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Qatari Investments Worth $18 Billion in Turkey

: 2017-06-16 Modified date : 2019-04-09

Qatari Investments Worth $18 Billion in Turkey
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Qataris are the top foreign investors in Turkey, with Qatari investments estimated at around US $ 18 billion.

The country's total investments amount to US $ 335 billion. Turkey is one of the largest foreign markets in which Qatar invests, making Qatar the 14th largest investor on the global investment side.

The Turkish company Jaikor had been sold to the Qataris, whose ownership had previously been transferred to the Turkish Property Fund, which was later reported to have been used as mortgages.

Qatari investors have entered into many investment fields in Turkey by buying or partnering with companies, including QNB Finansbank, Abank, Digitürk, BMC and Boyner.

According to the released data, Turkish companies have got secured commitments of US $ 14.2 billion through 128 projects in the context of Qatar's preparations to host the 2022 World Cup.

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