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Rise in the Property Prices Concurrently with the Rise of the Turkish Lira

: 2017-04-26 Modified date : 2019-03-30

Rise in the Property Prices Concurrently with the Rise of the Turkish Lira
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Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Kozu group Kozu Ozan said that the rise in the rate of the Turkish lira against the dollar will lead to a decrease in the costs of new construction in Turkey, but this will not cause a decline in real estate prices, but on the contrary, will cause prices to rise more.

Most of the construction expenses in the period prior to the rise of the Turkish lira against the dollar and other foreign currencies were in lower prices than now, but over the time, their subsequent rise in property prices will rise.

Kozu explained that the Istanbul Stock Exchange has attracted in many bridges and common investment series that will add value to investments in the "positive side" and also said that there are similar models of this application in Europe and the world would encourage us to enter into such projects that will enable the investor will reap the gains from the stock that he will buy from the stock market.

He added that the Gulf countries love Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan very much and that Gulf investors were very pleased with the results of the Turkish referendum.

He pointed out that a number of Gulf investors he met told him that they had the intention to make new investment deals in Turkey in the coming future.

"Real estate investment is still the best and most profitable investment vehicle," Mr. Kozu said.

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