The 2021 Arab Book Fair starts in Istanbul

Launch of the sixth session of the Arab Book Fair in Istanbul amid anticipation of reading lovers and lovers of Arabic books.

The 2021 Arab Book Fair starts in Istanbul
2021-10-07 Last update 2021-10-12

The 2021 Arab Book Fair starts in Istanbul

A prominent cultural event awaited by reading lovers in Istanbul, the launch of the sixth session of the Arab Book Fair on Saturday, and it is scheduled to continue for more than a week, follow the details via Imtilak Real Estate.

The Arabic book in Istanbul

After a long wait and a hiatus of almost two years due to the Coronavirus, the International Arab Book Fair in Istanbul opens its doors again, on Saturday, October 9, to receive reading lovers and Arabic lovers in Turkey.

The International Book Fair, which draws more than 5 million members of the Arab community, is overseen by the International Society of Arab Book Publishers, the Union of Turkish Publishers, and the Association of Turkish Publishers.

The launch of this exhibition in Istanbul coincided with the urgent need for the Arabic Book, particularly in order to preserve the Arabic language for those who wish to learn it, and for students and others interested in it.

This great cultural ceremony, which has become a preoccupation in Istanbul, will take place between 9 and 17 October, and more than 250 publishing houses will participate in it, spread over 23 Arab, foreign, and Islamic countries around the world.

Among the most prominent countries participating in the International Book Fair in Istanbul are Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Algeria, Qatar, UAE, Iran, the United States, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Britain.

Arab Book Fair in Istanbul

The number of visitors is expected to exceed 100,000 visitors at the Arab Book Fair

In a statement to Anadolu Agency, the general coordinator of the book fair, Mr. Mehmet Agir Akca, expressed his happiness at the opening of the fair again, and the great enthusiasm with which the work team works for the success of this fair.

He expressed his expectation that the number of visitors this year would exceed 100,000 and receive considerable attention, especially since its opening came after two years of long waits due to the coronavirus.

Akca explained that The Istanbul 2021 Book Fair will be a golden opportunity for all parties, publishers, and readers alike, to share experiences, experiences, ideas, and insights among participants from different cultures.

He added that lectures and seminars on various intellectual, scientific, cultural, and literary issues and fields will be organized at this exhibition, where everyone is eager to obtain new books, meet writers and participate in its events.

Book Fair in Istanbul

The Arab Book Fair under the slogan "Fly with knowledge"

Akca stated that the organization of the Arab Book Fair in Istanbul this year will be under the slogan "Fly with Knowledge", as an area of ​​5,250 square meters has been allocated for it in the Exhibition Center in Istanbul.

According to the information provided by the organizers of this prominent cultural ceremony, the exhibition includes events, cultural activities, and book signing ceremonies by authors, most notably Ayman Al-Atoum, Wadah Khanfar, Muhammad Ratib Al-Nabulsi, Yassin Aktay, Tariq Al-Suwaidan, and Muhammad Mukhtar Al-Shanqiti.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's book, "It is possible to reach a more just world" will be available in its Arabic version of the exhibition, given the great importance it contains in highlighting the values of social justice.

مشروع أوتو شهير باللغة الإنجليزية مشروع أوتو شهير باللغة الإنجليزية

Great enthusiasm and interest in the Arab Book Fair in Istanbul

For his part, Dr. Mahdi Al-Jumaili, President of the Association of Arab Book Publishers in Turkey, told Anadolu Agency that everyone is excited about the opening of the Arab Book Fair in Istanbul, referring to the many questions and inquiries that almost do not stop from different segments of society about this exhibition.

Al-Jumaili pointed to the great interaction that the exhibition's pages witness by the public on various social media platforms, pointing out that there is a clear interest in the distinguished cultural event by the Arab, Turkish and international press and media of all kinds.

Al-Jumaili concluded by saying:

"The Arab communities are waiting for this event with great enthusiasm and interest, and many interested in books, thought and culture have scheduled their visit to Istanbul, the incubator of thought, culture and civilization, whether from other Turkish provinces, or from outside Turkish territory, from Arab countries, and from Europe."

Book Fair in Istanbul 2021


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