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Arab Investors to Build a Yacht Port in Anaz city

: 2017-06-17 Modified date : 2019-04-09

Arab Investors to Build a Yacht Port in Anaz city
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The head of the Edirne Chamber of Commerce Rajab Zbknkurt said that Arab investors are planning to build a yacht harbor in the famous Anaz city that is located in the Saros Bay region.

He explained that the necessary work was carried out on the infrastructure of this area in order to activate it and establish a yacht harbor in it.

He pointed out that this port will be used in particular by the owners of yachts in winter for berthing their yachts, and yachts will be launched in the winter to all over the world through blue cruises.

The governor of the Edirne region said that he will continue to bring new investments to the region in order to increase the number of tourists, pointing out that there are many opportunities and possibilities that can be used in this area in order to start many of the vital public investment that will make a big profit on the region.

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