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Foreign Investors Are the Most Important in Turkey

: 2017-05-08

Foreign Investors Are the Most Important in Turkey
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The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Toronlar Construction Group Aziz Toron delivered a speech at the introduction meeting held at the opening of the $ 100 million Mall of Antalya.

In his speech, Toron stressed the important role of foreign investors. "New incentives and encouragement from the public and private sectors should be introduced to attract foreign investors more" he said.

Toron added that the recession that hit the real estate market in the past period is not a crisis as the crisis that hit the real estate markets in the United States of America, but there was a shortage of demand for real estate, which led to a lack of balance between supply and demand.

Toron pointed out that the real estate projects currently being offered in the markets are not often directed at the Turkish citizens wishing to own.

He explained that the Turkish investor has difficulty in buying an apartment, for example, the price per square meter is 5 thousand Turkish liras.

He pointed out that the current situation does not allow the investor to reduce prices, that’s why the concentration should be on the foreign investor and encourage him to enter the real estate markets and invest more.

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