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Erdogan knows that I am alone in this matter

: 2016-12-05

Erdogan knows that I am alone in this matter
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After describing the bank interest as the number one mean of exploitation in the concept of imperialism, Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: "We have to find a solution to the issue of benefits, and I know that I am alone in this fray, but I will express my opinion, and then let us take the decision."

Mr. President Erdogan said during the opening of Biz Jewels Shopping Mall in the Gulf Area, that the big money in Turkey are earned by finance sector, stating in bold that these profits are not collected by their hard work and own budget, and they keeps exploiting the owners of deposits by the money they deposit."

Adding that even ants, as he said it, do not know and cannot read the content of those terms and conditions in the contract that the client signs and pledge himself.

He continued saying, "those benefits are 17 to 18%, so is this investor going to win? The depositor will remain at an impasse while the sector owners will get their benefits guaranteed. To those investors I say cut those interests even for once, we have to open the way for the depositor to deposit and invest." concluding his sentence by saying "we have to expedite the resolution of this issue sooner or later."

He said, "They are some of those who want to sabotage Turkey by breaking down and destroying its economy after they failed to dominate it by the f16 aircrafts, armored vehicles, and bombs on 15th July. This game is not new, and they relied on the killers who empowered on us their terrorist organizations that they feed with their sheep for many years. They worked on creating a chaos rift using the symbols and masters of politicians. However and in return, they were buried with their organizations that they sponsored for 30 years in the same craters they dug."

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