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Erdogan: I discussed the Issue with Putin and He Accepted

: 2016-12-07 Modified date : 2019-03-25

Erdogan: I discussed the Issue with Putin and He Accepted
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Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during the opening of one of the shopping centers ceremony in Alibeykoy, raised the issue of ??dealing in local Turkish currency with Iran, Russia, and China while referring to the issue of the dollar, which has risen in recent days, detailing the merits of the idea with his Russian counterpart, Putin, as well as with the Iran and China.

Turkish president went on by saying, "I discussed this idea with Putin, saying: Let's make our business dealings in the local currency; I pay for you for what I take from you in the Russian currency, and you pay for what you take from me in the Turkish lira."

Iran and China

He continued saying, "We raised the same idea to both of Iran and China, and they came back with acceptance and approbation. So we issued instruction circulated to all our central banks to be valid from now on.''

“I appeal for all who watch me on the screens to go, bring what you have under your pillow, and turn it into gold and liras to support our market and economy; Supporting the economic market means supporting our country and its profit."

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