Erdogan opens the world's largest hanging bridge in Istanbul

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan inaugurates the Third Istanbul Bridge in the presence of a large number of world leaders.

Erdogan opens the world's largest hanging bridge in Istanbul
2016-08-26 Last update 2020-04-18

Erdogan opens the world's largest hanging bridge in Istanbul

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Ben Ali Yıldırım participated in the opening ceremony of the Third Istanbul Bridge. The opening ceremony was attended by a number of world leaders including:


  • King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.
  • President of the Presidential Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Bakr Izzat Begovic.
  • Prime Minister of Macedonia, Mr. George Ivanov.
  • President of the Republic of Northern Cyprus Mustafa Aknigi.
  • Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.
  • Prime Minister of the Punjab State of Pakistan Mr. Shahbaz Sharif.
  • Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia.
  • Deputy Prime Minister of Georgia.

And a large number of officials and world leaders. The opening ceremony was also attended by a large number of citizens, officials, and representatives of official and civil bodies.


The bridge, which connects Europe to Asia for the third time in Istanbul, is an extension of the Silk Road. The bridge is called the Yawaz Sultan Selim Bridge, compared to the Ottoman Sultan Selim I (1512-1520). The bridge, which is 59 meters high, is considered the world's longest bridge, while the longest suspension bridge in the world has a railway line. The length of the sea is about 1,408 meters and its total length is about 2164 meters. The tallest tower in the world with a tower height of 320 meters, making it the largest bridge in the world.

The bridge, which will be connected to the northern Marmara highway, is expected to ease traffic congestion in Istanbul, boost transport in the country and contribute to property prices in Istanbul. Infrastructure to make it top of the list of major global cities.

Real estate markets in and around the two sides of the bridge are as follows:

Beykoz: The area of Picos, located on the Asian side of the Third Istanbul Bridge, has witnessed a rise in the prices of its properties since now. The average price of residential units is 1500 lira per square meter. The prices of land suitable for construction have reached a per square meter between 8-10 thousand euros and is expected to be a center for attracting investors this year.


Sarıyer: The Sarıyer area on the European side of the bridge, one of the oldest and most expensive areas in Istanbul, has also witnessed an increase in the prices of its properties at one end of the Istanbul Bridge, where the price per square meter of residential units Between 4000-4500 lira, while the price per square meter of land suitable for construction amounted to 10 thousand dollars. The region is also close to Istanbul's third airport, indicating that it will see a rise in value in the coming periods.


Başakşehir: From the areas where the Third Istanbul Bridge will contribute to the increase in real estate prices, which is witnessing a gradual increase in the prices of its properties gradually, and the region will see a significant increase in the value of its properties after the completion of the third Istanbul Bridge project, One of the lands suitable for construction in the area of Pashak Shahir of 3000-4000 dollars, and the prices of residential units in the region ranges between 200 thousand and 2.5 million pounds per unit of housing. The area of Pasak Shahir has recently become an important center for attracting investors in real estate investments. Many of the leading companies in Turkey are establishing many of the most prestigious and contemporary real estate projects in the region, which will contribute to the real estate value of the region.


Çekmeköu-Sancaktepe is expected to witness a rise in the price of its properties after completion of the third Istanbul Bridge project, which has witnessed a remarkable development in recent years. In addition, the area close to the bridge will be seen this year. The opening of the metro line, and today the prices of housing units in the region between 250 thousand pounds and 4 million pounds, and the prices of land suitable for construction between 2500-3000 dollars per square meter.


Other areas where real estate prices are expected to rise after the third Istanbul Bridge are the Zekeriyaköy and Kağıthane areas, which are close to the third Istanbul Bridge, which will be completed within a short period.

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