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Collective Housing Management Reaches 21 Thousand and 615 Apartments

: 2017-04-27

Collective Housing Management Reaches 21 Thousand and 615 Apartments
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The Housing Administration (TOK?) of the Turkish Prime Minister's Office started building 10,793 new houses throughout Turkey, and the administration has reached 21,615 housing units so far.

Argon Turan, Head of the Housing Management (TOK?), said that the management is increasing its aims annually and aims to provide the buildings that they are building with social facilities. He added that the administration has signed 48 pledges since the beginning of this year amounting to 4 billion and 102 million TL.

"The administration has started building 10,000 and 793 new homes throughout Turkey this year and there are 1,000 and 580 new homes under evaluation to implement.

He pointed out that the projects being implemented by the management are targeting many social classes ranging from the lower to the middle to the upper class, and that there are a large number of urban transformation projects that the administration is implanting in this context for the low-income people.

He added that the work is underway by the administration in the Marmara region and in Istanbul in particular for urban transformation projects in the city, and that the Department is working to construct 5,200 new apartments in the city through 2017.

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