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Buy a property and get a turkish citizenship

: 2015-10-17 Modified date : 2019-03-06

Buy a property and get a turkish citizenship
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At the meeting between Turkish minister of economic Nehad Zibaki and foreign investors at Istanbul, Mr. Nehad has published that Turkey is studying the decision of giving Turkish nationality or at least a permanent resistance for investors who desire to own in Turkey.

Intensive meetings and consultations  take place nowadays between Turkish real estate agents, marketing companies and Arab Gulf investors to make the real estate deals and investments in Turkey  to get the benefits from this decision before the publish.

During his attractive speech that stimulated  investors to search for real estates for selling in Turkey the minister Nehad  said(( we should not only get used from investors by making them pump their money in Turkish markets for free but we  should make positive steps like Turkish nationality or permanent residence conversely.

He spoke to the investors:((Turkey is your second home, we should not mention any investors who wants to own in Turkey by the ward “foreign” it is a right for everyone has a deed for any real estate in Turkey to get the citizenship and be deal such like any Turkish citizen)).

And he added: ((it is the time for Turkey to deal with those who desire to own inside it as many other countries which provide a lot of stimulating privileges and facilities)).

Mr. Nehad had suggested  the following mechanism to gain Turkish nationality:(( we can define special limits for the real estate price and after definite time, one or two years the owner has the right to apply for Turkish nationality but that must be conditioned with clean security profile )).

Mr. Zaybaki insists on the fact that who desire to share land, destiny and nationality with Turkish should receive special dealing and have all the facilities to get Turkish nationality. It is time to break all the strictures and be positively closer to the investors depending on the joint benefits.

The minister finished his speech by :(( I have raised this suggestion to the Council of Ministers and I hope the answer of the government will come during few coming weeks)).

As a context, there is great demand on Turkish real estate markets after limited raising of foreign department against TL and the stability of real estates and flats prices in Turkey.

Recently TL is refreshing and it is expected to upraise more after voting which is decided at the beginning of November.

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