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Economist: Supporting the Turkish Economy is a Support to the Islamic Community

: 2017-01-17 Modified date : 2019-03-26

Economist: Supporting the Turkish Economy is a Support to the Islamic Community
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Economist "Laith al-Rubaie" in an interview with the Anadolu agency said that Turkey and the Arab countries have elements of economic integration, indicating that Turkey offers many investment opportunities in the real estate, industry, and agriculture fields, as well as the fact that the Turkish social environment does not differ much from the Arab environment.

Strategic management and international economy expert "Samir Alwasemi" pointed out that supporting the Turkish economy is a support to the Islamic community, and there are huge domains to invest in Turkey in the real estate, trade and industry sectors, adding that Turkey’s effort to move to the high-income countries confirms the strength of its economy, and its ability to reach the top.

In the same context, the Nation university headmaster (in Istanbul) "Khalil Hamdani" said that Turkey is a better economic partner for the Arab region, there are common interests, including trade and investment.

The Turkish President Recap Tayyip Erdogan had renewed his call for investors on Saturday, not to postpone their investments in Turkey, and they have to trust solidly the Turkish economy with its durability, pointing out that the Turkish economy is robust enough, and it has the ability to overcome the difficulties and the challenges it faces in a short period of time.

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