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Raise of The Turkish Furniture Sector’s Export Volume in 2016

: 2017-02-03

Raise of The Turkish Furniture Sector’s Export Volume in 2016
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Chairman of Entrepreneurs Union and Home Furnishings makers "Ahmed Goulash" confirmed that the furniture industry has become the world's most prevalent sector among other Turkish sectors.

In an interview with to the Anadolu agency he added saying that Home Furnishings sector, paper and forest products exports have risen in 2016 by 1% compared to 2015, despite the decline in global trade volume last year.

According to what "Goulash" has reported, Iraq has formed the first destination for the Turkish exports of home furniture, while Germany befell the second, followed by Saudi Arabia, then France, then the United States, and Britain, then the United Arab Emirates.

He pointed out that there are several reasons behind the boom of this sector in Turkey, the most important reasons are the craft of industry, concentration on exporting, and to look constantly for new markets.

The home furniture sector export’s volume in Turkey reached two billion and 656 million dollars in 2016, while Turkey aims to raise it to 3 billion dollars in 2017.

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