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472 Exhibitions in Turkey in this Year 2017

: 2017-01-21 Modified date : 2019-03-27

472 Exhibitions in Turkey in this Year 2017
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"Ilihan Orsozlo" Exhibition Curators Association’s vice president in Turkey revealed that this year 2017 will witness organizing of 472 exhibitions in different Turkish States.

"Orsozlo" in an interview with the Anadolu agency pointed out that the exhibition industry sector has grown rapidly in the recent years, after the German, Italian, and French companies bought some small companies in Istanbul, and entered the area through Turkey.

Orsozlo has expressed his confidence in the future of the Turkish economy, despite the current difficulties in the region, and added: "Visitors get in and out of Turkey safely, and all of our activities continuously based on our faith in the future of Turkey."

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