Turkey's online real estate sales in March achieve over 100 million Lira

Turkey's real estate sales online have achieved encouraging figures last March despite the severe global restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic  

Turkey's online real estate sales in March achieve over 100 million Lira
2020-04-29 Last update 2021-02-03

Turkey's online real estate sales in March achieve over 100 million Lira

The Coronavirus cast a shadow over the real estate marketing and real estate in Turkey in a prominent way, through converting many deals of the real estate sales to online operations; due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the spread of the epidemic all over the world, which eventually led to the stop of flights, so, many clients have been heading to several websites to learn about and to own real estates.

Turkey's online real estate sales in March achieve over 100 million Lira

In a meeting for the Anadolu News Agency with Mr. Faruk Akbal, the CEO of the Real Estate International Promotion Association,  GİGDER, he spoke about the sales of Turkish real estate companies in March 2020, which were sold online to foreign clients while they were outside of the country, the value of sales reached more than 100 million TL, which is about $14 million.

On the same topic, Akbal added: in March 2020, the number of Turkey's online properties that have been sold to foreigners was 120 Real estates, all of which have been sold online.

Mr. Akbal expressed his admiration for the achievements of the Turkish real estate market, and for the fact that the Turkish companies have been keeping up with the changing circumstances, and since the first moment the epidemic, the virtual tours were organized for the foreign customers using various online tools, and this has resulted in real sales even in the current Corona crisis.

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It is noteworthy that the total sales of residential housing in the Turkish real estate market have achieved a clear increase rate exceeded 33% between January and March 2020, where the number of residential properties sold during this period reached 341 thousand and 38 properties, and the sales to foreigners have increased by 13.8% compared to the same period last year reaching 10 thousand and 48 properties, according to what was published by the Turkish Statistical Institute "Turksat".

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