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Bahraini Official: Erdogan's Visit Will Strengthen Economic Ties Between the Two Countries

: 2017-02-14

Bahraini Official: Erdogan's Visit Will Strengthen Economic Ties Between the Two Countries
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Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce "Khaled Abdel Rahman Al Moayed" praised the positive outcomes that resulted from the Turkish president "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" visit to Bahrain, and expressed appreciation of the efforts exerted to develop the relations between the two countries.

He added that the results of this visit will reflect positively on the economic relations, and the volume of intra-regional trade, especially the mutual exemption of visa fees between the two countries.

Al Moayed emphasized on the need to activate all the outcomes of the visit which he described as historic, saying: "The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bahrain welcomes the broad positive results that emerged from this historic visit and confirms its efforts to activate all the things resulted from the visit from items to recommendations in establishing bridges of communication between the private Bahrain sector and his Turkish counterpart, in agreement with the orientations of the two leaders, and the volume of the investment opportunities available by the two sides, also those positive results will be invested to push the relations between the activities of the private sector in the two countries, particularly on the level of joint Business Council formed between the two countries, by launching more projects and discuss aspects of the advancement in the existing relations to create a strategic relations which the private sector will play a key role in this partnership" As stated in the Bahraini newspaper Al Watan.

This is the first visit of President Erdogan to Bahrain since taking office in August 28, 2014.

Moreover, The Bahraini-Turkish relations have achieved an economic and trade enormous investment leaps over the last years, with reciprocal trade of 23.2 million US dollars rose in 1999 to 330 million US dollars in 2015, while reaching $ 400 million last year, 2016, according to the official data.

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