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"Expo Turkey by Qatar" Is the First of Its Kind to Be Launched in April

: 2017-02-02 Modified date : 2020-01-02

"Expo Turkey by Qatar" Is the First of Its Kind to Be Launched in April
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Qatar National Convention Centre in a partnership with "Media City" company intends to organize "Expo Turkey by Qatar" exhibition between April 18 to 20, in order to push the strategic cooperation between the two countries towards the best, and raise the volume of commercial, and economic communication between the two countries.

This exhibition is considered the first of its kind in Qatar, that aims to attract investors in the Middle East, and the world, with the presence of Qatari official figures, and the Turks.

About the importance of the exhibition, CEO of Qatar National Convention Center "Abdul Aziz Al Emadi" said that this event will inaugurate a new economic and effective scale in the region, which in turn will contribute of increasing the volume of economic and trade communication, and cultural reciprocation between the two countries, and we expect to be a motivation to bring more investment opportunities in the future.

"Media City" chairman "Hakan Kurt” has reported that the exhibition will be fruitful for the economic relations between the two countries, noting that trade between the two countries is currently up to about $ 700 million while aiming to raise it up to $ 1.5 billion.

The exhibition gives the visitors an opportunity for direct communication between manufacturers, and offers the possibility of communication between investors whom are interested in the investment in Turkey, or in the Middle East in general.

It is supposed that more than 300 Turkish companies that are active in 10 sectors, as a sector of real estate in Turkey, and the construction, furniture, food, transportation, tourism, energy, environmental management, health, and construction materials will take part in the exhibition.

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