Important and Modern Amendments to the Title Deed Registration System in Turkey

The Tabu, or the Turkish Land Register, is the body authorized to issue the document proving the ownership of the property. In this report, we address the radical new developments in its system

Important and Modern Amendments to the Title Deed Registration System in Turkey
2019-07-19 Last update 2021-09-17

Important and Modern Amendments to the Title Deed Registration System in Turkey

Earlier this month, the Minister of Environment and Cities of Turkey made a number of important statements concerning the developments in the registration system of the Turkish title deed, and the facilities that citizens will enjoy about their property and the most accurate information on this subject.

As Imtilak Real Estate always work to follow up on new developments in the real estate field, we are marketing these statements for its importance, as they contain important information on real estate issues in general, and real estate records in the Turkish land registry department in particular.

What will happen to the Turkish land registry?

Minister of Environment and Cities of Turkey, Mr. Mourad Korom, said in a seminar held by the General Directorate of Tabu and Survey of Real Estate in Turkey, entitled "Program for the introduction of Tabu and e-devlet applications that technological and information development were among the top priorities of the 20th century.

Turkish title deed

"The Tabu Directorate in Turkey represents Turkey's information bank and its technical memory," he said, adding that Tabu's directorates with more than 1,000 Tabu units provide services to nearly 30 million citizens through the completion of nearly 8 million title deed transactions annually.

"The completion of these transactions is not so easy, especially since the primary task of the title deed and Real Estate Survey departments is that these transactions can be completed in a transparent, fast and reliable manner. For this reason, we are working on a number of updates in order to raise the quality of these services, and that is why we have been updating this old title deed by the beginning of this year," the minister added.

An identity with a special number for each bond

In an interview with Mr. Korom, the minister clarified that: "The neighborhood, the district and the island, which determine the location of the property, are not among the information to be removed, given the importance of such information, of course. “

"The new title deed contains a specific number, which represents the" identity number of the property ", and this number will be similar to the number of TC in the Turkish identity. Consequently, each property has its own identity, and through this number, we will get information about the roots of the Tabu, Such as (source of the original title deed, how it was organized, who is the owner), and we will make further updates to this information later" he said.

Title deed

Providing Title deeds with QR code

In his speech, Minister Korom said, "From now on we will use Tabu-supported QR codes, known as QR code."

"The QR codes on the title deed will enable people to scan through their phones to access the TAKBİS electronic system of the General Directorate of Tabu and Real Estate Survey. Citizens will be able to review all information relating to the property they own, whether the property is a land, a house, a shopping center or any type of property," he said.

The title deed will include the brute area and the net area of the building

The minister explained that there are differences between the brute area and the net area in real estate sales, saying, "The concept set by our ministry for the brute area and the net area is not used clearly, so it is possible that the new owner cannot know the net area of the house he bought. From now on, we will see in the new Tabu document in the construction projects the brute area and net according to the definition of the Ministry of Environment and Cities, so the owner of the property will be able to know how much is the brute and net area per square meter of the apartment he has bought. "

Current Turkish title deed bonds are considered provisional pending their replacement

Minister Korom confirmed that the new title deed bonds are expected to provide great facilities for citizens in their transactions.

"There is no doubt that the current title deed bonds are temporary bonds, and anyone who wants to update his title deed can replace it by visiting the Tabu department," he added.

Turkish Tabu Department

The Turkish title deed transactions and the employees will be followed up moment by moment

Minister Korom pointed out that the business smarty system will be implemented and the ministry will be able to monitor the transactions accurately and monitor the performance of the employees. He pointed out that so far in the city of Istanbul alone, there are more than 2 million transactions of Tabu, and that the number reaches 30 million transactions for the whole of Turkey.

Will the system check the evaluation?

"Some people submit the real value of their real estate, and others are offering unrealistic or incomplete values for tax evasion, so we will soon activate applications and systems that solve the issue of missing values. We also seek through the Ministry of Environment and Cities of Turkey and the General Directorate of Tabu to direct transactions to the electronic media and automate the real estate in Turkey fully. "The minister said, "Korom," stressing that the transactions of Tabu will be through the real value of the property

After the seminar, Minister Korom held a press conference in which he answered the questions of journalists. At the conference, the question was raised about the subject of assessing the property and submitting the value in the title deed. He replied, “Thanks to the new Tabu system, the property will not be registered until today at its real value.


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