Ratification of the Decision to Grant "Turquoise Card" for Foreigners into Force

Official Gazette today announced details of a new labor law "Turquoise Card", which grant foreign cardholders the right to reside and work permanently...

2017-03-15 Last update 2020-04-06

Ratification of the Decision to Grant "Turquoise Card" for Foreigners into Force

Official Gazette today announced details of a new labor law "Turquoise Card", which grant foreign cardholders the right to reside and work permanently, and not necessarily to renew the residence permit every year.

According to CNN Turk, the Ministry of Labor is receiving increasingly the work residence permit requests from the foreigners, and the issuance of this law came to comply with these increasing demands, which clearly have risen to 80 thousand applications from 165 countries over the last year.

Apply for Getting the Card

Foreign residents in Turkey can apply directly through the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, in which it will assess the electronic files.

For foreigners residing outside Turkey, they have to apply through the official Turkish embassies in their country of residence, and in turn the requests will be sent electronically to the Ministry of Labor and Turkish for evaluation.

Foreigners who are legally in Turkey will be able to fill out an application electronically on their own, for a condition that they have to get their Turkish identity number.

When candidates are officially chosen for the "Turquoise Card" they will have the right to reunite with their families in Turkey via entering their relative’s data and the degree of kinship to allow Turkish authorities to examine their applications.

Important Criteria to Measure the Candidacy Application

The candidacy application from will be according to the most prominent criteria for getting the card, according to the newspaper:

Professional Qualifications and Special Skills:

Professional qualifications are part of several important considerations like the monthly salary, the professional experiences and the foreign languages that applicants must have Mastery in added to the mother tongue.

Investment Qualifications:

The applicant must undertake to establish a project for investment, to be evaluated on the investment basis and its value, the most important exports, and the investment in Turkey and the region where it is located, in addition to other qualifications.

Researchers and Scientists:

Here comes the role of researchers and scientists where they will have to provide a number of academic researches that was published for them in different areas of research, national and international, as well as the academic and scientific experience in a particular field that has already been published.


 Athletes that have already obtained a sporting license with a team winning an international competition, and have achieved personal successes on the national and international level, or to be a national player in which he has represented his country in some international forums and meetings.

Intellectuals and Artists:

They should have obtained a national or international awards, and other qualifications may support their application file.

The Rights and Duties of the Cardholder:

Turquoise cardholders permanent will have the right to reside and work, as well as the exemption from military service, cardholders have no right to vote or run in the Turkish elections, the inability to work in the official government institutions.

In contrast, cardholders after a period of time can apply to get the citizenship, in a condition of not to involve in any acts that would threaten national security according to the concerned ministry for Turkish citizenship.

When the turquoise card is cancelled then immediately all associated residence permits that was given to relatives will be cancelled.

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