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$ 2.5 Billion Flowed into Turkey Last Month

: 2017-03-23

$ 2.5 Billion Flowed into Turkey Last Month
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Turkish Prime Minister "Ben Ali Yildirim”, announced during a meeting with officials in one of Istanbul's hotels on Tuesday that $ 2.5 billion has flowed into Turkey as a result of foreign investments during last February.

Yildirim indicated that the investors’ confident of Turkey is continuing and growing, and that the inflow of such a sum of $ 2.5 billion in just one month is proof of that.

Yildirim stressed that the people of Turkey does not and will not accept the imposed will on Turkey by others, adding that "no nation can impose its will on Turkey, and if done it will receive the answer."

The Turkish central bank last week raised the lending rate by 0.75 percentage, while experts expect that the recovery of Turkish economic activity will continue at a moderate pace parallel to the supporting measures and incentives provided recently.

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