China Starts Investing Energy in Turkey

China: "We think about establishing a company in Turkey, and we may become partners in any project that we deem appropriate in Istanbul."..

2016-11-29 Last update 2020-04-13

China Starts Investing Energy in Turkey

China: "We think about establishing a company in Turkey, and we may become partners in any project that we deem appropriate in Istanbul."

Yesterday, the energy summit was held in the Turkish city of Adana, where Mr. Berat Albayrak, an energy and human resources officer, held talks with the chief executives of local and foreign energy companies around the boom in the energy and resources sector in Turkey.

The Chinese Chief Executive Officer has opened a session titled "Investment generating power station of coal and encouraging it." He also declared the desire to establish a company in Turkey and invest in it.

In this context, and while talking about coal, he also added: "We will provide the highest quality coal types in terms of precision, quality and using the latest machinery and modern technology."

He said also, "we want to establish a company in Istanbul registered and approved by the Turkish laws, or we may also become partners with other companies as we deem appropriate."

Besides, he praised the progress of Turkey in the field of energy and achieving success and progress in many fields. "As I am the executive director of Dong Fang Thermal Power Station, we provide Turkey with integrated advanced solutions." Then he said that getting use of the natural resources is the top priority in his projects. He added, "We are delighted to prove the existence of our country, China, in Turkey.

Resuming, "We are eagerly waiting to develop these relationships that we are having here to contribute to the progress and development of the Turkish economy; we have been here for 53 month making business in this country, especially that we have gained a high rank among the seniors of energy in the world, and we have provided equipment and potential to generate 260 thousand megawatts all over the world by the end of the month of August 2016.

In his turn, Mr. Mehmet Kocaman, Director of Sabanci Holding Energy Group, added that Turkey is one of the strategic countries rich in high-voltage energy. Turkey is developing very rapidly year after year, so we have to keep this development continuing. The issue of energy and resources is one of the most important and sensitive hotspots in the development of our country, since a large part of these resources  is exported from abroad and this absolutely creates a heavy burden.

We have to give the priority for the local resources and renewable energy, so and since Turkey is considered as one of the most important countries rich in energy, we have to bring foreign investment to support it.

In his turn, and after he praised signing more than 30 thousand and 400 agreements and implementing projects in four continents, Mr. Aref Ozuzan, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Cama Holding Group, noted that: "Despite all the difficulties and negative fluctuations in the local markets and the barriers experienced by our country that we fought, we are still faithful and optimistic about Turkey and its promising future."

declaring the establishment of a generating renewable energy plant of 120 megawatts by 2016.

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