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International Credit Rating Agencies Expect Economic Growth in Turkey

: 2016-10-05 Modified date : 2019-03-16

International Credit Rating Agencies Expect Economic Growth in Turkey
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In a report published by "Fitch Rating," International credit rating agency, in the month of September 2016 on the world economic situation, it showed that the economic growth of the developed countries could decline, stressing that the political dangers threaten the global economic growth.

Dire economic forecasts for the collapsing of the US economic growth rate

The report talked about the economic growth forecasts for the countries of the world, reconsidering the growth rate of the US economy for 2016, as it predicted a 1.4% growth rate this year, after it had predicted, in a report published earlier in July, about a rise by 1.8%. The economist, Arabian Colton, said that the US gross domestic product (GDP) may record this year the lowest rate of growth since 2009.

furthermore, the American foundation report noted that the economic growth of the developed countries during the period between 2012 until 2018 will not be better than the growth experienced during the period from 2011 to 2015, where the economic growth of these countries will remain low; and it will not exceed 1.5%.

The report predicts a decline in the Turkish rate of inflation

The Turkish economy had an ample share of the report prepared by the foundation, where it expected that the Turkish economy will experience a rapid increase in growth and a decline in inflation. The report predicted that this year the gross domestic product (GDP) of Turkey will grow around 3%, and it will continue growing in the next two years until it reaches in 2018 to 3.5%. On the other hand, the report predicted that the Turkish inflation rate this year will decline to 7.9%, and it will decline in the next year to 7.7%, till it reached to 7.5% by 2018.

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