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Dudullu-Bostanci Metro will be ready In 2019 in Istanbul

the Dudullu - Bostanci metro line will be a very important project for a large population. Do you think this will effect on property investment in Turkey?

2017-07-14 Last update 2020-02-13

Dudullu-Bostanci Metro will be ready In 2019 in Istanbul

Turkey Investment will start

Work continues on the Dudullu - Bostanci metro line, which is being worked quickly so that it can be completed in 2019, which will operate in the Asian section of Istanbul.

The Dudullu - Bostanci metro line is expected to be operational from April 11, 2019. The infrastructure for this line is being completed.

The Dudullu - Bostanci metro line runs 14 kilometers, and will serve 13 different stations in the form of tunnel, surface and surface tunnels.

The Dudullu - Bostanci metro Line will transport 70,000 passengers on one side every hour, which makes this line distinct in terms of its large capacity and is rapidly operational as it will be a very important project for a large population, the work on the metro line project started on 26 February 2016.

The train will depart every 90 seconds in the metro line Dudullu - Bostanci, and the journey from the beginning of the line to its end will last 21 minutes, and the services will be provided without problems as in the line of Uskudar-Çekmeköy.

After completion of the Dudullu - Bostanci Metro, the residents of Modoko will be able to reach Eminounu for 21 minutes and the passenger will be able to get from çerenköy to Taksim within approximately 35 minutes. This project will also facilitate the arrival of passengers between the two continents via the train network which will be integrated with it and will ensure the acceleration of the passengers’ arrival within the same continent and between the two continents alike.

The trip will continue along this line continuously and without interruption for all stations in line and is planned to open this vital line on the date of 11 April 2017.

The line will be one of the most dynamic lines as it will start a train every minute and a half (90 seconds), and the journey will continue from the beginning of the line to its end 21 minutes.

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