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Gulf Investments Worth $100 Billion Coming to Turkey within Weeks

: 2017-01-11 Modified date : 2019-03-26

Gulf Investments Worth $100 Billion Coming to Turkey within Weeks
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"Zaid bin Owaida" head of the Investment Group "Ben Owaida" revealed important details about the large amount of Gulf investments which is expected to come Turkey in the coming period.

Owaida in a statement to "Bloomberg" stressed that the political and economic cooperation between Turkey and the Arabian Gulf is progressing effectively. “The next few days will witness the flow of investments to Turkey for more than $100 billion, from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates” he added.

Owaida has exalted strongly the Turkish economy and its ability to withstand the crisis, "The Turkish economy is one of Middle East's leading economies, after the cooperation with Saudi Arabia, all the Arab Gulf states tended to invest in Turkey, and there will be hundreds of billions from Gulf countries for investment in Turkey in the coming weeks, these investments will be by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the first place, then the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar in addition to this; there is also a political cooperation between these countries and Turkey, so with these investments the Turkish economy will rise and eliminate the disadvantages of decline in the Turkish currency" he said.

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