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About a Million Cars Was Sold in Turkey over 2016

: 2017-01-10

About a Million Cars Was Sold in Turkey over 2016
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According to the data issued by the Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD), Total cars sales rose in Turkey during 2016 and it increased by 1.6% compared to 2015.

The number of cars sold reached about 983 thousand and 720 cars, and small trucks breaking a record that is considered the highest in the history of the Turkish automotive market.

The ratio of total local auto manufacturing, which was sold in 2016 stood at 32%, compared with 68% of the imported cars.

The recorded value of exports in Turkey of the cars during the year 2016 reached about $23.9 billion, while 21.3 billion recorded in 2015.

It is worth mentioning that Turkey is among the best in the auto markets in the world, and companies like "Toyota", "Renault" and "Ford" have factories in Turkey.

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