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Rising in the Real Estate Prices by %9 in Turkey Last Year

: 2017-02-27

Rising in the Real Estate Prices by %9 in Turkey Last Year
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The outcomes of the study conducted by (REIDIN) a company that examines the emerging markets showed that real estate prices in Turkey has risen by %9 during the last year 2016.

In this context, "Ahmad Kayhan," the company's CEO, pointed out that houses’ prices in Turkey have risen by an average of %9, adding that the annual price of apartments with an area between 51 to 75 square meters, and which are classified as small size range apartments have increased by %5.2, while prices for apartments with an area of 155 square meters have risen by 0.4%.

Kayhan said that "Bal?kesir" providence has the most increasing houses’ prices over the last year by a ratio of %25.9, while "K?rklareli" province in central Turkey came secondly by %22.6, followed by "Mu?la" by %19.8, and then "Çanakkale" by %18.9, followed by the city of "Tekirda?" in the northwest of Turkey by %18.5.

On the other hand, some parts of Turkey have witnessed a decline last year in the houses' prices. Kayhan reported that "Mardin" city saw a drop in the houses’ prices by %2, while decreased in "Kilis" province by %0.5, and %1.1 in the province of "?anl?urfa."

In Istanbul, houses’ prices in "Maltepe” have seen an increase of %21.9, followed by "Uskudar" district, with an increase of %21.2, then "Küçükçekmece" by %20.5, and "Pendik" by %18.8, while other districts in Istanbul have witnessed a decline in prices, such as a "Beyo?lu" district where the houses where the prices in it fell by %5.6 last year, while it decreased by %4.1 in "Ata?ehir", and %1.7 in the "Kad?köy" district.

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