Property Prices in Istanbul

Property prices vary in Istanbul, but some analysts have considered the current economic situation in Turkey a reason to seize the opportunity to own real estate...

Property Prices in Istanbul
2018-11-22 Last update 2021-08-05

Property Prices in Istanbul

The recent period has shown great interest by investors in a number of Istanbul investment areas. In a quick comparison between Istanbul and other major cities such as Moscow, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the price per square meter of top-class A + property is about $ 40-50 thousand, Property prices in Istanbul range from $ 4 thousand to $ 20,000 per square meter in similar projects, and experts predict that these prices will rise in the future.

Moreover, the prestigious projects in Istanbul compete with their counterparts in Europe and the world in many aspects, such as interior decoration, materials used in construction, and the natural environment of gardens, green spaces and water...

With the low exchange rates of the Turkish lira, it was found that the real estate market in Turkey in general and Istanbul, in particular, was not affected negatively. Some analysts considered the current economic situation as a reason to seize the opportunity of real estate ownership in Turkey, especially after the decision to stop dealing in foreign currencies in the field of buying and selling properties.

Istanbul real estate

Real estate investment in Istanbul: Many types and divergent options

There are many types of investment in Istanbul such as agricultural, industrial, food, financial and health...

But there is no doubt that real estate investment in Istanbul is one of the most vibrant and growing sectors of the economy recently.

Options for those wishing to invest in our property in Istanbul are highly variable, and prices vary due to the reasons for the price differentials in Istanbul.

Searcher for apartments for sale in Istanbul, for example, will no doubt feel the multiple options, and sometimes contrasting blatantly, in terms of prices, specifications, and spaces...

If you have limited budgets, you can search for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul and you will find your request in areas such as Ispartakule, Halkali, Kurtköy, and pendik. Beylikduzu also is also one of the best places to offer apartments with high specifications and relatively cheap prices. Good apartment with the following specifications:

real estate investment in Istanbul

Number of rooms: 2 + 1

Area: 90 m²

Number of bathrooms: 2

Parking: 1

Price from:$73000

If you are looking for luxury apartments and want to achieve a strong return on investment, you can own an apartment in a classy luxury area, for example:

Number of rooms: 2 + 1

Area: 133 m²

Number of bathrooms: 2

Parking: 1

Price from:$174000

As for IMT-302 Europe Shops Project in the municipality of Basaksehir as a model of high-end shops, you can buy a shop in the project with the following specifications:

Area: 140 m²

Number of bathrooms: 1

Parking: 1

Price from:$303000

While you can own a shop with the same area, perhaps a quarter of the value in an area like Beylikduzu.

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