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Future Plan to Add Parking Spaces for Apartments

: 2017-04-06

Future Plan to Add Parking Spaces for Apartments
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Ministry of Environment and Cities confirmed yesterday that it has added a new amendment to the law related to the parking of buildings belonging to the buildings, where this amendment was in addition to a new item to provide at least one car park for each apartment.

This amendment aims to eliminate the problem of lack of parking spaces, particularly the big cities, and the decision issued in this context that from now on plans will be carried out to provide each building with parking spaces directly under the building.

This amendment is intended to provide the apartments in order to be able to get enough cars parking to solve this dilemma in many cities in Turkey, where the subject of parking is as important as the shops and similar facilities that are opened in order to meet Requirements.

The Ministry announced that it will provide facilitations to facilitate the establishment of parking spaces for apartments and residential buildings in the required areas.

According to the ministry, plans will be implemented for these new buildings to be built, which will provide each apartment with at least one parking. The pre-determined space will be increased from 20 meters to 40 meters per apartment.

The ministry said that the decision would also include shops and commercial buildings. The owners of these facilities will be required to expand their infrastructure to accommodate more cars.

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