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Turkey’s Real Estate Fair (CNR) 2016

: 2016-11-16

Turkey’s Real Estate Fair (CNR) 2016
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The Turkish city of Istanbul receives Turkey’s Real Estate Fair (CNR) 2016 for the fourth time in succession. It will be from the 17th to 20th November, with expected participation of the Arab investors from the Middle East and all countries.    

The exhibition, which will be held in Ye?ilköy by the senior companies operating in the field of construction and real estate, will shed light on 400 real estate and investment projects; it will be overcrowded with visitors from Turkey and outside it, individuals or companies.

In a declaration by the exhibition’s sponsor, they said: "this year, the exhibition will gain a high level of enthusiasm more than usual by the investors and those who are interested from the Arab countries and Middle East."

At the exhibition, the senior and leading construction companies, such as Özak GYO, Yenigün, and GYO, will present the biggest projects of urban transformation in Turkey such as Büyükyal? Project to the investors.

The Turk Building Contractors Union of Cyprus declared that "the exhibition will shed light on the important projects constructed in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to be presented to the Arab and foreign investment analysts in this exhibition."

The official sponsor and organizer of the exhibition added that "by reaching the top and the golden age of investment, the exhibition will give the opportunity to exchange views and suggestions in this field between the Arab and foreign real estate investors and the local and senior investors, in addition to the representatives of the real estate sector, and the investors in the housing sector.

Concluding by saying: "this is the time to invest in Turkey."

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