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$ 180 Billion the Foreign Investments in Turkey

Chairman of the investment promotion and support's agency attached to the Turkish Prime ministry, "Arda Armot" announced ...

2017-04-01 Last update 2020-02-11

$ 180 Billion the Foreign Investments in Turkey

Chairman of the investment promotion and support's agency attached to the Turkish Prime Ministry, "Arda Armot" announced that his country is considering many ways to raise the value of foreign investments to 15 billion dollars during this year, up from 12.3 billion dollars last year.

Armot explained that the political stability prevailing in Turkey since 2002 has paved the way for delegations coming from different countries of the world from investors in many sectors and projects in the country.
"The total amount of foreign investments that entered the country until 2002 did not exceed 15 billion dollars, while the average of foreign investments for each year reached about 15 billion dollars after 2002," he said.

"The value of investments in Turkey has so far exceeded $ 180 billion," he said. "But I am confident that Turkey's potential is much greater and we have to invest these resources well."

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 Deterioration of the security situation and its impact on the influx of investors

The Turkish official pointed out that the security situation prevailing in neighboring countries, noting that despite the deterioration of the security situation in the region, which adversely affected foreign investors coming to Turkey, but the interest of foreign capital in Turkey is still continuing.

"Most of the foreign investments in Turkey are still coming from European and Western countries," he said. "The events that affect these countries are reflected in foreign investment in our country, Turkey."

Europeans are the leading investors in Turkey

Europeans are Turkey's top investors. The official pointed out that a large proportion of the foreign investors who occupy the top ten in Turkey are from Europe, and Turkey remains an indispensable country for them.

He also emphasized that economic decision-makers in European countries are more balanced and objective than political decision-makers and that the economic sector in Europe is making decisions based on long-term goals.

Investments of Russians and Middle East countries are increasing in Turkey

As for the influx of Russian investors and others from the Middle East to Turkey, Armot said: "Before the security situation in the region had worsened, European investments accounted for 75 percent of the total foreign investment in Turkey and the US about 15 percent. To 65 percent and the US to 9 percent. "

"In contrast, Russian investments rate increased from 2 percent to 6 percent, and Middle East investments from 8 percent to 16 percent. This change is due to Turkey's efforts to diversify foreign investment sources in the country," he said.

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