Martin Wansleben” expressed his confidence for the long-term investments in Turkey, adding that the German companies are the largest among the companies that have investments in ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/german-companies-trust-long-term-investments-in-turkey

Expectations of 8 Million Tourists’ Arrival to the Turkish City Antalya This Year Chairman of the Professional Association of Hotel Management Antalya "Hakan Duran" revealed that he expects the arrival of eight million foreign tourists to Antalya city during the current year 2017. Duran ... https://antalya.imtilak.net/en/expectations-8-million-tourists-arrival-turkish-city-antalya-this-year

Turkish Government to Grant the Permanent Residence Permit for Saudi Investors Deputy chairman of the Justice and Development Party (AK) in Turkey "Yasin Aktay" said in an interview with Al-Hayat newspaper that the Turkish authorities are considering a permanent residence permit ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-government-to-grant-permanent-residence-permit-saudi-investors

Turkish Construction Companies Are Active in 113 Countries Around the World A Statements from officials in the Turkish Contractors Union showed that Turkish companies has accomplished thousands of projects around the world in several areas, such as public housing, shopping centers, ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-construction-companies-are-active-113-countries-around-the-world

Turkish Contractors Carry Out Projects Worth $ 340 Billion in 114 Countries Turkish President, "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" confirmed that Turkey occupies the second place globally in the field of contracting services. During the awards ceremony organized by the Association of Turkish contractors, the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-contractors-carry-out-projects-worth-$340-billion-114-Countries

Turkish Parliament Approves Canceling the KDV Tax of Properties’ Sale for Foreigners  Turkey's parliament approved a law to exempt foreign expatriates from KDV tax when buying residential or commercial buildings in Turkey, according to certain conditions. According to the new law, foreigners will be ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-parliament-approves-canceling-kdv-tax-properties-sale-foreigners

Rise in the Real Estate Sales During Last January in Turkey Turkish Statistical Institute’s data showed a rise in the Turkish real estate sales during last January by % 12.8 compared to the same period last year. According to the data, Turkey ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/rise-the-real-estate-sales-during-last-january-turkey

Rising in the Real Estate Prices by %9 in Turkey Last Year The outcomes of the study conducted by (REIDIN) a company that examines the emerging markets showed that real estate prices in Turkey has risen by %9 during the last year ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/rising-real-estate-prices-by-%9-turkey-last-year

Turkish Official: Updating Customs Union Agreement Will Be in Less Than a Year Turkish Economy Minister "Nihat Zeybekci", stressed that the customs union agreement with the EU will be updated, and will include new sectors. He explained in a speech at the Turkish Uzbek ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-official-updating-customs-union-agreement-will-be-year

Gulf Businessmen Delegation to Visit the Medical City in Mersin Gulf businessmen delegation visited the Medical Turkish city of Mersin, which was opened by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim in the third ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/gulf-businessmen-delegation-visit-medical-city-mersin

Britain on the Top Countries Providing the Turkish Markets with Foreign Capitals Britain on the top list of most foreign countries providing the Turkish markets with foreign capitals during 2016, where the total value of the British capital $ 961 million during ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/britain-top-countries-providing -turkish-markets-foreign-capitals

Bahrain's Economic Development Board to Establish an Office in Turkey Bahrain's Economic Development Board announced establishment of an office in Turkey in order to strengthen economic ties and increase the investment cooperation between the two countries, and that’s to promote ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/bahrain's-economic-development-board-establish-office-turkey

Commencement to Excavate a Pedestrian Tunnel Under the Bosporus in Istanbul Next Month Following the completion of the excavation and the path determination, specializing team will start digging a pedestrian tunnel that will connect the two poles of the city  from the bottom ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/commencement-excavate-pedestrian-tunnel-under-bosporus-istanbul-next-month

Saudis Are the Major Gulf Investors in the Turkish Real Estate Sector "Al-Riyadh" Newspaper’s report assured that the investors from Saudi Arabia are the major investors from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in the Turkish real estate sector and third place among ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/saudis-are-major-gulf-investors-turkish-real-estate-sector

Turkey's Economy to Grow Through 2017 Fitch International Agency announced its expectations for the growth of the Turkish economy by 2.4% during the current year 2017. In its annual report, entitled "World Economic Expectations," the agency has ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey's-economy-grow-through-2017

Turkish Industrial Production Is Witnessing an Increase in 2017 Industrial production index witnessed a significant increase by %1.3 in January compared to the last month of 2016, that is according to the statistical data of the Turkish Statistical Institution. The ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-industrial-production-is-witnessing-increase-2017

Countdown for the Launch of Automechanika Istanbul 2017 "Tuyab" Fairgrounds in Istanbul city is preparing to receive the eleventh session of the International Exhibition Automechanika Istanbul in 2017 for the automotive industry, which is one of the series ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/countdown-launch-automechanika-istanbul-2017

Ratification of the Decision to Grant "Turquoise Card" for Foreigners into Force Official Gazette today announced details of a new labor law "Turquoise Card", which grant foreign cardholders the right to reside and work permanently, and not necessarily to renew the residence ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/ratification-decision-grant-turquoise-card-foreigners-into-force

Ukrainian Desire to Raise the Volume of Trade’s Exchange to $20 Billion with Turkey Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman announced on Wednesday his country's intention to raise the volume of trade with Turkey to $ 20 billion. Groysman explained that the trade exchange between the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/ukrainian-desire-raise-volume-trade’s-exchange-$20billion-turkey

Turkey Signs an Agreement to Build "Canakkale Bridge 1915" with South Korea Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Ahmet Arslan, announced on Thursday that he had signed a new agreement with his counterpart, Minister of Infrastructure, land and transport "Hu in Kang", ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-signs-agreement-build-canakkale-bridge-1915-south-korea

Turkish Official: We Are Studying to Decrease the investment Volume Required to Grant Citizenship The spokesman of the AK Party in Turkey "Yasin Aktay" revealed that his government is considering at the moment to decrease the volume of foreign investment required to get Turkish ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-official-we-are-studying-decrease-investment-volume-required-grant-citizenship

Turkish Kuwaiti Economic Cooperation Is in Continuing Development Board member in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait and the member of the Turkish Kuwaiti Joint Committee "Khaled Mishari Al-Khaled " said that economic relations and cooperation ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-kuwaiti-economic-cooperation-is-continuing-development

During 14 Years, Turkish National Income Rose to 274 Percent The country's gross national income rose to about 274% from 230 billion US dollars in 2002 to 861 billion dollars in 2016, said the Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi. The minister ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/during14-years-turkish-national-income-rose274-percent

$ 2.5 Billion Flowed into Turkey Last Month Turkish Prime Minister "Ben Ali Yildirim”, announced during a meeting with officials in one of Istanbul's hotels on Tuesday that $ 2.5 billion has flowed into Turkey as a result ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/$2.5-billion-flowed-turkey-last-month

Turkey Invites Saudi Investors to Invest in Turkey 35 Turkish companies called on Saudi businessmen and investors yesterday to set up small and medium-sized companies and enterprises in Turkey to boost the trade exchange between the two countries. This ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-invites-saudi-investors-invest-turkey

Saudi Companies Numbers in Turkey Redoubled 90 Times Since 2011 A Turkish official confirmed yesterday that the decision taken by Turkey to grant the right of ownership to foreign investors in Turkey since 2012 has increased the numbers of Saudi ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/saudi-companies-numbers-turkey-redoubled-90times-since2011

Commencement to Inaugurate Chukurova Airport in Mersin Turkey The inauguration ceremony of the regional airport of Chukurova was held on Sunday in the southern Turkish city Mersin, with the presence of several Turkish dignitaries, headed by Minister of ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/commencement-inaugurate-chukurova-airport-mersin-turkey

Campaign Launched by Major Companies in Turkey to Attract Investment Turkish Ministry of Economy has led a publicity campaign launched by major companies in Turkey to promote several projects in different countries of the world. The project, which is being implemented ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/campaign-launched-major-companies-turkey-attract-investment

Approval to Construct the First Air Railway Metro in Turkey Istanbul Municipality announced that the planned air railway metro in the city the completion and signing of the tender for its construction, pointing out that the construction work will begin ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/approval-construct-first-air-railway-metro-turkey

Major British Companies Are Turning to Istanbul The Turkish newspaper "Star" mentioned that Britain exit from the European Union will affect them and Europe negatively, while the benefit will be in favor of Turkey. "Many large companies leaving ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/major-british-companies-are-turning-to-istanbul

Senior Saudi Delegation Visits Turkey in the First Week of April Saudi Press Agency (SPA) announced that a commercial delegation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madinah is coming to Turkey from April 1 to 8. The delegation will visit ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/senior-saudi-delegation-visits-turkey-first-week-april

$ 180 Billion the Foreign Investments in Turkey Chairman of the investment promotion and support's agency attached to the Turkish Prime ministry, "Arda Armot" announced that his country is considering many ways to raise the value of foreign ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/$180-billion-foreign-investments-turkey

Rise in the Volume of the Turkish Automotive Industry’s Exports Turkish exports in the automotive industry has reached a record $ 2.7 billion last March. The exports of the auto industry continued to advance for the 11th year in a row ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/rise-volume-turkish-automotive-industry’s-exports

Turkey Maintains Its Economy Despite Seven Shocking Years Turkey’s economy has maintained its momentum over the past seven years, growing by 9.2 percent annually in 2010, despite several shocks, notably the rise in geopolitical risks, the recent coup ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-maintains-economy-despite-seven-shocking-years

Qatari Company Signs an Agreement with a Turkish Company Worth $200 Million A Qatari company has participated with the Turkish construction company Bana in the 228-apartment within the city project in Bakirtepe district in Istanbul. The partnership was held by Bana Construction Group ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/qatari-company-signs-agreement-turkish-company-worth-$200-million

Future Plan to Add Parking Spaces for Apartments Ministry of Environment and Cities confirmed yesterday that it has added a new amendment to the law related to the parking of buildings belonging to the buildings, where this amendment ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/future-plan-add-parking-spaces-apartments

A Third Underwater Tunnel In Istanbul | Invest in IstanbulA Third Underwater Tunnel In Istanbul | Invest in Istanbul A Third Underwater Tunnel In Istanbul - Invest in Istanbul Director of the Contracting Department at the Directorate General of Investments in the Directorate of Infrastructure and Transport attached to the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/third-underwater-tunnel-istanbul

Izmir Is the First in the Turkish Real Estate Race Knight Frank the UK-based real estate firm, published on Saturday the World Real Estate Price Index in the fourth quarter of 2016. The list witnessed a "Chinese" exception in terms ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/izmir-is-first-turkish-real-estate-race

Experimental Trips Start on the Uskudar |property sale in Turkey Experimental Trips Start on the Uskudar-property sale in Turkey Istanbul Municipality is currently conducting tests and experimental trips on the smart metro line between Uskudar - Ümraniye - Çekmeköy and the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/experimental-trips-start-uskudar-sancaktepe-metro-line

Gulf investor Is Waiting for the Results of Referendum in Turkey Director General of Turkey's Participatory Ziraat Bank, Osman Arslan, said that there is a strong demand by Gulf investors to enter the Turkish labor market and invest in Istanbul and ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/gulf-investor-is-waiting-results-referendum-turkey

%20 the Sales of Luxury Apartments for Foreigners Representative of the Turkey branch of the Reden Group, Mr. Karim Bertrand, said in a speech to reporters that foreigners have bought %21 of all high-end luxury properties in Turkey ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/sales-luxury-apartments-foreigners

Finally Cars Parking under the Highways in Istanbul | Imtilak.net Cars Parking under the Highways in Istanbul - Istanbul Investment The issue of car parks in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular is one of the most urgent issues ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/cars-parking-under-highways-istanbul

The Rental as Stable Market at the Present Time|Invest Istanbul The Rental as Stable Market at the Present Time-Invest Istanbul Recent studies in the real estate Istanbul sector indicate that the rental market of apartments is in stable condition these months ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/rental-market-is-stable-present-time

Green Certification for Nature-Friendly Residential Buildings in Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey is currently working on activating a new mechanism to be applied throughout the country in order to give the green certificate for buildings ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/green-certification-nature-friendly-residential-buildings-turkey

Rise in the Real Estate Prices During March The real estate prices index rose by 0.23 percent in one month and by 2.36 percent compared to last year, according to a report by real estate investment firm Ryden ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/rise-real-estate-prices-during-march

Exhibitions’ Focus on Foreign Investors The International Construction and Real Estate Exhibition (BURSA) was inaugurated this year in the Turkish city of Bursa within the Tuyap Center for Exhibitions and Conferences. The exhibition was attended by ... https://bursa.imtilak.net/en/bursa-exhibition-focus-on-foreign-investors

The Real Estate Sector Will Witness a New Acceleration After the Constitutional Referendum "Turkey real estate sector will see a rapid growth in the coming future following the completion of the Turkish referendum which resulted in the approval of the constitutional amendments, which in ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/real-estate-sector-will-witness-new-acceleration-after-constitutional-referendum

Whom Are the Nationalities That Own Properties in Turkey? According to the information issued by the Directorate General of Real Estate Records attached to the Ministry of Environment and urbanization in Turkey, investors from foreign countries such as the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/whom-are-nationalities-own-properties-turkey

Completion of the Three-Layer Tunnel Project in Istanbul Completion of the Three-Layer Tunnel Project in Istanbul Directorate General of Infrastructure attached to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in the Republic of Turkey has completed the final ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/completion-three-layer-tunnel-draft-istanbul

Turkish Lira VS Foreign Currencies | Istanbul Property Prices Turkish Lira VS Foreign Currencies - Istanbul Property Prices The Turkish capital markets witnessed remarkable growth following the results of the referendum held on April 16, in which citizens voted for ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/significant-rise-turkish-lira-against-foreign-currencies

Now a Train Without a Driver in Turkey | Cheap Property Turkey Now a Train Without a Driver in Turkey - Cheap Property Turkey In recent years, Istanbul Municipality has been working to strengthen the city's mass transportation networks in order to provide ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/for-firs-time-ever-turkey-train-without-driver

Rise in the Property Prices Concurrently with the Rise of the Turkish Lira Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Kozu group Kozu Ozan said that the rise in the rate of the Turkish lira against the dollar will lead to a ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/rise-property-prices-concurrently-rise-turkish-lira

Omani Investors Interest in the Turkish Real Estate Chairman of the Construction Sector at the Oman Chamber of Commerce "Awad Khalaf Al Miyasi", who participated in the "Rising City 2" exhibition for real estate and the 15th construction ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/omani-investors-interest-turkish-real-estate

Collective Housing Management Reaches 21 Thousand and 615 Apartments The Housing Administration (TOKİ) of the Turkish Prime Minister's Office started building 10,793 new houses throughout Turkey, and the administration has reached 21,615 housing units so far. Argon Turan, Head of ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/collective-housing-management-reaches21-thousand615-Apartments

Two Districts under the Urban Transformation in Antalya Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sur Yapi Construction Company, "Altin-Almas" that they will start working on the urban transformation of two districts in the Turkish city of Antalya, ... https://antalya.imtilak.net/en/two-districts-under-urban-transformation-antalya

Saudi Real Estate Group Favors Investment in Turkey Emad Real Estate group, which has successfully completed projects in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, is preparing to enter the Turkish market by signing a number of ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/saudi-real-estate-group-favors-investment-turkey

The Referendum Raised the Price of the Turkish Lira and Attracted Investors After the end of the Turkish referendum on the constitutional amendments in Turkey, a new atmosphere for the investors to enter new investments, including investment in real estate has prevailed, ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/referendum-raised-price-turkish-lira-attracted-investors

The Construction Sector Grew 2.8 Times within 14 Years! The 32nd General Assembly of the Turkish Contractors Union held its first meeting yesterday. The Council noted that the construction sector in Turkey has grown 2.8 times over the last ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/construction-sector-grew2.8-times-within14-years

The Central Bank Announces the Indicators of Real Estate Prices The Central Bank of Turkey announced the real estate price index for February 2017. The central bank found that the real estate price index has risen by 1.30 percent compared to last ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/central-bank-announces-indicators-real-estate-prices

Started 1st Project from 8 Projects |Istanbul Real Estate Listings Started 1st Project from 8 Projects |Istanbul Real Estate Listings ECA for construction is working on the first part of the Kordon Istanbul project with a value of 820 million Turkish liras, ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/8projects-worth2.5-billion-liras-istanbul-first-has-started

Increasing Demands for 2 + 1 Apartments The Turkish Real Estate Investment Partnership Association conducted studies on apartments sold in Turkey. The study found that the demand for 1 + 1 apartments (room and lounge) is now ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/increasing-demands-2+1apartments

Getting Turkish Citizenship for Investors|Turkey Real Estate Agents Getting Turkish Citizenship for Investors-Turkey Real Estate Agents The news of granting the Turkish citizenship for foreign investors is confirmed, after entering the new law into force, this was published in ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-citizenship-decision-foreign-investors-comes-into-force

Foreign Investors Are the Most Important in Turkey The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Toronlar Construction Group Aziz Toron delivered a speech at the introduction meeting held at the opening of the $ 100 million Mall ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/foreign-investors-are-most-important-turkey

The Real Estate Price’s Index Is Rising Property prices are still rising at the current time as there has been an increase in the number of apartments sold in 2017 by %10 compared to 2016. Gul Gul, one ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/real-estate-price-index-is-rising

Rental Prices Rise in May 2017 The Statistics Agency announced an increase in rental income for the rented apartments during May to tenants who signed leases in May of last year or previous years, and the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/rental-price-rise-may-2017

3 Important Rules to Take Advantage of Reductions in the Land Registry Fees The Council of Ministers has made new amendments to the land registry fees after the approval and acceptance by the Budget and Planning Committee during the past months. This authority ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/important-rules-take-advantage-reductions-Land-registry-fees

New Details About the KDV Tax Deduction The Turkish Minister of Finance, Naji Agbal, said that the deduction of the KDV tax for those wishing to own a property in Turkey from foreign investors and expatriates from ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/new-details-about-kdv-tax-deduction

Grant the Turkish Citizenship for Foreigners in 2017|invest Turkey Grant the Turkish Citizenship for Foreigners in 2017-invest Turkey Turkish Ministry of Interior has announced that it will grant its citizenship in an exceptional manner to anyone who provides benefits for ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/approval-grant-turkish-citizenship-foreigners2017

Istanbul Real Estate is Cheaper than Real Estate Stocks Yes/No Istanbul Real Estate is Cheaper than Real Estate Stocks Yes/No There is no doubt that the application of new real estate shares, which came into force in Turkey has brought a ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/has-real-estate-become-cheaper-real-estate-stocks

Three Million Arab Tourists In Turkey | Property Turkey for Sale Three Million Arab Tourists In Turkey - Property Turkey for Sale The great cooperation between Turkey and the Arab countries has led to an increase in Arab investments in the Turkish ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/three-million-arab-tourists-turkey

Istanbul’s Apartments on the Sea Are with High Prices | Imtilak Istanbul’s Apartments on the Sea Are with High real estate Prices Istanbul is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world that has amazing natural views whether the vast forests ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-apartments-sea-are-high-prices

Creating Three Smart Cities in Turkey by 2023|turkey real estate Creating Three Smart Cities in Turkey by 2023-turkey real estate In the context of realizing the objectives of 2023 vision, the Turkish government aims to transform Turkey into a modern and ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/three-smart-cities-turkey-2023

Erdogan: We Seek to Provide All Kind of Support to Investors Erdogan: We Seek to Provide All Kind of Support to Investors The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan participated in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (ASCO) summit in Istanbul as part ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/erdogan-we-seek-provide-kind-support-investors

The Turkish Lira Is Stable and Strong Against the Dollar| Imtilak The Turkish Lira Is Stable and Strong Against the Dollar| Imtilak The exchange rate of the dollar in the Turkish markets reached a level of 3.56 Turkish liras per dollar and ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-lira-is-stable-strong-against-us-dollar

59 New Projects in the Districts of Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt 59 New Projects in the Districts of Beylikdüzü & Esenyurt The Districts of Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt are one of the most active and vital districts for real estate investment in Turkey ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/59-new-projects-districts-beylikdüzü-esenyurt

Turkey is in the Top Ranking in Mega Projects|real estate turkey Turkey is in the Top Ranking in Mega Projects-real estate turkey There are many projects in Turkey and abroad in the field of linking a large number of countries, including Turkey, ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-is-top-rankings-mega-projects

New Flights to Arab Countries | Invest Turkey | Invest Istanbul New Flights to Arab Countries - Invest Turkey - Invest Istanbul The Turkish Airlines is the largest company in the world in terms of the countries that fly the planes ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-airlines-approves-new-flights-arab-countries

Istanbul Is the 1st Stage for Foreign Real Estate Investors Istanbul Is the 1st Stage for Foreign Real Estate Investors Turkey occupies an important position among the countries favored by foreign investors in the field of real estate. The city of ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-is-first-destination-foreign-real-estate-investors

Third Airport Area is a Promising Point of Istanbul Investments Third Airport Area is a Promising Point of Istanbul Investments The third airport in Istanbul will be built on an area of approximately 7 thousand and 700 hectares. The land assigned ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/land-istanbul-third-airport-area-promising-investment-point

25 Million Proceeds of Shops Sold by Arabs The implementation of the tax exemption on real estate for foreigners gives its fruits in this period, which contributed significantly to the purchase of many real estate properties, and recent ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/25million-proceeds-shops-sold-arabs

Expectations to Sell 1.5 Million Apartments This Year The number of properties sold in many Turkish cities has been published by the Turkish economic daily Donya newspaper. Reports show a clear rise in the number of apartments, shops ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/expectations-sell1.5-million-apartments-year

Smart Transportations in the Turkish Cities The Turkish Smart Transportation Systems Association held the "Intertrafik Istanbul" exhibition between the dates of 16-16 May 2017. The exhibition was attended by many affective sides in the field of ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/smart-transportations-turkish-cities

Ganchaeli: Establishing an International Securities Exchange Will Be Soon Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Noureddine Ganchaeli, participated in the CEO Club meeting held in the context of economic growth and employment opportunities in the real ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/ganchaeli-establishing-international-securities-exchange-will-soon

Yuksak Burjeh Takes the Sea Tunnel - Istanbul property market Yuksak Burjeh Takes the Sea Tunnel - Istanbul property market A contract has been signed with Yuksak Burjeh International Joint Stock Company, which won the construction of the new 3-storey Istanbul ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/Yuksak Burjeh Takes the Sea Tunnel in Istanbul

Important Details About the New Construction Law in Turkey Several amendments have been issued to the construction law in Turkey, which has provoked many reactions in real estate circles, most notably with respect to the 1 + 0 apartments, ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/important-details-about-new-construction-law-turkey

Right time to Invest or Rent or Own in Istanbul Real Estate Right time to Invest or Rent or Own in Istanbul Real Estate Istanbul is one of the most important cities in the world and the most lucrative in Istanbul real estate. ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/rentals-are-now-cheaper-istanbul

New Projects Added to Turkey's Future Vision for 2023 The Turkish Ministry of Water and Forests presented its road map in the context of the government's vision for 2023, as the Ministry submitted drafts during this period to the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/new-projects-added-turkey-future-vision-2023

Increasing Interest of Foreign Investors in the Real Estate Sector The Turkish Statistics Agency announced that there is an increase in sales during the month of April 2017, and that the real estate markets are currently experiencing a rise, in ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/increasing-interest-foreign-investors-realestate-sector

The Opening of the Massive Arkanak Tunnel Turkish Minister of Trade and Customs Boulant Tovenkigi participated in the inauguration of the Arakanak tunnel. He said during the inauguration. "Turkey has entered into 2017 in a strong manner ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/opening-massive-arkanak-tunnel

Investments Worth 112 Billion for Transportation in Istanbul Investments Worth 112 Billion for Transportation in Istanbul The General Secretary of Istanbul Municipality Khairi Parachli said that the municipality will make investments worth 112 billion Turkish liras in the transportation ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/investments-worth112-billion-transportation-istanbul

Rise in the Apartment Prices In Istanbul Index by 13.34% Rise in the Apartment Prices In Istanbul Index by 13.34% The Central Bank of Turkey (CBK) announced the price index for March of 2017. The statistics show an increase in the price ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/rise-apartment-price-index-13.34-percent

Gulf Maritime Canal Will Be Soon in Istanbul - Invest Istanbul Gulf Maritime Canal Will Be Soon in Istanbul - Invest Istanbul Istanbul the metropolitan city is witnessing a number of major changes and projects that will facilitate its traffic. The Gulf ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/gulf-maritime-channel-will-istanbul-soon

The Big Turnout in Istanbul Real Estate Sector From Investors The Big Turnout in Istanbul Real Estate Sector From Investors Recent statistics indicate that demand for real estate has increased in Turkey, especially after the offers by real estate and construction ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/big-turnout-investors-turkey-real-estate-sector

Mega Projects Continue in Turkey | Real Estate in Turkey for Sale Mega Projects Continue in Turkey - Real Estate in Turkey for Sale The President of the Republic of Turkey and the President of the Justice and Development Party Mr. Recep Tayyip ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/mega-projects-continue-turkey

Investments Worth 21 Billion Turkish Liras in the Marmara Investments Worth 21 Billion Turkish Liras in the Marmara The Minister of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey, "Faisal Araoglo," declared that the Ministry is in the process of ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/investments-worth21-billion-turkish-liras-marmara-region

World's Biggest Airport in Istanbul | Invest in Istanbul World's Biggest Airport in Istanbul - Invest in Istanbul The Minister of Communications, Transport and Maritime of Turkey, Ahmed Arslan, presented a press statement during the opening of the first section ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/third-airport-istanbul

Antalya to Establish a Second Airport on Its Land | Real Estate Antalya to Establish a Second Airport on Its Land - Real Estate The General Directorate of Civil Aviation in Turkey announced that it has agreed to grant the construction of an ... https://antalya.imtilak.net/en/antalya-establish-second-airport-land

A Leap in the Turkey Real Estate Sector in May A Leap in the Turkey Real Estate Sector in May The outcomes of the report by the Turkish Building Materials Manufacturers Association for the month of May 2017 indicate that the ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/leap-construction-sector-turkey-may

New 11 Metro Lines In The Turkish Capital of Ankara New 11 Metro Lines In The Turkish Capital of Ankara The Mayor of Ankara, Melih Gokcak, said that the municipality's plan of action includes the construction of 11 new metro lines ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/11metro-lines-turkish-capital-ankara

Reducing the Istanbul Real Estate Prices in the Industrial Areas Reducing the Istanbul Real Estate Prices in the Industrial Areas The Minister of Finance, "Naji Igbal," giving a statement to journalists about the new regulations carried out by the government in ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/reducing-realestate-prices-industrial-areas

Opening of Real Estate Investment in Turkey For Investors Opening of Real Estate Investment in Turkey For Investors Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Farouk Ozlu told reporters about the latest developments in real estate investment in Turkey, saying ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/opening-investments-turkey

Top 10 Turkish Cities for Foreign Investors in Real Estate Turkey Top 10 Turkish Cities for Foreign Investors in Real Estate Turkey The Turkish Real Estate Association issued a report on the sale of real estate to foreign investors in Turkey through ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/top10-turkish-cities-foreign-investors

The Turkish Lira is Rising Against the US Dollar The Turkish currency continued its recovery against the US dollar in the opening of free market transactions on Wednesday, where exchange rates started at 3.49 liras per dollar. This rising against ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-lira-is-rising-against-usdollar

Open Turkey Market For Foreign Investors - Turkey Property Open Turkey Market For Foreign Investors - Turkey Property The head of the Chamber of Industry in Ankara, "Noureddine Ozdabir," in a statement about the new reform package for production, which ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/new-facilities-foreign-investors-turkey

Turkey Is First in the Real Estate Turkey Sector Globally Turkey Is First in the Real Estate Turkey Sector Globally Recent studies indicate that the real estate sector in Turkey has gained added value in the last six years. This increase ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-is-first-real-estate-sector-globally

Qatari Investments Worth $18 Billion in Turkey| Property Turkey Qatari Investments Worth $18 Billion in Turkey - Property Turkey Qataris are the top foreign investors in Turkey, with Qatari investments estimated at around US $ 18 billion. The country's total ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/qatari-investments-worth-18billion-turkey

New Istanbul Investments way in Istanbul Grand Canal New Istanbul Investments way in Istanbul Grand Canal The Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs of Turkey, Ahmed Arslan, said that the huge Istanbul Canal project will be worked on ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-grand-canal-different-kind-investment

Arab Investors to Build a Yacht Port in Anaz city | invest istanbul Arab Investors to Build a Yacht Port in Anaz city - invest istanbul The head of the Edirne Chamber of Commerce Rajab Zbknkurt said that Arab investors are planning to build ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/arab-investors-build-yacht-port-turkish-city-anaz

Turkey Completes of 96% of the Largest Dam in the World Turkey Completes of 96% of the Largest Dam in the World The Ilso dam, the largest dam in the world its construction is about to be finished, despite several obstacles of ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkey-completes-construction-96-largest-dam-world

The Best-Selling Cities of Real Estate in Turkey | Invest Turkey The Best-Selling Cities of Real Estate in Turkey - Invest Turkey The real estate index of 2017 indicates that the sale of real estate per square meter has increased by 14 ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/best-selling-cities-real-estate-turkey

Increase in the Istanbul Real Estate Prices in 2017 Increase in the Istanbul Real Estate Prices in 2017 The latest figures for Istanbul real estate prices for the month of May 2017 showed a 1.2 percent increase in real estate ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/increase-property-apartments-prices2017

Over half of 3rd Airport project Finished - Istanbul Investment Over half of 3rd Airport project Finished - Istanbul Investment Experts whom are working on the project of the third airport in Istanbul said that the preparatory phase for the establishment ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/completion-istanbul-third-airport55-percent

Transportation’s Prices on the Holidays Will Fall to 50% and Some Cities Free of Charge Istanbul and Izmir Municipalities announced this year's campaign for transportation and reduction of their fees on all public transports by 50% during Eid Al Fiter holiday which starts at 6 ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/transportation-prices-holidays-will-fall50-cities-free-charge

Turkish Real Estate Sector Gains the Biggest Support from the Government The Turkish government has recently launched a package of support for many sectors such as the automotive sector, the real estate sector and many other fields such as home appliances. The ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/turkish-realestate-sector-gains-biggest-support-government

The Stock Market in Istanbul sets new record - Turkey Property Market The Stock Market in Istanbul sets new record - Turkey Property Market The index of Istanbul’s Stock Exchange broke its historical record and reached the point of 100.000 to be the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/stock-market-istanbul-breaks-record

4.5 Billion Dollars the Volume of Real Estate Sales to Foreigners in Turkey The Turkish Real Estate Association issued a report on the latest changes in the real estate sector in Turkey. The report referred to the latest developments in the past years, ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/4.5-billion-dollars-volume-realestate-sales-foreigners-turkey

What is the effect of Istanbul Canal on real estate investment? What is the effect of Istanbul Canal on real estate investment? The Istanbul Canal is considered the largest waterway of the Turkish Republic in this century. The Canal is expected to generate ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/impact-istanbul-canal-realestate-prices

Property Prices in the Second Half of 2017 Recent studies in the real estate sector in Turkey have indicated that the sector has witnessed a significant increase in recent times in terms of investor demand, which has led ... https://news.imtilak.net/en/property-prices-second-half2017

In 2017, Istanbul investments worth for Transportation 112 billion In 2017, Istanbul investments worth for Transportation 112 billion The Metro- Mecediakoy - Mahmoutbey Metro Line, currently that is under construction in Istanbul, is considered one of the most important transport ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/metro-line-mecediakoy-mahmoutbey-is-be-completed

Expectations of Higher Real Estate Sales in Turkey Recent studies of the real estate sector in Turkey indicate that the real estate sector is increasing with respect to the sale of apartments. Experts expect the fourth quarter of ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/expectations-higher-realestate-sales-turkey

Istanbul Stock Exchange & a New Record - Istanbul Investment Istanbul Stock Exchange and a New Record - Istanbul Investment The value of shares on the Istanbul Stock Exchange rose to a record high of 0.80 percent and hit a new ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-stock-exchange-new-record

Mega Transports Projects Activate the Real Estate Sector in Turkey Turkey's massive transportation projects have significantly and positively affected the real estate sector. Recently, large-scale transportation projects have resulted in a price per square meter of land donated from 5 ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/mega-transports-projects-activate-realestate-sector-turkey

A New Record in the Real Estate Sector The real estate and construction sectors in Turkey are one of the most important investment sectors in Turkey. The sector provides job opportunities for more than 2 million people. Economists ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-record-realestate-sector

2018 Is the Golden Year of Real Estate in Turkey | Imtilak.net 2018 Is the Golden Year of Real Estate in Turkey Current studies on real estate markets, which are highly popular with domestic and foreign investors, indicate that this trend will continue ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/2018is-golden-year-realestate-turkey

The Impact of Osman Ghazi Bridge on Real Estate Prices in Bursa The recently opened Othman Ghazi Bridge in Bursa is one of the largest and most successful modern-day projects in Turkey. The bridge reduced the distance between Bursa and Istanbul to ... https://bursa.imtilak.net/en/impact-osman-ghazi-bridge-realestate-prices-bursa

Real Estate Investment in Turkey is the best Investment for Investors Real Estate Investment in Turkey is the best Investment for Investors The Central Bank of Turkey (CBK) said in a report released yesterday that the Istanbul real estate sector continued to ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/realestate-is-profitable-investment-foreign-investors-turkey

Real Estate shares increased by investors | Invest Turkey Real Estate shares increased by investors - Invest Turkey Turkey's real estate sector is one of the most lucrative business tools because of the almost certain profit gained through these Istanbul ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/increase-demand-realestate-shares-investors

Cheap property in Turkey for investors | Real Estate Turkey Cheap property in Turkey for investors | Real Estate Turkey It is known that the Turkish real estate sector is the most profitable commercial sector for investors. The nature of real ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/realestate-cheap-prices-turkey

In 2019,Dudullu-Bostanci Metro will be ready | Turkey Investment Turkey Investment will start Work continues on the Dudullu - Bostanci metro line, which is being worked quickly so that it can be completed in 2019, which will operate in ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/metro-dudullu-bostanci-enters-service2019

Free Electricity Project to 10 Million Homes | Homes in Turkey Free Electricity Project to 10 Million Homes - Homes in Turkey The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey has made a new amendment to the law on the establishment of ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/ministry-environment-offers-free-electricity-project10-million-homes

Massive support in 2017, For Istanbul Real Estate Sector Massive support in 2017, For Istanbul Real Estate Sector Many incentives and facilities in the real estate sector were provided by the Turkish government and the private sector during 2017. Where ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/governmental-support-turkish-realestate-sector2017

An Unprecedented Turnout for Investors from Asia on the Turkish Real Estate The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing an unprecedented turnout by real estate investors from Asia, who have directed the Compass investment needle to Turkey. Investors coming from Asia ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/unprecedented-turnout-investors-asia-turkish-realestate

Real Estate for sale in Turkey at the forefront of Turkish Cities Real Estate for sale in Turkey at the forefront of Turkish Cities The interim report for the period between January and May 2017 was published by the Turkish Statistical Institute on ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-ankara-are-forefront-turkish-cities-sale-realestate

Rise in the UAE investments' volume in Turkey Turkish newspaper Hurriyet published an article on the Turkish-Gulf relations, which dealt with the relations between the UAE and Turkey in many fields. The study pointed out that UAE is ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/rise-uae-investments-volume-turkey

Izmir Is at the Forefront of Global Cities in Terms of High Property Prices! The first quarter of 2017 report was published on the cities that saw the most increase in their prices globally. According to the report, the rate of increase in real estate ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/izmir-is-forefront-global-cities-terms-high-property-prices

83 Thousand New Apartments in the European Part of Istanbul in 2017 Turkey's real estate sector is considered one of the most dynamic vital investment sectors in Turkey. Where millions of apartments are sold every year in other Turkish cities. The city ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/83thousand-new-apartments-european-part-istanbul2017

New Turnout for Foreign Investors towards the Mega-Projects in Turkey In recent days, foreign investors have turned the compass needle towards the investments in mega projects in Turkey. Many Arab and German banks have indicated their intention to finance the ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-turnout-foreign-investors-towards-mega-projects-turkey

Encouragement to Use the Solar Energy in the Turkish Real Estate The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a major transformation in terms of the use of sustainable and renewable energy technologies. Where the Turkish government has undertaken a major ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/encouragement-use-solar-energy-turkish-realestate

New Procedures in Determining of Real Estate Prices in Turkey A new stage will begin in the real estate sector in Turkey in the coming period. Where the transaction will be changed by applying the prevailing market price and many ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-procedures-determining-realestate-prices-turkey

Agreements for Six New Metro Lines in Istanbul The Greater Istanbul Municipality has opened the contract for six new metro lines. In the last few days, the company has completed five agreements of these lines by completing the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/agreements-six-new-metro-lines-istanbul

Three New Airports in Turkey Work is under way currently to complete the necessary initial preparations for the construction of three new airports in the cities of Kahraman, Yuzkat and the Turkish city Gümüşhane. These ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/three-new-airports-turkey

Starting the works of Istanbul Grand Tunnel The Istanbul Tunnel project, which will connect the Asian and European continents from under the sea, which will be used when completed by 6.5 million people on a daily basis, ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/starting-works-istanbul-grand-tunnel

Saudi Arabia's Ownership Increased by 400 Percent in Turkey Real estate reports indicate a high demand for Arab investors in general and Gulf and Saudi investors in particular on Turkish real estate markets. Recent figures show that foreign sales ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/saudi-arabia-ownership-increased400-percent-turkey

Express New Train Lines Soon in Turkey Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said in his personal account on the social networking site Twitter that many high-speed rail lines will be constructed, in addition to the ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/express-new-train-lines-soon-turkey

The Massive Zigana Tunnel Project in the Black Sea Region Turkish Prime Minister’s assistant Fikri Ishik said that the work on the massive Zigana tunnel is under way and that 8 km of the tunnel which is one of the ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/massive-zigana-tunnel-project-black-sea-region

Turkish Tourism Sector Is in a Golden Boom The second quarter of the year witnessed a significant increase in tourism revenues compared to the same period last year, where revenues rose by 8.7 percent. The figures show that the ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/turkish-tourism-sector-is-golden-boom

Antalya the Destination of Arab and Foreign Investors in Turkey The Turkish city of Antalya is one of the most visited destinations in Turkey for tourism or investment. Where the city is witnessing unprecedented demand by the citizens of many ... https://antalya.imtilak.net/en/antalya-destination-arab-foreig-investors-turkey

Breaking a New Record in the Sale of Real Estate to Foreigners The first half of this year witnessed a marked increase in the number of properties sold to foreigners compared to the same period last year. The figures show that there ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/breaking-new-record-sale-realestate-Foreigners

The Halal Tourism in Turkey and the World Last year has witnessed a spend of $ 156 billion on halal tourism worldwide. According to the data, more than 121 million Muslims travel annually to access Halal tourism services ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/halal-tourism-turkey-world

The Number of Properties Sold Is close to Reach 100 Thousand in Turkey The month of June witnessed the highest percentage of real estate sales in Turkey since the beginning of the year 2017, and the number of properties sold to more than ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/number-properties-sold-is-close-reach100-thousand-Turkey

New Investments worth $ 1 Billion in Turkey The Turkish government continues to invest via using and bringing new ways for environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative energy. In recent days, the Turkish government has authorized the use of ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-investments-worth -1billion-turkey

The Most 5 Cities of Turkey in Terms of Leasing The latest version of the Real Estate Price Index, which are leased in Turkey and organized by the Gödher & Reiden International Association, was released on the basis of announcing ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/most5-cities-turkey-terms-leasing

New Real Estate Standards in September The real estate sector in Turkey is witnessing a number of recent developments as the government is continuously working to support this sector to reach the highest international standards by adding ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-realestate-standards-september

$70 Billion the Tourism Revenue by 2023 The tourism sector is one of the most vital sectors that generate huge revenues for the Turkish economy. This vital sector is an indispensable source and is the lifeblood of ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/70billion-tourism-revenue2023

Announcement of the First Flight's Date in the Huge Istanbul Third Airport Turkish Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs Minister Ahmed Arslan said that the first plane would land at Istanbul's third airport will be in next February. The project will be a big ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/announcement-first-flight-date-huge-istanbul-third-airport

Increase in the Foreign Investments in Turkey by 50.1% Foreign direct investment in Turkey increased by 50.1% to reach $ 4 billion and $ 108 million in the first half of this year compared to the same period last ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/increase-foreign-investments-turkey50

The Impact of the Istanbul’s Grand Tunnel on Real Estate Prices The real estate prices in Turkey are affected by the huge investments done by the Turkish government in a positive way for the favor of real estate investors. The Istanbul Tunnel ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/impact-istanbul-grand-tunnel-realestate-prices

Expectations of a Rise in the Property Prices in September Real estate experts expect that the month of September will witness a quantum leap in terms of real estate sales, with the large real estate offers offered during this period ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/expectations-rise-property-prices-september

Big Turnout by Investors on the Residential Lands in Istanbul Recent real estate reports show that residential lands have been very popular in terms of investors’ turnout, and have even outpaced demand for residential projects in some parts of Istanbul. ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/big-turnout-investors-residential-lands-istanbul

Sale of Fifty Apartments per Day for Foreigners in Turkey Turkish real estate markets are witnessing a high demand in recent years by Arab and foreign investors. A survey was conducted on the number of properties sold to foreign investors ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/sale-fifty-apartments-per-day-foreigners-turkey

Turkey Aims to Be the Tenth Economy in the World Turkish Economy Minister Nihad Zibekci said that his country aims to reach its tenth place in the world and the third in Europe by 2023. He mentioned also that statement issued ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/turkey-aims-be-tenth-economy-world

Public Transports during the Eid Al-Adha Holiday in Turkey On every Eid holiday, local authorities in Turkey make adjustments to the prices of public transportation throughout the country, whether in the form of free transportation or a reduction of ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/public-transports-during-eid-adha-holiday-turkey

Property Prices’ increase in 4 Regions in Istanbul, Asia Real estate sales in the Asian part of Istanbul were evaluated and that is based on the number of properties sold in this part of the city last July, where ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/property-prices-increase-4regions-istanbul-asia

Turkey's Economy Ranks the First in 2030 Turkey will make progress with its economy, ranking 12th and leaving behind many European countries, according to the PWC Research, which includes the ranking of global economies in 2030. The economies ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/turkey-economy-ranks-first-2030

Turkey is the First in the Field of Air Navigation in the European Continent Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Ahmed Arslan, said that Turkey ranked the first in the European continent in July in terms of air ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/turkey-is-first-field-air-navigation-european-continent

Foreigners' Ownership of Turkish Real Estate in July Figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute for July show that foreigners in other Turkish cities have owned 1726 properties. Figures show an increase in this number compared to the ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/foreigners-ownership-turkish-realestate-july

The Mega Projects’ Budget in Turkey Exceeds the National Income of 130 Countries The past few years in Turkey have witnessed huge investments in various fields such as transportation, infrastructure, energy, and defense. Turkey has thus reached a record number of the budgets ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/mega-projects-budget-turkey-exceeds-national-income-130countries

The Most Selling Months of Real Estate in Turkey There are a huge number of factors that will influence the desire to own property. Real estate ownership is crucial for everyone, either for residence or for investment purposes. The ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/most-selling-months-realestate-turkey

The Ovet Tunnel Enters into Operation at the End of this Year Turkey is preparing to open a new and secure tunnel, which is supposed to be ready by the end of this year. The 14.54 km Ovet Tunnel is the second longest ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/ovet-tunnel-enters-operation-end-year

New Offers of Real Estate Projects in Turkey Turkey's real estate sector has played an important and vital role in turning the economy of Turkey rapidly after reaching the required level after the failed coup attempt on July ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-offers-realestate-projects-turkey

Real Estate Prices Increase Due to the Existence of Metro Lines It is known that there is a positive relationship between the prices of real estate, the increase in the number of transport lines and the potential of these transport and ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/realestate-prices-increase-existence-metro-lines

Facilitation for the Property Registry Procedures in Turkey The real estate sector is one of the most vital sectors in Turkey in terms of bringing profit to the investor in a very short time and almost assuredly, as ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/facilitation-property-registry-procedures-turkey

Turkish Projects Reach the AEC Excellence Awards 2017 The Metro line "Kabatsh- Mecediakoy - Mahmoutbey" and Istanbul III Airport entered the "2017 AEC Excellence Awards, which is considered one of the biggest metro projects in Istanbul with a ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/turkish-projects-reach-aec-excellence-awards2017

Saudi Investors Trust Turkey The real estate sector in Turkey is attracting a great deal of interest from Arab and foreign investors very much during the current period. Where many large investments come from ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/saudi-investors-trust-turkey

In Figures, the Turkish Real Estate Sector Is Growing Figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute for the last 4.5 years in the rest of Turkey indicate that the number of properties sold has reached 5 million, 723 thousand ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/in-figures-turkish-realestate-sector-is-growing

Rise in the Foreigners' Share in Turkey's Real Estate Market to 5% According to recent data, Turkish markets are witnessing a high demand from foreigners in many sectors in general and in the real estate sector in particular, indicating that the share ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/rise-Foreigners-share-turkey-realestate-market5

More Than 120 Thousand Apartments Were Sold in Turkey during the Month of August The Turkish Statistics Institute revealed the latest sales figures for August month 2017 in other Turkish cities. The number of apartments sold in the Turkish cities reached 120 thousand and ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/more-120thousand-apartments-were-sold-turkey-during-month-august

Expectations to Break Records in the Real Estate Sector Till the End of the Year A recent report by Istanbul Contractors Association on the current state of the real estate sector in Turkey has been published. According to reports from the Turkish Statistical Institute, 890,430 apartments ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/expectations-break-records-realestate-sector-end-year

Real estate Investments' Acceleration in Coincide with Increased Demand The Turkish real estate sector is witnessing a qualitative leap in these days due to real estate investments and increasing demand for buying properties. The figures published by the Turkish ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/realestate-investments-acceleration-coincide-increased-demand

Rise in Foreign Ownership in Turkey this Year Total sales of real estate in the last 8 months in Turkey amounted to 900,000 and the proportion of foreigners who owned in Turkey increased by 9 percent during that ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/rise-foreign-ownership-turkey-year

The Number of Universities and Airports in Turkey Has Doubled within 15 Years The Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Turkey, Sulaiman Sweileh told the media in an interview that the number of universities and airports in Turkey has reached twice ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/number-universities-airports-turkey-has-doubled-15years

New Reforms in the Real Estate Sector in Turkey The Turkish government has introduced a series of facilities and reforms in the real estate sector that may speed up the process of obtaining building permits. The new facility will ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-reforms-realestate-sector-turkey

Offers and Facilities for Real estate Ownership in Turkey Recent figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute indicate that there has been a marked increase in the number of apartments and properties in the recent period. This shows a marked ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/offers-facilities-realestate-ownership-turkey

The Turkish Economy’s Growth and the Real estate Sector Is in the Forefront The 2017 indicators indicate that there is a possibility of economic growth at an annualized rate of 5.5% in Turkey, according to Turkish Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Mohammad ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/turkish-economy-growth-realestate-sector-is-forefront

The Modern Project Is Entering into Service Soon in Turkey Turkey is constantly increasing its capabilities in the field of mega investments and constantly adding new projects to its success. The Baku- Tbilisi-Kars railway project is one of these mega-projects ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/modern-project-is-entering-service-soon-turkey

Two New Municipalities Construction in the Great City of Istanbul Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world and even surpasses the population and budget of many countries in the world. When this is the case, this metropolitan ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/two-new-cities-construction-great-city-istanbul

A Big Boom in the Automotive Industry and Export in Turkey In addition to the real estate sector, which is considered one of the engines of the Turkish economy, Turkey's auto manufacturing, and export sector are one of the strongest and ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/big-boom-automotive-industry-export-turkey

Impact of the Gulf Tramway Line on Real Estate Prices The new tramway line in the Gulf area is one of Istanbul's busiest public transport routes. As this new line affected the prices of real estate in the areas through ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/impact-gulf-tramway-line-realestate-prices

A Significant Increase in the Number of Tourists in Istanbul The month of September witnessed a significant increase in the number of foreign and Arab tourists in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular. This increase is expected with ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/significant-increase-number-tourists-istanbul

Sabiha Airport Is Breaking High Records Sabiha Gokgan Airport saw an 8% increase in the number of passengers in September, as the number of passengers arriving at the airport within 9 months reached 23.4 million ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/sabiha-airport-is-breaking-high-records

Countdown of the New Era: Istanbul Canal Tenders will be launched for Istanbul Canal in the second half of 2018, and the necessary studies will be completed in the first half of next year as well. In ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/countdown-new-era-istanbul-canal

Increase in 1 + 1 Apartments After the New Property Law The new amendments to the Turkish real estate law have led to many impacts on the real estate sector. The results of these amendments are obvious over time, especially on ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/increase-11apartments-new-property-law

Underground Trains Are Accused of Raising property prices 30% According to real estate experts, the five metro lines currently under construction in many parts of the metropolitan city Istanbul will directly affect real estate prices, which has been experiencing ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/underground-trains-are-accused-raising-property-prices30

Arabs and Europeans Take the Lead of Real Estate Investment in Turkey Turkey has become a major attraction for foreign investors in general and Arabs and Europeans in particular. Iraqi citizens hit the scene with the most owned in Turkey among the ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/arabs-europeans-take-lead-realestate-investment-turkey

Properties Ready for Delivery Are Attractive The proportion of sales in ready-made properties has recently increased by investors and this has led to increased offers for this type of ready for delivery properties. Sales in ready-made apartments ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/properties-ready-delivery-are-attractive

The Migration of Large Companies from Dubai to Istanbul The real estate sector in Turkey witnessed a significant increase in the demand of investors from several Arab and foreign countries, and the Turkish government has supported this sector significantly ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/migration-large-companies-dubai-istanbul

The Year 2018 Carries Good Real Estate Tidings Several recent reports indicate that demands for the Turkish real estate sector has increased, especially in September and November, and experts expect 2018 to be a year of real estate ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/year2018-carries-good-realestate-tidings

The Real Estate Is a Good Decision at All Times! Turkey's statistics firm announced the latest figures for sales in real estate in September 2017, and promising figures indicate the importance of the real estate sector, which is profitable for ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/realestate-is-good-decision-times

Real Estate Sales Jump to a Million Apartments in Turkey ! Data from the Turkish Statistical Institute recently show that Turkey is witnessing a recent boom in real estate sector in all the country. The figures show that 140,298 apartments were sold ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/realestate-sales-jump-million-apartments-turkey

The Impact of Turkish Drama on the Real Estate Sector Recent studies indicate the important impact of Turkey's drama sector on the real estate market, with Turkish series spread in over 150 countries around the world, reaching nearly 500 million ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/impact-turkish-drama-realestate-sector

Sales of One Apartment Every 3 Minutes in Turkey! The past few months have witnessed a qualitative leap in the real estate sector in Turkey, where the figures issued by the Turkish Statistical Institute indicate that the month of ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/sales-one-apartment-every3-minutes-turkey

25 Saudi Companies Established in Trabzon Saudi investors are currently working in the Black Sea region in general and Trabzon in particular, this city that attracts a large number of tourists from the Gulf countries in ... https://trabzon.imtilak.net/en/25saudi-companies-established-trabzon

Latest News about Istanbul’s Third Airport The Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Ahmed Arslan, said in a recent speech at the International Public Transport Exhibition in Istanbul, held ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/latest-news-istanbul-third-airport

Commencement of Implementing the Eminounu-Alibeykoy Tramway Project The Construction works of the Eminounu-Alibeykoy Tramway line and the first touches of the line have along the coastline from the Eyup area to the Balat area has been initiated. It ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/commencement-implementing-eminounu-alibeykoy-tramway-project

The Metro line Mahmudbey- Esenyurt The Metro line Mahmudbey- Esenyurt Project, which is expected to serve 70,000 passengers per hour when completed is currently under work. The tender for this huge project was awarded to Makiol-Astor-IC ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/metro-line-mahmudbey-esenyurt

Turkey is the World's First Country in the Rise of Real Estate Prices Britain's Knight Frank, a real estate institution has recently published a study on the rate of global real estate prices increase, and the published study showed that Turkey ranked first ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/turkey-is-world-first-country-rise-realestate-prices

Turkish Airlines Enters the Real Estate Field Turkish Airlines, one of the largest public companies in the Republic of Turkey, established a real estate company to participate in the real estate investment business. In this context, it ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/turkish-airlines-enters-realestate-field

A New Railway Line Connects Istanbul to the Third Airport Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Ahmad Arslan, said that the Turkish government has begun the necessary preparations for the railway line between ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/new-railway-line-connects-istanbul-third-airport

The Destiny of Turkish Real Estate Prices in 2018 A question that many local and foreign investors in Turkey are asking and it’s the destiny of real estate prices. Will these prices increase or decrease? There are many features ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/destiny-turkish-realestate2018

Real Estate Prices Increased by 1.07% in October A recent study on the real estate price index was conducted in October in Turkey. The study included 68 Turkish states. It was found that there was an increase in ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/realestate-prices-increased1.07-october

The Mediterranean Region ... Tourism and Investments The number of tourists to 8 countries, including Turkey in the Mediterranean region reached 234.3 million, thus receiving one of the biggest tourism movements worldwide. Where the proportion of tourists ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/mediterranean-region-tourism-investments

Saudis and Arab Residents Are Turning to Invest in Turkey In recent weeks, Saudi businessmen and Arab residents in Saudi Arabia have been moving to Turkey. The Central Department of Immigration in the Turkish city of Istanbul, which is responsible ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/saudis-arab-residents-are-turning-invest-turkey

Turkish Real Estate Companies Enter the List of the Richest 100 Companies A list of the 100 richest companies in Turkey has recently been published on the basis of a study carried out by the Economist, which conducts periodic studies each year on ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/turkish-realestate-companies-enter-list-richest100-companies

Saudis Compete with Iraqis in the Real Estate Investment in Turkey Turkish Statistical Institute announced the number of apartments sold to foreigners during October, where statistics showed that sales continued to increase this month, as was the case in September. A total ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/saudis-compete-iraqis-realestate-investment-turkey

Significant Increase in Real Estate Investments in Kartal, Istanbul The Asian part of Istanbul is now the city's brightest star, attracting a large number of real estate investors to the city, as it has become a very lucrative region ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/significant-increase-realestate-investments-kartal-istanbul

122,882 Apartments Were Sold in Turkey during October The turnout in the real estate sector in Turkey continues to increase, with September and October seeing a significant leap in the number of apartments sold throughout Turkey. Approximately, 122,882 ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/122,882apartments-were-sold-turkey-october

When the Turkish Lira’s Decline Leads to Higher Sales of Real Estate! The current stage in Turkey is witnessing a large turnout by foreigners and Turkish expatriates to the Turkish real estate market after the rise of the dollar and euro exchange ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/when-turkish-lira-decline-leads-higher-sales-realestate

Real Estate Offers Are a Key Factor to Attract Investments Recent figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute indicate that foreign demand will continue to come into the Turkish real estate market due to the stable atmosphere in the Turkish ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/realestate-offers-are-key-factor-attract-investments

80 Million Passengers Passed Through Istanbul within 10 Months ! The international Ataturk Airport in the European part of Istanbul and Sabiha Gokgan airport in the Asian part of the city, which are one of the most travelers' receiving airports ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/80million-passengers-passed-istanbul-10months

A New Real Estate Exhibition in Istanbul and a Meeting of 1000 Arab Investors Istanbul will see a meeting of more than 1,000 Arab investors in the real estate sector and the construction sector at an exhibition in Istanbul to be organized by the ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/new-realestate-exhibition-istanbul-meeting1000-arab-investors

950 Billion Liras the Investment Volume in Turkey The Minister of Development in Turkey, Mr. Lotfi Alwan, at the meeting of the Chamber of Industry in Ankara gave statements about investments in Turkey, saying: The construction sector has the ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/950billion-liras-investment-volume-turkey

New Amendments to the Earthquake Law in Turkey Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey Rajab Ak Dag said in a speech during a meeting of the Earthquake Advisory Board organized by the Presidency of Crisis and ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-amendments-earthquake-law-turkey

Istanbul Canal is a Real Estate Investment Opportunity for Four Areas! Istanbul Canal project, or the project of the era by another name, is one of the largest projects to be established in the 21st century not only in Turkey but ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-canal-is-realestate-investment-opportunity-four-areas

Turkey Opens its First Self-Driving Metro in Istanbul Turkish president Recap Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim embarked the first self-driving metro in Istanbul and the country on Friday, 15/12/2017, after opening it earlier in that ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/turkey-opens-first-self-driving-metro-istanbul

Erdogan Announcing: The Metro line will arrive at Sabiha Gokgan Airport Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during a speech at the opening of the metro line connecting the areas of Uskudar and Umraniya that this line will reach the Sabiha ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/erdogan-announcing-metro-line-arrive-sabiha-gokgan-airport

Turkey’s Most Visited Nationalities Head of the Turkish Tourism Offices Federation, Mr. Bacharan Oluse, said that 2017 witnessed a significant increase in the number of tourists compared to 2016 and that 2017 was a ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/turkey-most-visited-nationalities

Shares that Foreigners Are Advised to Buy in Turkey Turkish stock market is booming in this period, especially in construction, aviation, automotive, electronics and food stocks. According to data released, the foreign exchange rate at the Istanbul Stock Exchange reached ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/shares-foreigners-are-advised-buy-turkey

Bitcoin to Enter the Real Estate Field in Turkey! The recent period has been mad about the virtual currency called Bitcoin, which has occupied many people's minds and led to a confusion in the markets, as this alleged currency ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/bitcoin-enter-realestate-field-turkey

Soon... Parking Lots to Be Imposed on New buildings in Turkey The issue of cars parking is one of the most important things for real estate workers in this period especially after the latest news about imposing new condition for establishing ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/soon-parking-lots-be-imposed-new-buildings-turkey

Race of Offers in Big Real Estate Projects in Turkey Currently, an unprecedented race is taking place in the field of branded real estate projects, as major cities are witnessing the construction of a large number of huge residential complexes ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/race-offers-big-realestate-projects-turkey

New Areas Top Istanbul’s Real Estate Scene Property prices in Istanbul rose significantly during the last period, and the price per square meter reached in average 3700 Turkish liras, thus, some areas topped the real estate scene ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/new-areas-top-istanbul-realestate-scene

New System for Early Earthquake Warning in Turkey! Turkey has been working continuously since 1999 to develop an advanced warning system for earthquakes early warning and is also working to amend existing laws in order build more earthquake-resistant ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-system-early-earthquake-warning-turkey

Real Estate Prices Expectations in Turkey 2018 After entering the New Year, many questions were raised about the fate of real estate prices, especially since this period is witnessing a relatively high property prices. Cities such as ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/realestate-prices-expectations-turkey2018

Reopening the Turkish Real Estate Bank "The Turkish Real Estate Bank will soon be operational, a bank that has worked in the past in the field of supporting the Turkish real estate sector," said Mr. Mohamad ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/reopening-turkish-realestate-bank

Companies’ Racing in Promoting the Property Ownership in Turkey 2018 Turkish real estate sector is currently trying to develop new property models enabling real estate investors to buy affordable properties in 2018. The year 2017 has witnessed the sale of more ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/companies- racing-promoting-property-ownership-turkey2018

The Fate of Ataturk Airport after the Opening of the Third Airport Recent news about Ataturk International Airport in the European part of Istanbul has sparked many debates in the city's real estate circles, some claiming that residential buildings will be built ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/fate-ataturk-airport-opening-third-airport

E-government and the Transformation of Turkish Cities into Smart Cities The Turkish Republic nowadays is working hard to provide its cities with all kind of networks and smart services in order facilitate life conditions of its inhabitants in these cities, ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/e-government-transformation-turkish-cities-smart-cities

The Attractiveness of Investing in Turkey to Increase in 2018 Turkey has recently become the safe haven for a large number of investors who wish to invest in a stable and profitable economic environment. Thus, Turkey was able to attract ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/attractiveness-investing-turkey-increase2018

126 New Projects in Turkey in 2018 Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Ahmed Arslan said in a statement that 2018 will be the year of projects with excellence, and ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/126new-projects-turkey2018

Finally ... "Turkey Card" Unified in all Turkey The Ministry of transports, Communications and Maritime Affairs of Turkey is working on the finalization of the Turkey Card project which is one of the most distinguished projects to be ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/finally-turkey-card-unified-turkey

Istanbul-Izmir Highway Shortens the Journey from Nine to Three and a Half Hours "Gebze-Orhan Gazi-Izmir" highway project, which shortens the travel time between Istanbul and Izmir from 9 to 3 hours, is nearing completion," the Anatolia group said. According to the General Directorate of ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-izmir-highway-shortens-journey-nine-three-half-hours

New Tax Exemptions on Real Estate in Turkey There is no doubt that the construction and the real estate sectors are among the most important engines of the Turkish economy. Therefore, the Turkish government support for these two ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-tax-exemptions-real-estate-turkey

New Construction Rules Come into Force in Istanbul The new law issued by the Ministry of urbanization and Environment related to construction and building has entered into force, moreover, new rules and regulations were introduced under the name ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/new-construction-rules-come-force-istanbul

Construction Sector Races the Industry Sector in Turkey! Despite the strength of the industrial sector, the construction market has grown strongly last year, therefore, the construction sector has been able to overcome this sector and contributed primarily to ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/construction-sector-is-racing-industry-sector-turkey

The Express Train Line between Ankara and Izmir The railway connecting Ankara and Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey, is currently being constructed by the Turkish government, which will shorten the travel time between the two cities ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/express-train-line-ankara-izmir

Turkey Is about to Implement the German Model to Support Real Estate Investment The Turkish government has begun to develop a new way for enabling investors to own property in Turkey easily. Although it will be primarily aimed at facilitating the acquisition of ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/turkey-implement-german-model-support-realestate-investment

$ 5 Billion the Real Estate Sales to Foreigners Foreign demand for Turkey's real estate sector continues to rise in 2018, as was the case in 2017. Turkey's real estate sector is a convenient place for investors to invest ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/5Billion-realestate-sales-foreigners

Turkish Airspace Is Crowded with 195 Million Passengers in One Year! Airline users are 195 million passengers in Turkey in 2017, and Turkey's Ministry of Transport, Maritime, and Telecommunications expects the number to reach 200 million in 2018. The ministry said it ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/turkish-airspace-is-crowded195-million-passengers-one-year

Billions of Earnings for Turkish Commercial Complexes in 2018 Economists predict that the retail sector in Turkey will see a big jump in 2018, with gross profits reaching 125 billion Turkish liras this year, which means 20,000 new job ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/billions-earnings-turkish-commercial-complexes2018

Turkish Ministry of Finance Warns of Real Estate Violations! The Ministry of Finance published a series of warnings for 2018 for those interested in real estate in Turkey, especially with regard to the price of the property being purchased. ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/turkish-ministry-finance-warns-realestate-violations

Massive Marathon for Buying a Real Estate at the End of 2017 December 2017 marked a significant end in the Turkish real estate sector, with sales rising to 6.8 % from the last month, and the number of properties sold throughout the ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/massive-marathon-buying-realestate-end2017

Increase in Rentals for January 2018 The Turkish Statistical Institute announced the increase in rentals for January 2018, based on specific economic indicators in Turkey. The increase in rental rates in Turkey is an accounting tool that ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/increase-rentals-january2018

Tourists are coming to Turkey increasingly Since the beginning of 2018, the Turkish tourism sector has witnessed a high turnout of domestic and foreign tourists. Experts expect an increase of the foreign tourism to Turkey by ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/tourists-are-coming-turkey-increasingly

Emergency Changes to the Taxes and Fees in 2018 A report published in the Official Gazette in Turkey, on taxes and fees applicable adjustments from the first day of the year 2018, with an increase imposed on some real ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/emergency-changes-taxes-fees2018

Between Gebze and Darıca... A New Automated Metro Line A railway operation plan has recently been approved in the city of Kocaeli. The plan includes a network of metro lines to be built in the city during the coming ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/between-gebze-darica-new-automated-metro-line

Do you Own a Property or Think of Owning one? Mind these Things… There are some things that realtors should be aware of before making a decision to buy the property and after buying it. First, one should not bear large debts cannot be ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/do-you-own-property-think-owning-one

New Facilities and Cheap Real Estates in Turkey 2018 Turkey's real estate sector continues to grow gradually in 2018, as was the case in 2017, which culminated in a record-breaking sale of 1.4 million properties. Therefore, The Turkish government ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/cheap-realestate-campaign2018

Encouraging the Eco-Friendly Green Buildings Green building: It is an eco- Friendly building which saves energy and does not cause harmful emissions, green buildings consume less than two-thirds less energy than traditional buildings. The Green Building ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/encouraging-eco-friendly-green-buildings

New Arteries Revive the Turkish Road Network The Turkish government gives a great importance to the country's road network and is working to connect all Turkish cities with modern road networks. The road projects completed during the ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-arteries-revive-turkish-road-network

10 Billion Dollars, the Amount of Foreign Investment in Turkey. Several legal reforms came into force following the enactment of the Real Estate Investment Law in Turkey 2014. The Turkish government has added many advantages to investing in the real ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/amount-foreign-investment-turkey10

Who We Are • Imtilak Real Estate: It is one of the projects of Imtilak Group for Turkey real estate, construction, tourism, translation, and foreign trade licensed and established in Turkey. Imtilak is doing ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/who-are-we

Why Imtilak? What encourages investors and those wishing to own real estate in Turkey to deal with Imtilak Real Estate? 1. Imtilak has the best consultant and‎ engineering staff. We are talking about ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/why-imtilak

Terms of Use Greeting to all our esteemed customers in Imtilak Real Estate website. We would like to draw your kind attention to Imtilak Real Estate Website Terms of Use starting with the fact that ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/terms-use

Property Consulting Imtilak Real Estate provides legal consultancy services for any type of property through an experienced group of lawyers and specialists in the Turkish real estate especially in Istanbul, Antalya, Trabzon, Bursa, and Sabenjh. ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/property-consultancy-turkey

Property Marketing Marketing: it is the business activity that directs the flow of products and services from places of production to the places of consumption or use. Marketing is also defined as a ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/property-marketing-turkey

Property Management Imagine yourself spending the summer vacation in your own apartment in Turkey with no burdens of renting, transporting, choosing the right apartment, or paying high prices for someone's apartment. Let ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/property-management-valuation-turkey

Property Development Real estate development means that successful business and profitable investment, which involves modification activities, namely, partial or complete repairing of old or neglected properties, renovating of existing buildings, or purchasing ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/property-development-turkey

Establishing a Company in Turkey Most of the entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) prefer to establish a limited company Ltd. However, you can set up your company according to any type ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/formation-company-turkey

Investment in Turkey Summary: This article explores the main types of investment in Turkey, their incentives, along with a brief glance on the features of each type, and then at the end, there ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/invest-in-turkey

Smart Homes System Summary: Learn about smart homes that can be controlled by remotes, a new fad in the real estate world in Turkey, just like Istanbul Palace, Romance Smart Apartments, and Beylikdüzü Projects. Smart ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/smart-homes-system

Properties Prices in Turkey Summary: This study explores the prices of properties and apartments in Turkey, and the factors determining that. Introduction about Turkish economy: Turkish economy is the biggest Islamic economy ever, preceding even the economy ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/property-prices-turkey

Visa, Residence and Citizenship in Turkey The Turkish government has issued recently a law that allows submitting and getting the Turkish visa electronically as you simply apply for tourist or trade visa via the electronic visa ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/residence-visa-nationality-turkey

Information about Turkey Official name: Republic of Turkey. Capital: Ankara System of governance: Parliamentary democratic. Population: 76 million Labor force: Up to 26 million. Median age (years): 30 Official language: Turkish Area: 783 million sq. km Time zone: GMT +2 Border countries: ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/general-information-turkey

Common Real Estate Terms Although the real estate market represents more than 70% of the peoples’ wealth, the real estate terms are misunderstood by the public and even by specialists unfortunately. For example, there ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/property-terms

FAQ About Ownership in Turkey Q1: Do foreigners have the right to own a property in Turkey? When was that? How? Yes, they do. The Turkish Parliament has issued a decree in September 2012, which gives ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/questions-answers-ownership-turkey

Property Gains Tax in Turkey Summary: This exceptional article explains how to calculate the Gains tax when you buy a real estate in Turkey and then sell it before passing five years on the date ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/capital-gains-tax-property-turkey

Reception and Real Estate Tours When you start to think of owning a property or an apartment in Turkey, you start writing to companies and real estate agencies asking them for a sample or a ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/reception-services-realestate-tours

Continuing studies in Turkey As they want to own apartments for sale in Turkey, many of our valued customers inquire about the possibility of having their children continuing their studies in Turkey. For that ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/continuing-studies-turkey

Our Vision For Employment Imtilak Real Estate believes that the exceptional employees are the key to the success of companies, thus, Imtilak is so interested in attracting the skilled talents and competencies. More than that, ... https://www.imtilak.net/en/vision-for-employment

Real estate value increase in Istanbul Real Estate in Istanbul - High Real Estate Value The giant projects such as the bridges, tunnels, metros, Istanbul’s third airport, and the cultural transformation projects contribute to raising the real ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/high-real-estate-value-city-istanbul

The Stages that the Turkish Stream Project Went Through After a two-year of diplomatic efforts, during which there were many meetings, ideas, and disagreements, the Turkish diplomacy has succeeded in signing the natural gas pipeline, "the Turkish Stream," agreement ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/phases-face-turkish-stream-gas-project-agreement

How to Open a Bank Account for Arabs in Turkey After the openness of the economy in full swing in various fields in Turkey’s tourism or investment, to name but a few countries in the Middle East after the outbreak ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/how-open-bank-account-arabs-turkey

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Inheritance and Donation Tax in Turkey According to items (B), (D), (E) of the second paragraph of Article IV of inheritance and donation tax law (gift, donation, prizes, etc.) numbered 7338 and dated 1959.06.08, exemption amounts ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/inheritance-and-donation-tax-turkey

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6 Essential Real estate Buyer Tips 6 Essential Tips for Those Wanted to Buy a New Real Estate   https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/6essential-realestate-buyer-tips

Rent Allowance’s Increase for August 2017 Lease contracts are renewed in Turkey each year based on the determination of the rate of increase on the rental allowance taking into account the month of signing the contract. ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/rent-allowance-increase-august2017

Turkey's Biggest Urban Transformation Project Istanbul has witnessed an unprecedented transformation in the past 10 years in terms of renovating a large number of residential buildings on the same floor or in the form of ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/turkey-biggest-urban-transformation-project

How to Get a Commercial Land Registry Commercial Land Registry is the record that must be obtained if the property is intended for business activities. Real estate of this type includes offices, shops, warehouses and similar types ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/how-get-commercial-land-registry

6 Favorite Districts for Real Estate Investors in Istanbul... What Are They? Turkey's real estate sector is becoming more and more popular over time. Istanbul is one of the most attractive cities in Turkey in terms of real estate. Branded projects are more ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/6favorite-districts-realestate-investors-istanbul-what-are-they

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20 Most Expensive Real estate Districts in Turkey The average price per square meter of real estate in Turkey in August of the last year 2016 has reached 2630 Turkish lira, while in August this price reached 2805 ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/20most-expensive-realestate-districts-turkey

What Are the Things that Have Changed in the Real Estate Sector? There are some things that will be changed in the next few days in the rules of reconstruction in Turkey based on the latest amendment, which was made on July ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/what-are-things-have-changed-realestate-sector

Selling 1.5 Million Apartments in Turkey Is Not a Fantasy Real estate experts point out that the Turkish real estate market is witnessing a very strong movement in conjunction with the activity in the construction sector this year and past. ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/selling-1.5million-apartments-turkey-is-not-fantasy

Erdogan's Dream of Opening the New Istanbul Canal Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that his country plans to lay the cornerstone for the "Istanbul Canal" project at the end of this year or early 2018. This came in ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/erdogan-dream-opening-new-istanbul-canal

Instructions on the Procedures of Title Deed There are few important things to keep in mind from those required by the Department of Real Estate Records and the papers that must be taken in order to avoid ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/instructions-procedures-title-deed

Magical Touches that Increase the Value of Your Property There are some factors that will increase the value of the property during the sale or lease, and in this context, you can do some practical steps that will contribute ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/magical-touches-increase-value-property

The Increased Rentals Prices ... Reason and Mechanism Turkish Statistical Institute announced the increase rates in rentals for November 2017 based on the increase indices in production and consumption prices and inflation rates in Turkey. The increased rentals prices ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/increased-rentals-prices-reason-mechanism

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Necessary Procedures Before Buying a Property for the First Time There are few things that should not be ignored before and during the course of buying property. It is known that the real estate sector in Turkey is very popular ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/necessary-procedures-buying-property-first-time

Rental Rates for November 2017 The month of November seen a qualitative leap in rental allowances in apartments, with the increase to 14.47% for apartments according to the Turkish Statistics Institution. It is known that the ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/rental-rates-november2017

Earthquake-proof Buildings ... Government Actions ... and Real Estate Securing against Disasters The Turkish government has recently been working on increasing safety standards in the modern real estate, as well as modernizing old buildings to improve their resilience, consequently, the Ministry of ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/earthquake-proof-buildings-government-actions-realestate-disasters

Istanbul Metrobus, and a Huge New Investment The Metrobus line in Istanbul is considered one of the most important transport lines, and some people see it as an important investment in the transportation sector in the last ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-metrobus-huge-new-investment

What Are "The Revenues" in Turkey Foreign investors usually buy apartments in relatively luxurious residential complexes where monthly revenues are collected from apartment owners in return for providing some services to the residents of these apartments, ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/what-are-revenues-turkey

What Is the Floor Easement in Turkey’s Real Estate? A large number of people wishing to invest in the real estate sector suffer from a lack of knowledge of the laws relating to the floor ownership, and it is ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/what-is-floor-easement-turkey-realestate

Can a Commercial Property Be Converted into a Residential Property in Turkey? Many real estate owners have to change the type of real estate registry for their property. This is usually done by those wishing to turn Turkish shops into apartments. Although ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/can-commercial-property-be-converted-residential-property-turkey

Surrounding Services and Transports Are the Most Important Factors when Choosing a Property The high quality features of any residential apartment is no longer essential, especially in major cities, where studies indicate that those wishing to buy or rent a property at the moment ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/surrounding-services-transports-are-most-important-factors-choosing-property

18 New Metro Lines in Istanbul Currently, 18 metro projects in Istanbul are under construction. The Greater Istanbul Municipality is working on these projects that will give special value to the existing properties in the city ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/18new-metro-lines-istanbul

New VAT Reduction for Foreigners and Expatriates Two new articles have been added recently to the Turkish Tax Law. Articles number 7 and 13 were added to the Law No. 6824 relating to the VAT deduction of ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/new-vat-reduction-foreigners-expatriates

What Happens when You Fail to Pay Property Tax Property tax is paid in two equal installments per year. The first installment is paid in March-April-May and the second is in November. There are some cases where the property ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/what-happens-when-you-fail-pay-property-tax

Tips for Those Interested in Real Estate Ownership in Turkey 2018 The year 2018 according to real estate experts will see great demand from real estate investors, thus, experts advise to take some steps that will turn ownership into a profitable ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/tips-interested-realestate-ownership-turkey2018

Istanbul Real Estate Is More Profitable than the Euro! According to figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute, the real estate sector has gained a high value over the last 10 years, reaching 174 percent, surpassing the 110-percent stock ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/istanbul-realestate-is-profitable-euro

Trabzon City... The Destination of New Arab Investments Trabzon is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Turkey, especially from Arab countries. The city that is located in the eastern Black Sea, is attracting more Arab tourists ... https://trabzon.imtilak.net/en/trabzon-city-destination-new-arab-investments

Bashakshehir District …… Istanbul’s Unique Pearl The district of Bashakshehir occupies the throne of the most vital areas of the European part of Istanbul city, which consists of 39 (municipal) areas spread between the European and ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/bashakshehir-district-istanbul-unique-Pearl

Are Ready Apartments Cheaper than Apartments under Construction? Government facilities in Turkey have led to an increase in real estate offers that will facilitate ownership. January 2011 saw real estate prices fall by 1%, which is a significant ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/are-ready-apartments-cheaper-apartments-construction

Real Estate Ads between the Inconvenience and Needs... Turkey Model Investment Pillars in Turkey Real Estate ... Advertising ... Internet ... Turkey... The four pillars of the successful real estate investment, the real estate is investment’s master, the real estate is the ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/realestate-ads-inconvenience-needs-turkey-is-model

Major Transportation Projects Rises Property Prices The new transport projects began to rise gradually in 2018 with their competitors in 2017. These projects are no longer confined to major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/major-transportation-projects-rises-property-prices

Basaksehir is the most developed region in Istanbul Natural facilities Basaksehir is the most developed region in Istanbul in terms of its modern infrastructure. It has many natural and artificial facilities. It has one of the largest and most ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/basaksehir-most-developed-region-istanbul

Hospitals in Basaksehir; the Largest in Europe The region of Basaksehir or the city of Basaksehir in the centre of Istanbul, has become one of the most attractive areas for both local and foreign investors, not only ... https://istanbul.imtilak.net/en/hospitals-basaksehir-largest-europe

Increase of Rate for Real Estate Rents in February The rate of increase in rental prices in Turkey is a calculation tool issued every month of the year. This increase is valid for one full year from the month ... https://turkey.imtilak.net/en/increase-rate-realestate-rents-february