Shopping malls' market value in Turkey rises

Information about the market value of Turkey malls in US dollars. Also, learn about the reason behind the obvious increase in this value on the commercial and investment levels

Shopping malls' market value in Turkey rises
2020-09-09 Last update 2021-09-13

Shopping malls' market value in Turkey rises

The market value of Turkey's shopping malls exceeds 425 billion Turkish liras

The shopping centers have become one of the most prominent features that distinguish Turkey especially in recent years, they add that special glow over the tourism and trade sectors at the same time. Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, is full of large shopping centers that are equipped with the latest technologies that provide safe and fun shopping, not to mention the wide options these malls offer to shoppers.

Turkey has witnessed in recent years an increase in the number of its shopping malls, in addition to the fact that the market value of these centers has been witnessing a steady increase in their market value, which was accompanied by a great demand for investment in them by local and foreign merchants and investors, and this is what the figures issued by official and private statistical institutions prove.

The recent studies and statistics that researched in the market value of Turkey's shopping centers which was prepared by KDM Danışmanlık Company along with the Management of Shopping Centers in Turkey, the market value of Turkish shopping centers (which are 434 centers distributed in 65 provinces) until September 2020 have reached 58 billion dollars (about 425 billion Turkish liras).

According to the statistical information included in the study, Turkey witnessed the opening of 278 new shopping centers between 2006 and 2015, while the number of shopping centers opened in Turkey between 2016 and 2020 reached 80 shopping centers.

The rentable space in the shopping malls in Turkey reached 13 million square kilometers before the Corona epidemic, most of which was occupied by semi-open and semi-closed shopping centers in terms of their structural characteristics.

It is known that the Corona epidemic has cast its shadows over the characteristics of these centers, so the focus has shifted significantly to the specifications of the ventilation systems, outdoor spaces, and other specifications related to the hygiene and sterilization.

malls in Turkey

In terms of shopping malls' spaces in Turkey, Istanbul leads

The malls of Istanbul came first out of all Turkish provinces in terms of the leasable area in its shopping centers, followed by Ankara, then Izmir. In terms of the area allocated to every thousand people in the shopping centers, Ankara came first, followed by Istanbul second, then Polo city in third place. 

Turkey's Shopping Malls: The Pleasure of Shopping and Entertainment

With their innovative designs, spacious halls, different restaurants, and classy stores that include the most famous local and international brands, the malls in Turkey attract thousands of tourists from different parts of the world to have some of the most beautiful times. 

In addition to the pleasure of shopping, the visitors will certainly find a very wide range of options which allow them to enjoy these vast places in their attractive colors, entertainment facilities, and classy halls.

Some of the malls in Istanbul Like the Venezia Mall which has a beautiful water canal in the middle of it, and on its sides there are seats to enjoy the amazing picturesque scene, and the restaurants all around it offering various types of food and drinks to the tourists and visitors. 

Therefore, the malls of Istanbul give you an unforgettable and enjoyable experience, an experience full of fun and entertainment that lives up to your expectations, an experience that gives you a peace of mind in a wonderful atmosphere.

malls in Istanbul

The most famous malls in Istanbul 

Some of the most shopping malls in European Istanbul are the Mall of Istanbul in Basaksehir, Vadistanbul Mall in Sariyer, Venezia Mall in Sultangazi area, Cevahir Mall in Sisli area, and Marmara Park Mall in Beylikduzu area.

The most famous shopping malls in Asian Istanbul are Tepe Nautilus Mall in the Kadikoy area, Acacia Mall in the Uskudar area, Capitol Mall in the Uskudar area, Viaport Mall outlet near Sabiha Airport. 

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