New VAT Reduction for Foreigners and Expatriates

Two new articles have been added recently to the Turkish Tax Law...

New VAT Reduction for Foreigners and Expatriates
2017-04-28 Last update 2020-11-10

New VAT Reduction for Foreigners and Expatriates

Two new articles have been added recently to the Turkish Tax Law. Articles number 7 and 13 were added to the Law No. 6824 relating to the VAT deduction of properties sold in Turkey for both foreigners and Turkish expatriates.

Here are few explanations of these additions:

When Will this Exception Be Applied?

During the first delivery of the building, as you won’t be able to get benefit from this reduction during the second delivery.

General Conditions for Benefit

  • Bringing sales allowance of at least 50% in a form of foreign currency to Turkey before the sales invoice is organized and the remaining portion can be paid within one year.
  • Foreigners (those who do not have a workplace or do not earn money in Turkey) will be able to benefit from this reduction.
  • Turks who obtain residence permit outside the country for at least six months (except those formally assigned abroad).
  • The dwelling or workplace bought for at least one year should not be sold.

Conditions and Documents Required from Foreigners:

  1. Copy of the passport issued by the country to which the person belongs (a photocopy of the green card in case the person holding the Turkish citizenship leaves the country in order to obtain a residence permit).
  2. A document proving that a foreigner has not been a resident or that he has no place to work in Turkey.

Foreigners who reside for more than six months in Turkey for one year will not be able to benefit from this law. But those who remain in Turkey for a temporary period can benefit from this exception.

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