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The Rental as Stable Market at the Present Time

: 2017-04-19 Modified date : 2019-03-30

The Rental as Stable Market at the Present Time
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The Rental as Stable Market at the Present Time-Invest Istanbul

Recent studies in the real estate Istanbul sector indicate that the rental market of apartments is in stable condition these months and Istanbul real estate prices are decreasing in the favor of the tenant. Prices are expected to rise from next July as the rental season starts this year.

According to recent developments in the real estate in the Istanbul market, there is a tendency to decline rents in this period in general. Therefore, investors wishing to invest in leasing are advised not to miss this important opportunity, as rents have increased significantly this year compared to previous years to reach a rate of %6.89. this rate can be ascertained in favor of the investor if we compare the economic inflation rate which exceeded 10%.

If we take Istanbul for example, we can see that rents in some districts fell by up to %30, and experts attribute the reason for the increase in supply resulting from the large increase in the number of apartments because of the urban transformation resulting from a larger number of apartments, in addition to the construction of several new projects.

The increase in the number of apartments for rent is also an important factor for the decline in rental allowances, where the public prefers to rent apartments instead of buying them because of the high prices of apartments, and also the apartment’s owners prefer the process of leasing their apartments instead of selling because this process is more profitable.

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