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Boeing (BCA) strengthen its cooperation with Turkey

: 2016-10-11 Modified date : 2019-03-22

Boeing (BCA) strengthen its cooperation with Turkey
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During the ceremony of delivering the Boeing aircrafts 737_800 to the Turkish Airlines, Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) confirmed that they are confident about the bright future of Turkey as it would be better than it is now, even after the latest negative developments that will be gone quickly.

Mr. John Wojick, the Sales Manager at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, stated that though the region is witnessing many negative developments and changes, Boeing trusts that Turkey's future is very bright, stressing the company support to Turkey in strengthening the cooperation in this field.

Mr. Wojick pointed out that since 1968 his company has sold 250 new aircraft to Turkey. Also, he stressed that the Turkish Aerospace Industries is currently working together with Boeing in aircraft development programs, as well as the ongoing work in the Defense Industrial Sector, pointing to the many young companies in Turkey and the clear vision of a great desire to expand the industrial sector.

Istanbul, an important global center

Regarding the future steps planned by the company, Mr. Wojick said: "Istanbul City has become one of the important centers in the world, and there are plenty of flights from all the world's cities head to the city of Istanbul. The entry Istanbul's third airport into service will allow Turkey to own a very sound infrastructure.  We do joint work with ?GA Company, which holds the task of Istanbul's third airport establishing and operating. We also work with the Turkish government Air Arenas Foundation (DHM?), in order to take more and better advantage of airspace.

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