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25 Million Proceeds of Shops Sold by Arabs

: 2017-05-27

25 Million Proceeds of Shops Sold by Arabs
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The implementation of the tax exemption on real estate for foreigners gives its fruits in this period, which contributed significantly to the purchase of many real estate properties, and recent studies indicate that Arab investors buy shops and offices worth 25 million Turkish liras.

After entering the tax exemption law with the amendments to it into force in the past period, Turkish real estate markets have witnessed a clear movement in the purchase of apartments, offices and shops by Arab and foreign investors. The most notable example of this remarkable move is the sale of a range of shops and offices in Bakirkoy In the European part of Istanbul.

The latest statistics indicate that Arab investors have bought shops and offices worth TRY 25 million during the last week alone. Experts point out that the real interest in real estate projects is due in large measure to the facilitations offered by the Turkish government, For both foreign investors and Turkish expatriates abroad.

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