House price index in Turkey rises by 6% in May 2021

An increase of 6% in the new home price index during May 2021, and 2+1 apartments were among the biggest-selling apartments to foreigners in Turkey

House price index in Turkey rises by 6% in May 2021
2021-06-21 Last update 2021-11-18

House price index in Turkey rises by 6% in May 2021

Learn with us through Imtilak Real Estate on the index of house price in Turkey 2021, where the 2+1 apartments were the preferred choice among the residential types, for foreign investors, when buying a house in Turkey.

The new home price index witnessed an increase of about 6% during May 2021

The report on the new home price index, which is prepared periodically, was issued in cooperation between (REIDIN) the Real Estate Investment and Development Information Network, and (GYODER) the Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Partners.

According to the data contained in this report, the new home price index in Turkey, during May 2021, witnessed an increase of 0.24%, compared to the value of the index in the previous month, and by 5.47% compared to its value in the same month of the previous year, and the increase in the index reached Since the beginning of his studies in 2010, the rate is 106.30%.

Prix ​​des appartements en Turquie

All apartment types witnessed a rise

In the details of apartment types, the home price index for new apartments of 1+1 style increased by 0.11%, during May 2021.

The rate of increase was 0.30% in the index of new apartments of style 2+1, while the rate of increase was 0.35% in the indicator related to new apartments of style 4+1.

maisons en Turquie

The 2+1 type is the most popular with foreign investors

According to the report, the 2+1 apartments, in the projects with registered brands, ranked first among the most types of apartments bought by foreigners from Turkey.

As the percentage of foreign sales of the general sales of this type of apartments in the registered projects during May of this year reached 5.06%, and it reached 6.65% in the sales of the last six months. The percentage of preference for this type of apartment for foreign investors is 38.24%, during May 2021.

And apartments of the type (1+1) came in second place, and the percentage of foreign purchases of new apartments of the type (1+1) during May of this year was 32.5%. While apartments of the 4+1 type ranked third, their sales to foreigners amounted to 11.76%.

Prix ​​des appartements en Turquie 2021

High rate of prepaid purchase

In the details related to the payment methods recorded by sales of new homes in projects with a registered mark during May 2021, the percentage of sales with advance payment amounted to 64.90% of sales of new homes in projects with a registered mark, while this percentage reached during April which was preceded by 50.36%.

As for the percentage of new home purchases in projects registered with a bank loan, during May, it was 9.43%, while the percentage of using a bank loan to purchase new homes was 17.28, during April 2021.

The percentage of new home purchases in projects registered using financial bonds during May of this year reached 25.67%, while this percentage amounted to 32.36% during April 2021.

Indice des prix des logements neufs en Turquie

The real estate stock consumption rate was 4.17%

About real estate stock figures, the report stated that the real estate stock consumption rate for new apartments amounted to 4.17% during May 2021, while the value of this ratio was 5.20% during April 2021.

The percentage of sales of registered projects, of ready-to-delivery apartments, reached 85.53% during May 2021, achieving an increase over its percentage in the previous month, which amounted to 75.07%, while the percentage of sales of non-ready apartments decreased from 24.93% during April. April 2021, to 14.47% during May 2021.

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