Countdown of the New Era: Istanbul Canal

The Ministry of Communications, Maritime and Communications have accelerated the work necessary for the Canal...

Countdown of the New Era: Istanbul Canal
2017-10-20 Last update 2020-04-03

Countdown of the New Era: Istanbul Canal

Tenders will be launched for Istanbul Canal in the second half of 2018, and the necessary studies will be completed in the first half of next year as well. In some places, the Canal will be 600 meters wide depending on the size of the ships passing through.

The Ministry of Communications, Maritime and Communications has accelerated the work necessary for the Canal. Work has been progressively underway in the areas through which the canal will pass, and preparations are expected to be completed in the first part of next year.

The ministry has reached an advanced stage of preliminary studies starting from the date of July 3, in which it signed the contract for the commencement of feasibility studies. In this context, drilling and sampling studies were carried out from 162 different points. In addition, a study was conducted on the hydrodynamics of Marmara and Aegean waters.

After the completion of the study, a feasibility study report will be prepared and the project will be built on the principle of "construction and operation" or "construction, operation, and transfer of ownership". The most appropriate method will be chosen in this context.

The length of the canal, from the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea, will reach 43 kilometers. The canal is expected to start from the west of the new third airport and end in the kucukcekmece Lake area of the Marmara Sea.

Work is underway to determine the appropriate supply of the canal based on the capacity of the vessels to be transported, and the width may be between 500 and 600 meters in some areas. It is decided to carry out an in-depth study of all types of vessels expected to pass through the canal, taking into consideration the width, length and type of vessels that may pass. 

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