Affected Areas by Mega-Projects in Istanbul

Real estate prices continue to rise in some parts of Istanbul due to mega projects in the city that directly or indirectly feed these areas, such as Istanbul's Third Bridge and Marmara >>

Affected Areas by Mega-Projects in Istanbul
2016-10-14 Last update 2020-04-18

Affected Areas by Mega-Projects in Istanbul

Real estate prices continue to rise in some parts of Istanbul due to mega projects in the city that feed directly or indirectly such as Istanbul's Third Bridge, Marmara, Eurasia Tunnel, Istanbul III Airport, and many metro lines. Has raised the price of real estate in some areas significantly, wherein some of them to two or three times what it was.

The most profitable areas on the European side thanks to these mega projects are:

  • In the region, the new "Basin Express" route, a new form and a strategic dimension, has become a center for media institutions and institutions. The region began to embrace offices, hotels, shopping centers, and real estate projects. Which is now being defined as part of the Istanbul Strategic Plan, is the center of work, services, and the central business district, with more than 13,000 residential units being built within 30 high-end branded real estate projects. Is being In addition to the demand for these areas, the prices of real estate rose from LL 2,000 per square meter in 2011 to LBP 6500 per square meter. Turkish Today.

  • zeytinburnu - Bakirkoy - Atakoy: The region between zeytinburnu, Bakirkoy and Atakoy are witnessing a rapid development thanks to the spread of luxury real estate projects and the high rise of high-rise real estate towers. These areas have recently become an attractive investment center. Of the areas competing with areas around the Bosphorus, and with the opening of real estate stretches along these coastal areas for reconstruction, the prices of many high-end real estate projects began to rise, in addition to the mega projects that feed these areas Such as a tunnel Eurasia, line Marmaray and metro lines also contributed to raising the value of the real estate area, and price ranges per square meter of the property today between 15 - 25 thousand Turkish lira, making the region is witnessing great interest by foreign investors.

  • Bahcesehir - Isparta Kole- Kayasehir: These areas are in a second spring due to the fact that they are located on the northern Marmara highway linking the third Istanbul Bridge to its third airport. The area is expected to become a destination for pilots and employees of the airlines and the airport. In the region exceeds three projects, and observers are expected to continue to earn the value of real estate and property prices continue to rise in the coming period, due to estimates that show the region will see a double population and starts per square meter This area of 4500 TL.
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