Medical Tourism in Turkey starts returning to its former level

Turkey's medical tourism returns gradually after the Turkish Ministry of Health issued a circular to lift restrictions on receiving patients from 31 countries around the world.

Medical Tourism in Turkey starts returning to its former level
2020-06-01 Last update 2020-06-12

Medical Tourism in Turkey starts returning to its former level

After two months of health measures taken by the country to protect people from Coronavirus, we started to see the wheel of social and economic life spinning again in Turkey, and Medical tourism in Turkey began to receive patients from all over the world after the Ministry of Health decreased its restrictions.

This circular issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health through which the preventive measures were decreased and the restrictions imposed on receiving patients from outside the country were lifted. This circular indicates patients from 31 countries for receiving treatment. These countries are:

Iraq, Libya, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Djibouti, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Somalia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Algeria, Germany, England, Netherlands, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Based on the successful way the Turkish state has taken to limit the spread of Coronavirus, the General Directorate of Health Services of the Ministry of Health has sent a circular to all Turkish states, stating the following:

  • Decreasing restrictions on patients and their accompanying relatives on their international health tourism trip.
  • Specifying the measures that must be adhered to by patients and their companions who wish to receive health services in Turkey.
  • Specifying the steps for their entry into the country during the Corona fighting phase.
  • Learning the rules of hospitalization, treatment, and health isolation, under the rules of international health tourism.

According to the circulars of the Turkish Ministry of Health, the travelers coming for medical tourism in Turkey will be able to enter the Turkish lands through the following land border gates:

  • Kapıkule border gate, with Bulgaria
  • Sarp border gate with Georgia
  • Habur Border Gate with Iraq

Patients coming from other countries can also enter Turkey through the following airports: Istanbul Airport, and Ankara Esenboga Airport.

Turkish hospitals will receive them in all hospital departments, whether in the main or other departments. Also, the departments devoted to venereal diseases, organ transplants, bone marrow, and stem cells, robotic surgery, obesity surgery, and radiology are equipped to receive patients and provide them the necessary care.

Medical tourism in Turkey

What conditions the Turkish hospitals must have?

The circular did not include lifting restrictions and easing preventive measures only but also set conditions for Turkish hospitals that will receive patients including:

  1. Hospitals must have the certificate of the International Health Tourism Authority issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health.
  2. Computerized tomography and MRI devices must be available in hospitals.
  3. The license and activity permit obtained by the hospital must include diseases which are being treated within the international health tourism.
  4. Special units for intensive care must be available in hospitals with good features, such as having a separate floor, corridor, entrances, and exits from the main entrances and exits of the hospital.
  5. Hospitals must allocate separate wards for patients coming from outside the country, for international health tourism.


It is worth noting that Medical Tourism in Turkey, by attracting millions of tourists annually, has managed to establish a prominent place for itself among countries of the world.

Also, Turkey’s high quality of hospitals equipped with the latest devices and modern technologies, high-end services provided by doctors, and the availability of natural places used for recovery from many diseases, such as springs and health resorts or specialized health centers, make Turkey and its hospitals an attractive point for patients from all over the world.


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Source: Anadolu Agency

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