Reopening the Turkish Real Estate Bank

...The Turkish Real Estate Bank will soon be operational

Reopening the Turkish Real Estate Bank
2018-01-04 Last update 2020-04-16

Reopening the Turkish Real Estate Bank

"The Turkish Real Estate Bank will soon be operational, a bank that has worked in the past in the field of supporting the Turkish real estate sector," said Mr. Mohamad Ali Akban, head of the Banking Regulatory and Control Organization in Turkey.

Mr. Akban said that the bank will be applied in many European countries to facilitate real estate acquisition, and for the relatively low and middle-income earners in order facilitate their ownership as well.

The bank will be a strong motivator for the Turkish real estate market after facilitating the ownership of relatively low-income earners as this could lead to new real estate developments by both local and foreign investors.

He added that the preparations for the inauguration of the Turkish Real Estate Bank, which enables real estate investors to enter new investments as a prelude to the establishment of other similar banks, have been completed in order to enable those wishing to own and invest in the real estate sector in Turkey, One of these banks is the Turkish Post Bank (PTT), which has 4,500 branches throughout Turkey, and is expected to become the largest bank in Turkey after preparations have been completed for its operation.

Source: Emlak Habar TV

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