Turkey Trade Fairs for April 2019

Turkey's spring season has started and a relentless movement of tourism and trade activities has begun, with Turkey's Trade Fairs taking place in 2019 during April...

Turkey Trade Fairs for April 2019
2019-03-30 Last update 2021-08-09

Turkey Trade Fairs for April 2019

Turkey's spring season has started and a relentless movement of tourism and trade activities has begun, with Turkey's Trade Fairs taking place in 2019 during April.

As investment in Turkey has become a major concern for investors in the region, the exhibition in Turkey has become a destination in 2019, a destination where the interested people find the latest technology and acquire business opportunities at competitive prices globally.

Dates of Turkey's 2019 Trade Fairs during April

In the following table, we review the dates of trade fairs in Turkey 2019 during the current month and their places of residence in all Turkish cities except Istanbul!

We have distinguished Istanbul fairs with a special link at the end of this piece of news, given their exceptional abundance and importance ... In the table below, Imtilak Real Estate has collected many real estate fairs in Turkey 2019, built in different provinces of Turkey, and amounted to about 40 various fairs in various sectors concern investor, visitor, and resident.

Fairs of Turkey 2019 are distributed in various fields including contracting, decoration, medical tourism, wood, metals, agriculture, livestock, textile, real estate, as well as auto parts exhibitions in Turkey ... and many more…

Start End Fair Name Place Website
02/04/2019 06/04/2019 Fair of furniture and decoration Bursa - İnegöl modef.com.tr
02/04/2019 05/04/2019 The 15th International Maritime Exhibition Tuzla expomaritt.com
03/04/2019 07/04/2019 MODIF 46 Furniture & Decoration Showroom Ankara aafuarcilik.com
04/04/2019 07/04/2019 Medical and Sports Tourism and Conference Antalya aktuelevent.com
10/04/2019 14/04/2019 Cherkova Exhibition for Wood Processing Equipment Adana tuyap.com.tr/adana
10/04/2019 14/04/2019 Cherkova Exhibition for Furniture Industry Adana tuyap.com.tr/adana
10/04/2019 13/04/2019 MacTec Konya fair for Workshop Equipment and Metal Processing Machinery Konya tuyap.com.tr/konya
10/04/2019 12/04/2019 International Exhibition of the Eurasia Railway Road, Light Rail and Logistics Systems Izmir ite-turkey.com
10/04/2019 14/04/2019 The 13th Exhibition of Agricultural and Livestock Technologies Malatya malatyakultur.com
10/04/2019 12/04/2019 The 13th Textile Technology Exhibition Izmir izfas.com.tr/index.php/tr
10/04/2019 14/04/2019 Santec Isparta: Fair of construction and decoration Isparta detayfuarcilik.com
11/04/2019 14/04/2019 City of Erzurum  Exhibition Erzurum tuyap.com.tr/erzurum
11/04/2019 14/04/2019 The 16th International Exhibition of Agricultural, Food and Livestock Equipment Mardin zumrutfuarcilik.com.tr
11/04/2019 14/04/2019 East Anatolia 9th Exhibition of Agriculture and Food Van vanfuar.com
11/04/2019 14/04/2019 Safety, fire protection, business safety and information security Ankara cyffuar.com.tr
11/04/2019 14/04/2019 Sanliurfa Construction & Decoration Exhibition Exhibition Center, Sanliurfa startfuarcilik.com
11/04/2019 14/04/2019 East Anatolia Real Estate: Real Estate Exhibition for the City of Erzurum Erzurum tuyap.com.tr/erzurum
11/04/2019 14/04/2019 East Anatolia Construction fair: The Architectural Exhibition of Erzurum Governorate Erzurum tuyap.com.tr/erzurum
12/04/2019 15/04/2019 Cosmetic& Beauty Exhibition Bursa networkfuar.com
17/04/2019 20/04/2019 Games Gallery Égée agefuarcilik.com/tr
18/04/2019 21/04/2019 Bursa Construction Fair: For construction, heating, air conditioning, natural gas and its technologies Bursa tuyap.com.tr/istanbul
18/04/2019 21/04/2019 Real Estate Stock Exchange: For housing, offices, land, investment and finance Bursa tuyap.com.tr/istanbul
20/04/2019 28/04/2019 Mersin Furniture Exhibition Mersin cnrexpo.com
23/04/2019 28/04/2019 26th Masir of industry and trade Manisa snsfuarcilik.com.tr
24/04/2019 26/04/2019 The 45th exhibition of shoes and bags Izmir -
24/04/2019 28/04/2019 The eighth exhibition of private cars, commercial, motorcycles and aerosols, and accessories Trakya, Aderna renklyfuar.com
24/04/2019 28/04/2019 The Eighth Trakya fair for Livestock, Milk, and Seeds Trakya, Aderna  renklyfuar.com
25/04/2019 28/04/2019 The 12th Shirkova Exhibition for Food and Local Foods Adana tuyap.com.tr/adana
25/04/2019 28/04/2019 Fair of construction of furniture and home textiles Bolu expolifefuar.com
25/04/2019 28/04/2019 Konya Furniture & Decoration Exhibition & Ideal House: Furniture & Decoration Technology, Kitchen & Home Textiles, Natural Gas, Heating & Air Conditioning Konya tuyap.com.tr/konya
25/04/2019 28/04/2019 Food and Agriculture in Bolu: Fair of Agriculture, Livestock and its Technologies Bolu expolifefuar.com
25/04/2019 28/04/2019 Exhibition of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Techniques Burdur -
25/04/2019 28/04/2019 East Anatolia Textiles Fair: Textile, clothing and supply machinery Van http://www.vanfuar.com
25/04/2019 28/04/2019 Konya Real Estate Exhibition Konya tuyap.com.tr/konya
25/04/2019 28/04/2019 Exhibition of office equipment, gardens, safety, and municipal services Konya tuyap.com.tr/konya
25/04/2019 28/04/2019 Konya 16th exhibition of construction, heating, air conditioning, and natural gas equipment Konya tuyap.com.tr/konya
25/04/2019 28/04/2019 Building & Decoration Renovation Exhibition Exhibition Center, Sivas showfuar.com
27/04/2019 30/04/2019 Gaziantep Carpet Exhibition and carpet weaving and flooring machinery Gaziantep hmist.com.tr
27/04/2019 05/05/2019 Malatya Book Fair and Culture Malatya malatya.bel.tr

As for those who search for trade fairs in Istanbul, we are pleased to offer them some 27 exhibitions in this link.

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