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Rise in the Volume of the Turkish Automotive Industry’s Exports

: 2017-04-03

Rise in the Volume of the Turkish Automotive Industry’s Exports
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Turkish exports in the automotive industry has reached a record $ 2.7 billion last March.

The exports of the auto industry continued to advance for the 11th year in a row on the rest of the exporting sectors, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Turkish Automotive Industry Exporters Orhan Sabuncu in a statement, adding that March achieved the highest value in all months throughout its history.

Sabuncu pointed out that the previous record in the outcomes of exports of the auto industry goes back to the month of May 2008 when it has recorded at that time 2.5 billion dollars, emphasizing that the value of exports in March broke that record by $ 2.7 billion.

He added that the exports of the auto sector exceeded for the sixth consecutive month the barrier of two billion dollars, adding that the value of Turkish exports in this sector alone accounts for 20 percent of the country's total exports.

The sector's exports to Germany, which are at the forefront of importers, increased by 21 percent to 413 million dollars, followed by Italy, up to 54 percent to 336 million dollars and the United Kingdom with 295 million dollars with an increase of 36 percent, Sabuncu said.

The European Union was the leading importer of international imports. It imported 79 percent of Turkey's total exports from the automotive sector with an increase of 33 percent and a material value of $ 2 billion and $ 154 million.

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