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Gulf investor Is Waiting for the Results of Referendum in Turkey

: 2017-04-13 Modified date : 2019-03-29

Gulf investor Is Waiting for the Results of Referendum in Turkey
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Director General of Turkey's Participatory Ziraat Bank, Osman Arslan, said that there is a strong demand by Gulf investors to enter the Turkish labor market and invest in Istanbul and Turkey, especially the Qatari investors who are at the top of the list of Gulf investors.

Arslan added that the Gulf investor is now waiting for the results of the Referendum in Turkey, which will be held mid-April.

He pointed out that the direct investment that will come from these countries to Turkey is of great importance for the markets, where a large number of direct investments will be expected not only in real estate but in many industrial, commercial and construction fields.

Arslan explained that the results of the Referendum in Turkey will have a very significant impact to attract foreign investors, mainly investors from the Gulf, where economic stability is the cornerstone of a large number of investors around the world and from neighboring countries in particular.

"The exchange rate of the dollar, euro, and other international currencies are crucial for investors wishing to invest in Turkey," Arslan said, adding that many international and regional heads of business are also intending to enter the industrial sector in Turkey.

Arslan expressed his wishes to reach the economic growth that Turkey has witnessed in 2006.

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