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German Video Game Company Invests 500 Million Dollars in Turkey

: 2016-12-26 Modified date : 2019-03-25

German Video Game Company Invests 500 Million Dollars in Turkey
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CRYTEK, famous gaming company based in Germany, revealed its intention to invest 500 million dollars in Turkey.

Three Turkish brothers, live in Germany, own the up mentioned company, which they founded in 1999, in the German city of Frankfurt.

The company has several branches dotted across Istanbul, Budapest, Kiev, Shanghai, and Seoul. The most famous video games they produced are Crysis and Warface.

It is worth mentioning that the volume of the gaming market in the world is about 91.5 billion dollars annually, and Turkey ranked sixteenth in the list of countries producing video games, and ranked first among the Middle East countries in the video games production sector.

The volume of Turkey's exports of video games last year was more than 400 million dollars, and the Presidency of Development and Support of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Administration (KOSGEB) in Turkey aims to raise the volume of exports of video games to more than 2.5 billion dollars by 2023.

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